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  1. Just found this and thought I'd share...looks really nice. It's called "The Good and The Beautiful" curriculum and the pdf versions are FREE http://www.jennyphillips.com/home-school-curriculum/
  2. yes I downloaded the PDF. Did you check your copy for the pages in book 1 that I mentioned. Otherwise the book looks complete and in order. :) I downloaded it from google books if that makes any difference.
  3. I know this is an old topic but...the first book is missing pgs 76-105 in case someone was going to be using it.
  4. I think what you'd prefer would depend on what you're trying to achieve. I've used both and they are two different types of unit studies. With Amanda Bennetts' there is notebooky type stuff (which you don't have to do) with the occasional craft at the end. With Amanda Bennett's there is no need to go to the library or plan. They seem random in topic because it's to capture your child attention and let them explore their gifts. It's not about we need to learn this time in history or this character trait or science. It's all linked together based on the topic. I have an Ipad so we all cuddle on the couch with the ipad (just like you would with a book) and explore. I have a wicked fast duplex printer so I print out everything in one shot. When I don't use the printer I would just let them mark it up on the Ipad with a pdf reader. I add in our chapter or picture books from our personal library and we're good to go. Konos is more activity driven. It does take more planning but it doesn't have to be more than an hour. Here's my post about my sticky note planning..http://barkingstarfish.blogspot.com/2013/05/sticky-note-konos-planning-for-year.html. For some reason I can't link it but there it is. It takes me about an hour. Also you don't have to use the library. I have links on my blog where i've linked things I wanted to use...can someone say youtube?? So you can make it what you want and how in depth as you want. I've also used Five In A Row so that is also a different type of unit study. More oral and then you have to add crafts or activities in. To add one more the the fray...there is Christian Cottage Units which I think of as Konos Lite. You use to be able to get the Oceanography for free on currclick but I don't see it. It's laid out nicely and is super easy to plan. For us unit studies and summer is a time of discovery. So if it were me, I'd let my kids pick the topic and then let them explore it rather than the typical thing which is mom decides and mom does the planning and mom assembles everything and mom... you get the picture. To me that is how a child finds out what they like and who they will become.
  5. That's why I posted it...too good to pass up at that price. These are fun and easy for mommy to implement, especially if you have an Ipad or such.
  6. I just saw this at CBD and thought I'd pass it along...There is a whole spring semester (21 unit studies) on sale for $13.99! This would normally be $140 but it's marked down to 13.99! http://www.christianbook.com/n-go-spring-semester-on-rom/9780984143146/pd/143146?event=SP1016|1419929|1016|1419929|1016
  7. Amanda Bennett Unit Studies They're running some rockin specials all week here She'll have new ones each day this week on sale...great way to stock up cheap!
  8. If you like Lamplighter books they are having a sale today only for 7 books for $7. Hope this helps someone :)
  9. Here are some links that will probably help: How To Use A Mcguffey's Vintage Education Using The McGuffey's And here is the book that teaches you how to use ALL of the eclectic series including the McGuffey's. It answers almost all the question most people have in regards to teaching and why: The Eclectic Manual of Methods I have used the McGuffey's for years and my kids read amazing for their age using the techniques that are in the above posts. To answer quickly the difference of original (brown) used sight words and revised (colorful) used phonics. The original was written by William Holmes and the revisions were done by his brother because of the demand to remove the religious overtones due to humanism beginning to take hold. There is also the Moore McGuffey Readers which are the original (brown) updated with current syntax and cartoonish pictures rather than block prints.
  10. Not sure if anyone already posted this but today only Amanda Bennett's Heros Today is on sale 50% using the code RememberTheHeroes . You can also buy them individually using the code. She also has Earth Science & Astronomy on sale Hope this helps someone ;)
  11. I just say I'm sorry but I can't hear you through all that whining. They always then ask in the right voice. If however it's complaining then what I say is okay, now you can tell me three good things about ____. You have to be really consistent about this and not just do it once in a while. It really works. I hate to say this but here goes (no tomatoes please)...you can't be a complainer yourself. If all day long they hear mommy complaining (or Daddy) they learn it. ;) I'm not saying OP you are but rather just to be aware of our heart attitudes because kids emulate whatever they are around...good or bad.
  12. For anyone who can use this.....search Everyday Math. There are 5 of them free today and they are by McGraw~Hill.
  13. A lot of people use the Key To series when this happens. Also maybe give it a break and then come back. Sometimes kids just need time to "think" and grow without the pressure. I know that's happened A LOT for us. I leave it for a week or two (or more but don't tell ;)) and voila!
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