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  1. WOW! Thanks so much for all of the replies! My son chose 36 on his quiz and got it wrong and it says the correct answer is 72. We are using Course 1 Mathematics Common Core by Pearson through Connections Academy this year. I was having him make quiz corrections and could not figure out why he got this answer wrong. All of the replies really help and I will ask his teacher to explain further. I was just going crazy trying to figure it out! Thanks again!
  2. I know this is easy but my brain this morning is not high functioning! Here is the question: A train leaves the station every 12 min. Another train leaves every 9 min. If both trains just left on parallel tracks, when will both leave the station together again? The answer is 72 but I can't help my son figure out why! Thanks!
  3. We usually wear pjs during school. The kids change when they are finished and ready to play outside or we need to leave.
  4. Can one jump in at grade level with this program?
  5. Thanks Jilly! This is our first time. The only one I'm worried about is the 1 yr old! She is pretty easy going but I'm still nervous. We are planning for lots of stops and bought several new toys just for the trip. Any other ideas?
  6. We could put that in after Amarillo. Roswell is only about 3 1/2 hours from there. It would only be another 3 to Santa Fe.
  7. Thank you! We really like anything. I have a list of everything we planned to see on our TripTik through AAA. But I can't access it right now. We have a little bit of everything on there. Landmarks, museums, art like Cadillac Ranch, tourist attractions, etc.
  8. We own a video surveillance company and my husband has been contracted for a job in San Antonio, TX (2 days) and one in Salt Lake City, UT (3 days). We will be leaving late January through late February. We decided to take this opportunity for a road trip. If you know of somewhere or something we must see, please let me know. :) We are starting from SC. Here are our stops: Montgomery, AL New Orleans, LA San Antonio, TX Amarillo, TX Santa Fe, NM Phoenix, AZ San Diego, CA Las Vegas, NV Coconino, AZ (to see the Grand Canyon) Salt Lake City, UT Aspen, CO Kansas City, MO Branson, MO Nashville, TN Back home!
  9. :iagree:! On a side note, we live about 5 min. from CSU and that is where I met my husband.:001_smile:
  10. As of now, this is still available! I just made a purchase:001_smile: Thank you for sharing!
  11. Last night, my friend, said how overwhelmed she is with her son's work load. He is 10 and in 5th grade. She told me he does homework two hours after school. Then takes a break for dinner and clean up and then has more homework to finish. She said it has taken him almost four hours without playing around to finish! Her son is really smart. I told her that was CRAZY and I would be talking to that teacher immediately. There is NO REASON to have that much work to bring home. She said this is a brand new teacher so maybe she doesn't know the ropes or how much work is appropriate:confused: Anyways, all that to say, this particular friend has said this year has started out tough for her fifth grader as well.
  12. :iagree: We were willing to sell, work extra or do whatever to pay for this! After 7 months of therapy, all of my dd "reading problems" disappeared! I would do it all again in a heart beat!
  13. Thanks! My children will be 3rd and 4th and they would be together which would be helpful if we ultimately decided to go this route. :001_smile:
  14. Can anyone share your experience with Veritas Classical Schools?
  15. I did up until last year. The first three years of hs I worked part-time, PRN, then had to go to full time (3/12s Sat., Sun., Mon.)for a short time. I worked my schedule around my husbands.
  16. The HSBCO got cancelled so I would like join in if you still have a spot available.
  17. They have this available now on HSBCO. Here is the link.:001_smile:
  18. If anyone missed out on the group buy, HSBCO now has it. Expires 1/31. Here is the link.
  19. I can share my experience. I'm not sure if you will find it helpful though. I've used MFW K, 1st, Adventures and ECC. Last year, at the hs conference I bought CtG will full intentions to use it for 2011-2012. A couple months later, I started to have doubts and found a great deal on HOD's Bigger program used and decided to go with that. What I liked: -The history selections, hands on activities and the science. What I didn't like: -How the manual was organized. I much prefer the weekly grid b/c there are days we want to continue and I will just do a whole weeks worth of science for example. With HOD, I would have to keep flipping around. -I felt as though Bible was just an add on not really part of every aspect of the program. So, IMO, MFW does a better job with that. After using HOD Bigger until Nov. (we started at the end of July and I had a baby in Oct.) I decided to go back to my original plan of using CtG. We are only in week 3 and are loving it. It feels like we are back "home". Both programs are very good and I don't think you can really go wrong. Praying for you though, that the Lord would make his plan for your family clear. :) ETA: Looks like I need to update my siggy! Lol!
  20. I love satorismiles' list http://satorismiles.com/resources/discovery-education-streaming/
  21. :iagree: My dd was displaying symptoms of dyslexia and was even diagnosed with that, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia and memory issues. After those dx, I had her evaluated by a covd Dr. Who found multiple vision issues. Two and a half months into vision therapy (2x/wk) my daughter was already reading much easier, letter reversals became rare, writing is great now. Even the therapist were shocked at how fast she progressed. Definitely something to look into if possible.
  22. Lol! Ooops! My girl is 11wks. I just counted and I guess the time flew;-)
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