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  1. MM comes in 3 formats. Printed, PDF download or PDF on CD. Mimeo, while I haven't gone to it, I'm assuming you create an account, upload the files and request printing. This is what I do with Staples.
  2. Kirsten, The laziness is exactly why I started binding. It wasn't just the girls. The 12 and 14 yo are plenty old enough to deal with whole punching, but I wasn't doing it for dd7 either. The binding is awesome. It's not as discouraging either to just have a chapter. In fact it is motivating :) Plus I add bright colored card stock, to make it more 'fun'. I only pencil the subject in a corner so I can reuse if possible
  3. I use my HP on fast draft mode using discount cartridges from ebay :) I can easily get 1500 pages from it that way. When it starts to fade, I up the quality to fast normal, to normal to best so I drain those cartridges well. I then comb bind by chapter :) Then it's small workbooks. When they are done, I take the combs off to reuse for the next time :) (end of year incase I need to show 'proof of learning'.)
  4. The FAQ state that the shipment comes directly from Rod & Staff, the prices are US. It includes customs in the price, and is shipped UPS. So they are simply a middle man, they don't carry any stock.
  5. Ok, i did my tidy, took a little while, dd7 has a tummy bug, and life is still happening for the other 3.... So, anyway, I started posting here, but decided to do a new thread, as this one is daunting to most people as it is so long. Here is the link: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2383144#post2383144
  6. LOL.. I will put together what I"m doing. It's a little scattered yet, but even with THAT it's better than the filing for me. I'm in the middle of cleaning our school area, so then I'll take time to map out what we're doing.
  7. Ok, we tried and failed with our filing system. It has it's benefits! I love, LOVE the concept of it, but unfortunately, it isn't for me. TOO many loose papers. I have a paper dragon to start with and it was feeding the dragon way way too much. I'm working on some thing new, nothing I've seen before, but positive it's been done. And it is way easier for me over all.
  8. I need to revamp my system. For some things it works fantastic, for others not as well. I find we are cruising through some things and need to slow down on others. So I have started re-filing by subject.... But that won't work entirely either..lol I love grabbing a folder and going, but now that she's cruising through somethings, it's not grab and go anymore. So now I need to decide what the best filing method will be :001_huh:
  9. That is a great idea~ I have back ups at home, external hard drive, and CD...need to figure out the RW thing, it would make more sense :lol:. But I will look into THAT too! Great idea! I have alot that I would be sad about if the computer crashed. BTDT. And this is a temp, for now, until we can afford a new one computer, that was purchased when the last one crashed. And it's on it's last legs.:tongue_smilie: We love MM. Had I *noticed* there was a deal on purchasing all of them at once, I would have done that! Saved some $. But now it doesn't matter, we have 1,2, 4 and 5..lol. But we
  10. I have been filing for over a week! It is insane..lol. Now, I have completely finished dd6, with two exceptions:one workbook that I'm not sure how much we'll do it in a sitting, so it's a play-it-by-ear project and lapbooks, I am only printing a couple at a time, as they are bulky in the file box, and if after a couple she doesn't want to do some for a bit, we'll set them aside. And I won't have wasted the paper. My 2 older girls not as much done. But I have their first couple weeks complete, but I'm waiting to hear back from the academy for timelines, if they have any, I don'
  11. Stacey, you can back up the files however you want. That's part of owning a computer, as long as you aren't selling or sharing what is on the CD, external drive, thumb drive, etc, then it's fine to have a back up.
  12. More progress made and to be made. Thanks to the filing system, we discovered the academy missed sending us some resources. So that is taken care of. As well, I realized I didn't have some of the books for a few things that I think are good to have as reference. I'll have quite the library in a few years at this rate..lol. But I'm glad I caught it or we'd be frustrated in a few weeks when we get there. The academy also said that I can get things from the website now, but I'm going to contact the teachers first to be sure.
  13. It does take time. I'm thinking, that I will start sooner next time..lol. At least for the littlest, as I know our path. The older 2 is a little trickier. But I can get her stuff filed starting in the spring as we wrap up. I'm having to pick up a 3rd file box! :lol: There is NO way around it. DD6 alone needs a full box to herself. I just spoke to the academy and I can start printing from the website :) So dd13 stuff starts today too. EEK. We start school in.... 5 sleeps. 2 of those we aren't home! So I gotta get at least a few weeks done for the older 2. We're all in this together. I
  14. So I've been filing like a wild thing. I've filled 2 file boxes, and will need a 3rd! Arghhh. I have repurposed one, but I think I need to buy the 3rd.... This is funny. Dh can't figure it out, all he sees is the printer going non stop. But once we get into it, I'll be thankful I'm sure. I still need to SOTW. then dd6 is completely done. Still waiting on academy to get the older girls lessons....
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