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  1. We completed EG Plus, but i feel that we now lack in the application of all we know. I can look at her writing and correct it in that sense, but is there a program that would give us "exercises"in usage? It just seems like we are lacking a middle step. The rest of the program is just more review of it, but no real applications.
  2. You're right. I've completely ruled out cognitive issues, I'm flying by the seat of my pants, I told my dd she was incapable, I've not targeted any of those areas, nor by not doubling her up (because someone else's herd mentality of all subjects being in the perfect grade levels haunt me so) in math and (sorry, missing where the science isn't being targeted),and am constantly switching curricula. I'm a horrible mom and teacher, oh yes and "significantly" behind (because we're all supposed to birth perfect math students). You're right. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Solved! There's a reason I don't come here often. Thanks for reiterating the fact.
  3. I agree what I said could be confusing, but the answers to questions along the way, it wouldn't be. I actually don't ever remember saying she's "incapable of going to college". I did say she's awful in both math (yep, till MUS) and science (currently). But the rest of the info down the thread seems to have gone out the window. I'm not "creating any HS program". I'm asking where to go with a basics in science or regular tract and whether to go further than what EG gave us. I'm sorry I was confusing.
  4. I've gotten what I needed from my post, but it seems to be taking a turn with some comments that are less than pleasing, so I will be done here. Thank you.
  5. I don't find math useless at all. I don't find 4 years of math the best use of time, when time can be better spent elsewhere for a LIterature/writing bent. Cognitive issues are in the back of my mind, but I'm not seeing a problem across the board with it, except more issue by the change in methods. She's not struggling in math since hitting MUS. I think you're misreading since we have no current math issues and I said that on our current track, she'd complete Algebra II by 12th. So this wasn't about math in the least, more that she's definitely not on an engineering track, but more if there's a lack of learning methods/balance issue. I think you're misreading what I'm saying, confusing as it may be.
  6. I was afraid to spend more money on Apologia - on a DVD that had poor reviews!! I couldn't find any good reviews on the Physical DVD and the sample was scary awful! Now I haven't seen the Biology one, but was looking this year at Physical. The journal is good. I think Apologia reads well, but it's just too much, too fast and switching to textbook, and taking all that into consideration, it just bombed! So the Apologia Bio DVD is good?
  7. Now I disagree. Even I do better with less "facts" and highlighted vocab, than I do with more of a story type method. As far as output, a LOT of written output, daily, in several subjects, but I think "science" was dumbed down in that particular curriculum and I had switched this year to a textbook type since I thought she should know how to do textbook. I just didn't realize it would be the learning curve it has been. Her math struggles began years ago, but she hasn't struggled since changing to MUS 3 years ago. She does well with this particular curriculum, but IMO would bomb with something like BJU Math.
  8. She's not struggling in math since we switched to MUS. She's getting a B+. I just didn't choose to double up on math to get her to grade level, since doubling up doesn't work with her. I tend to lump the math/science into one. She's definitely not an "engineering" student. LOL.
  9. OMGOSH! Bingo! This is perfect!!! Thank you!!!!
  10. Thank you ladies for your input. I wasn't a math or science kid either, although I did do well in Biology in high school because of interest. I think it's definitely a learning method we'll have to work on and give it more time.
  11. Very well, actually. All the books other kids had problems with, she's had none, in fact has done better and enjoyed them more. She has a good vocab. I would agree that it's about "textbook" method itself and I find that the lack of that type of read and terms/and factual type read with a subject she doesn't like is difficult, so this subject lends itself to a different learning language that is needed. So for #1, I would say absolutely that is her struggle. Yes, to clear white space!!! She HATED BJU and color for math! She actually hates books with pictures, because "it ruins the story in my mind" (her words). I think that lack of textbook is really that lack of balance. I think we just compartmentalized that learning type. It's like the child who can't narrate in high school because they've done only textbook method. Definitely a learning curve. And in hindsight, my guess is I didn't expect enough of her. Using what we did was such overkill, that we tweaked a lot. But due to this, I'm just not sure whether to go with learning basics WELL in science or keep plugging along and learning this way as we go. It's quite frustrating. Thanks, great post.
