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  1. I'm sending in the final transcript to a school that my daughter has already been accepted to. I need a sentence that says that her high school degree has been awarded, but everything I come up with sounds like something from a diploma and not a transcript. I am using the template from HSLDA and there is a slot that I can write this (graduation date is already on there). from the email: This official transcript must include your graduation date and show that your high school degree has been awarded. thanks for the help Angela
  2. Wanted to check back in and thank you both, Merry and Penny, for your help. After reading your comments, we went back over the samples online. We are going with the 11 grade level. Thank you again!
  3. Thank you for writing, Merry. I guess I like your description of "fairly well" with the writing. That's probably exactly how I would describe her. She is very sharp, and picks up on things quickly. She also know when she doesn't know something, and wants to dig in deeper. I think she suffers from what I've found to be pretty common: Mom doesn't know how to teach writing. LOL My main concern was that some sort of "magic" happened in 9 and 10 that she would be expected to know for 11 and 12. If it is just basic writing instruction, we might be ok. She has no trouble putting worlds on paper with IEW, even though she stinks at proof reading and editing. I've watched several EIW videos and he seems to go over the editing process, which is encouraging. thank you again for the help
  4. I think dd16 (rising 11th) is going to use an Essentials in Writing course next school year. I know that she could just go with grade level, but I've read on old threads that 9 and 10 gave more incremental instruction or explained things better, were the upper levels expected you to already know it. Since she has never used EiW before, I was wondering if perhaps she should use one of those levels? She has primarily used IEW in the past ( A, B, Geography and part of Ancients). Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Dd15 has picked out Abeka Health in Christian Perspective for next year. I can't tell from the samples, if the teacher guide is necessary or even particular useful. Has anyone else used this? Thanks!
  6. I might be imagining it, but I seem to remember seeing them mentioned here at some point, but can't seem to find them. Was I dreaming? LOL.
  7. Dd15-9th is wrapping a pretty successful year using Miller Levine Biology with lots of supplementary videos and lectures. We did all the chapters with the exception of the final chapters on human body. We left those chapters out primarily because of time. I always thought I could take those chapters and later supplement into .5 credit for A&P. I had planned on Chemistry for this coming school year. Dd is really enjoying the ML book and surprised me this week with the request to finish the book. She has truly had such a light bulb moment with bio this year. So, do I go ahead and supplement/flesh out an A&P course (book/video reqs welcome!) and at the same time do a "health" class (required for college) at another .5 credits? OR take on an "Advanced Biology" Course (not advanced placed) and dive deeper in. (I have a rusty science degree myself. And would love to take some time on microbiology) OR move on with Chemistry, which I think she will love as well. Any thoughts or comments are welcome. ALL book/video etc reqs are cherished!!!!
  8. My stepson graduated from an average public school (500ish kids in his class) almost 3 years ago. I was shocked to see that about half of the kids were designated as "graduating with honors".
  9. That was a hard title to come up with, because I want to be respectful, yet get my point across. My 15dd volunteers at a children's museum. Yesterday, an adult group came in on an adventure and dd was paired with a nonverbal adult male. To begin with, she said he just grunted and made sounds but over the course of the time they spent together she said that she began to understand him. Long story short, she said that she just felt peacefully working with him. She glowed when she came home. I know today that she will question me about books and videos. At this point everything is a potential career to explore. Could you guys please recommend some books ( fiction or nonfiction) or videos in which the main character works with people with mental disabilities? Thank you!
  10. If you own or have seen the Miller Levine Biology LAB TM, please describe it to me. I can't find a sample anywhere. I have the student text and Lab A student book. I'm trying to decide if the TM would be something we would like to have. Also, does anyone know if older TMs would work? Thank you!
  11. Following. I'm super curious about Human A&P being on the test. Planning this class now using Miller and Levine Mccaw iPad version.
  12. I have the ipad version of the Miller Levine Biology book, but I also wanted a print copy. I can't tell from the ipad if this version is "on level" or which. Now, it could be that the page numbering is just different on the ipad, but according to Amazon, the "2010 On Level" book has 1034 pages. According to the ipad, there are 1729 pages. This might have been discussed before and I just couldn't reference it. Does anyone know the difference between these two? thanks so much
  13. My 9th grader is thinking that she wants to be a coder (she has played around with a few things). My computer expertise ends at the power switch! So, I'm at a loss to understand -well- basically any of it. From what I've seen this (Intro Computer Science - not AP yet) looks pretty nice. I can't get a feel as to whether it is free or $120ish dollars (but that's not really a concern if she can take the class this fall). I like that this has embedded videos and starts at point one and ends somewhere after that ( read: all planned and thought out). I don't really know what knowledge/level of understand she should have gained by the end of a course like this. We are considering this as one of her fun classes, since she chose it, as well as career exploration. Thanks so much for your time!
  14. How long are the video segments? Are they little snippets or full lecture? I can't tell from the sample thanks!
  15. Thanks. My head is swimming over literature. I don't think I know enough yet to even ask questions. LOL. I may hit you up after I've had some time to digest Thanks
  16. I have never used Essentials in Literature, but am researching for the upcoming school year. Posting this in case it helps someone in their search. Literature 8 is released, while Literature 9 is due out in August. It will also be on DVD. The follows is from the representative I spoke with today. She gave me permission to share. .............................................................. Essentials in Literature level 9's overview will be similar to Level 8's if you checkout the course catalog page. Currently, we projected level 9 to be released in August. Level 9's literary works are: Literature List 9th Grade *Lists are subject to change. Novel: The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien Short Stories: “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty†by James Thurber “The Most Dangerous Game†by Richard Connell “Born Worker†by Gary Soto “The Monkey’s Paw†by W.W. Jacobs “The White Heron†by Sarah Orne Jewett “The Bet†by Anton Chekhov “Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird†by Toni Cade Bambara Nonfiction: Charles Martel Biography The Battle of Tours Research Project The Arms Race by Albert Einstein “Who Killed the Iceman?†National Geographic “I Have a Dream†Speech by Martin Luther King Jr. On Writing by Stephen King Wilderness Letter by Wallace Stegner Poetry: “Nothing Gold can Stay†by Robert Frost “Fire and Ice†by Robert Frost “Still I Rise†by Maya Angelou “Caged Bird†by Maya Angelou “Do Not Go Gentle into the Good Night†by Dylan Thomas “The Raven†by Edgar Allan Poe “Alone†by Edgar Allan Poe “Dreams†by Langston Hughes “Like Brooms of Steel†by Emily Dickinson “Spring Storm†by Jim Wayne Miller “When It is Snowing†by Siv Cederling and “Poppies†by Roy Scheele “A Poison Tree†by Willaim Blake Also, we are currently preordering levels 7 and 9 for the introductory pricing of $97 each. You may purchase these by calling our customer service department, 417-256-4191.
  17. Could you please offer a review for this course? thanks!
  18. My daughter is using The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study by Starr Meade. She's not too far into it, but she really enjoys it.
  19. Please let me know what you find out., Julie. I knew about the fine arts, but I had planned on using piano lessons (before looking into it). I don't think I can use that now, as it says history and appreciation of visual, performing. The other thing I hadn't counted on was demonstrated competency of foreign language. I hadn't planned on testing, and I don't know of any other way to do that. On a side note, is there a statewide homeschool association?
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