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Can I see pics of your classroom?


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Here is ours. When we moved into this house, this room was the laundry room. We moved the laundry room to another area and turned this into the school room. This room had two very very small old windows that opened from the center OUT with no screens. I had these new windows put in their place. I put a huge window in the school room because I knew we would be spending a lot of time in it. In the summer, we have a beautiful view of the woods behind our house. We have the view in the winter as well, but it's just not quite as beautiful. Eventually, I plan to set up a wild life station to lure birds and animals for our studying pleasure! :D :D


I still need to get some window treatments but I just haven't found what I want yet. We don't need them for privacy since our house is in the middle of our 5 acres and nobody can see into them, but I think they would soften the room up a bit.


We do most of our work at the table by the big window. He sits in the adjustable chair with the stool for his feet to rest on. The table on the left is the art table. Supplies are left out at all times for him to create art or for writing if the urge hits him. There are more supplies in the red boxes to the right of the art table.




Here we have bookcase and storage above it. There's a lot of room in the storage area. It contains art supplies, school supplies, new curricula that we are waiting to use and in some cases, old curricula that we have finished.


You can see one of our old PR lessons on the whiteboard and our ongoing habitat posters and desert diorama which are part of Elemental Science biology.




This wall will be changed this summer. I'm going to move the art project clip line up higher, get rid of the AAS whiteboard and tiles since we no longer use AAS and use the space for a world map.


This is where most of the current curricula can be found. The three black bins on the right of the lower bookcase hold our current books. The binders in the taller bookcase hold most of our completed work separated by subject. At the end of the year, I will pull everything from the binders and pick the best items to bind with a comb binder as a keepsake for the year.


The bins and shelves hold art supplies, readers and many many math manipulatives. Inside the bookcase are shelves of learning games. Next to the binder you can also see our squeezebox boom which streams music from my computer into the school room. This is how we play music for our classical music studies as well as song school latin, internet radio and audio books without having to bother with cds all over the place. It can also be moved all around the house to listen to whatever we want wherever we want. It even has batteries so it can be used outside. This way we have our entire music/audio collection at our fingertips all around and even outside our house!



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Here's mine-I took these during Christmas. It's just the music room with bookshelves. I have a library in another room, but this is where I keep most of the schooling books and where we do a majority of our schoolwork. Though there is a loveseat in the library, too, for laying down and reading. :-)


When our house was little over 1k sf and the six of them were schooling we just ate around the books. :p so having a room devoted to school is a new luxury for us.





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Here is ours... On my sadly neglected blog.


Lora in NC


Loved your pics. I also noticed a book on your blog right below your pics. Thanks for this. My son loves to draw and it is something I'm definitley going to check out for him. It seems to be a great way to incorprate his love for drawing and history (and art) Thanks :001_smile:

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Here is our "Before" picture. I am removing the table you see and replacing it and the 4 white tubs with Ikea Expedit shelving and non-transparent cubbies. Then replacing our dining room table with a nice farmhouse table that will serve dual purpose.


Not seen in this picture are 2 more 3-drawer plastic carts. 1 containing art supplies and 1 containing dd8's supplies.



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WOW!!!! ya'll are great, thanks for the encouragement. I am planning mine now. My husband said I could rearrange and set up the 1st of march, No moving furniture until then, I cannot wait to get it all set up!!! nancyt.


Just wondering....why the 1st of March?

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