  12. We talk about college. We're not burning our bridges. LOL.
  13. I think she's completely uninterested in science. She shows no learning disabilities at all anywhere. Since beginning MUS she's done quite well in Math - averaging about a B+. She is behind, but I'm good with that she's doing well and should make it through Algebra and even Geometry by 12th. In LA, Lit and History, she shows no disability. She can outline and pull out the information by key word, summary, one-sentence summaries and nail them. She's a strong reader and loves being challenged in those areas. Science is just different. I think Apologia, after doing CM-ish science is just "different". In all other subjects she learned better by reading it herself, but science I found she can not do that. So she's a whole different learning style with it. So she needs to work with the subject more, than she did with other subjects, perhaps more labeling-like, more instruction. That's my guess. Apologia is too technical for her and I think the Master Books, after having my DH look at it last night, it is indeed "odd", at least this particular book. So I'm finding the textbook approach is harder for her to grasp with a subject that requires more from her. But we don't need technical nor "odd". And then the fact that it just doesn't interest her. We did the "Weather" book and she enjoyed that, but didn't do real well. About a C-. So I notice an issue with being able to find answers. (She can understand them and find them in other subjects though, although she lacks being "thorough"). It's just frustrating, because she does so well every where else. I thought she had issues in Math, but it turned out, she needed straight forward, short and quiet lessons (I put her in the back room and it made a huge difference!). Now she's doing well. I think focus in a subject she dislikes is HUGE as well.
  14. Yes, actually she outlinines easily and pulls key info easily. Thats come easy to her just not in science. I thought she'd just get it too (from cm method) but doesn't. She lacks focus w/science to grasp it. Needs to be to the point and short like MUS. I can get her through that different type of method, just not sure the direction to take.
  15. I don't understand this. Is this a writing course or a literature course. I know it's .5 credit, but in what? LOL. It looks like a combo of both, but neither one enough for a credit.
  16. Yeah, wasn't in the errata. Sigh. 2 weeks wasted. Thanks.
  17. No. And they haven't answered my question on that lesson either. :(
  18. In red is what I thought. I don't think they could have overcomplicated it or confused it any more than they have and now we've lost 2 weeks on it. :thumbup1: ,
  19. Let me see. 1 Kilounit 1 Hectounit 1 Dekaunit 1 unit . 10 deciunits 100 centiunits 1000 milliunits 1,000 units 100 units 10 units 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit On his teaching board he used "meters", not units. Confusing for those kids who don't know it doesn't matter in this case. It's about place value, I know that. But on the DVD all to the right of the decimal he had as 1 over 10 (not 10/1 as shown). The DVD had 1/1000 Kilo as shown above. So it looks like to the right of the decimal are whole numbers and they're not. Add in dkg can be dag. THat he taught and uses DKg, not DAg and the book constantly uses DAg. That they've added liters and grams but show units (as a generic) and he taught as meters is not helpful for this as a new concept. One problem was 10 dag = ___ dg and the answer is 1300 which is a typo. The whole thing is mind numbing. "I" know it's place value and you simply count. But after finally going through this with DD to figure out the problem, I'm wondering why the place value line is whole numbers to the right of the decimal. Clear as mud? So examples are: 1Km=______cm 1dag = _____mg 1kl = ______dl 1 dal = _____ liters 6dm = _____mm
  20. Yeah, not high school level, but dd is using it for 9th. Sigh. Several questions... Is anyone finding discrepancies between the DVD teaching and the workbook as you reach this level? I actually heard that come Pre-Algebra or Algebra, can't remember which, that Demme teaches it, but someone else is writing the book, so there's lesson variations with that that is confusing to the student. We're doing Zeta Lesson 8 and we are on our 3rd round with Lessons 8a and 8b and I just noticed that while he's teaching the place value on each side of the decimal, (the left side is 1/1000, 1/100, 1/10, 1.), but then to the right of decimal the book starts off as 10/1, 100/1, 1000/1. That's wrong, isn't it? Isn't it supposed to be 1.1/10, 1/100, 1/1000 like he had on the DVD? One more question, do we even need this? I see a need for the use to the right of the decimal, but not to the left. We don't use metric and seems like this is not a hill to die on. We're now two weeks behind over this stupid lesson.
  21. I don't know, but I do know that this is not teaching and no one can possibly learn. I would complain heartedly about this person. That I do know. That's beyond ridiculous. So sorry.
  22. Amen to everything you said here. For a non-sciency person, I was contemplating going back to a general in a very low grade level just for her to understand it, because isn't that what it's about? Yes...learn stuff they'll use, not just not understand it so it can go on a transcript. It's why I homeschool! Finally, someone gets it! And FWIW, Apologia Physical is so boring and I find Apologia overkill for those who's bent it is not, as is other textbooks.
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