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  1. We've had a lot of successful and really "foody" meals from Budgetbytes.com. Hillbillyhousewife has some good comfort eats.
  2. Do you have any family members or friends who don't support homeschooling? We have good friends of ours who we've known for well over a decade. Our children are relatively close in age. When we made the choice to homeschool it was at first a temporary choice during a transition. We found our kids were thriving and decided to make it permanent the friends were supportive during the temporary phase but not now. They have said some slightly rude things. about homeschoolers in general and then add "oh but not you guys". Have asked if we were ever going to put the kids in "real" school etc. I should add that DH and I have very supportive families of homeschooling. His father and step mother homeschooled some of their grandchildren who they had custody of for a period of time. My mother is very supportive and wishes she had homeschooled her own kids. My father is supportive and DH's mother who is a wonderful woman at first was apprehensive but 5 yrs in is a loud and proud supporter of homeschooling. In my own family one of my SILs and a Cousin also homeschool there children. We are still able to socialize with our friends who aren't supportive but we do avoid bringing up in convo anything homeschool related.
  3. Some great advices. Thanks everyone!
  4. So my question or rather ramble of a question is as followed with background. My husband's father was raised in a conservative Jewish family that kept kosher. My fil married a non-Jewish woman and their children (Dh and his brothers) were raised in a secular environment celebrating and honoring some Jewish holidays and cooking family favorite foods. My fil is originally from Poland. I was raised in a evangelical Christian family however my maternal great grandmother was Jewish. We would like to explore more Jewish traditions and holidays with our children and raise them with some cultural identity. Dh identifies as a Secular or Humanists Jew. I'm currently reading "What is a Jew?" by Rabbi Morris N. Kertzer. Where would you start? The nearest synagogue is 2 hours away.
  5. I have never ordered from an online optic shop like Zenni optical or Costal eyewear. I'd like to get some opinions and other online options. Our health ins. only covers up to a certain amount on one pair of glasses every other year. I just got a new RX for everyday ware and for reading glasses. I ordered via our ins a new pair of everyday wear as that will get the heaviest use but I also need to order a pair of reading glasses and a pair of sunglasses. Additionally my youngest DD will need a new RX next month. Last year we just paid out of pocket 2 pairs from walmart. We have coverage for one pair from ins. This year so I will order one pair using ins. but I'd like to order a second pair either online or at walmart/lenscrafters etc. And lastly my husband needs new glasses. One pair will be paid via ins. and a pair of safety glasses will be paid via his job but he would also like to get a pair of sunglasses. Thanks!
  6. Done Drop off one kid and pick up a friend's kid and drop off kids to a field trip (did ya follow that) at Odark7am Go to store and pick up a few items To do Drop off paper work to a friend Piano lesson pick up kid and her friend from field trip take care of chickens dishes put clothes away clean living room clean kitchen make dinner make bed clean homeschooling room edge one side of the driveway grassy area.
  7. To do: Straighten out homeschooling room Cook dinner menu plan for the week make copies for DD1 L.A. Finish journaling about past homeschool week Done Finish knitting headband for DD2
  8. Broad A which is how my husband also pronounces it. We both grew up in New England. However where we live in the PACNW I hear short a used more often.
  9. My oldest DD just had a growth spurt and needs all the basics for the fall. We normally thrift all year long the next size up but since she was hitting 12 and we didn't know what a growth spurt would do we didn't this year. It's been a good 5-6 years since I've had to do a large clothing shop for a kiddo. We'll be checking out goodwill and other thrift shops but also the department store.
  10. Trade some curriculum with a friend Organize yardsale bin. Tackle the last remaining part of the homeschool room Clean Living room Vacuum living room, hallway, kitchen, bathroom (we have hardwood floors) Inventory a section of the pantry (Pasta) and catalog it on a spread sheet Keep Laundry going. Have kids vacuum family room Have kids clean family room bathroom Have dd1 do a math lesson Listen to DD2 read aloud for 15 mins. knit/crochet package off items to mail out on Monday. Wrap gifts for a gift swap this weekend.
  11. We do a "no spend week" every couple of months. During that time we do minimal driving so I usually schedule it on a week we don't have appts and try not to do it during busy sports weeks/co-op weeks etc. No grocery shopping that week, if we run out of something we get creative. No eating out and no purchases.
  12. We use to live in an area with really great thrift stores. We moved to the farming/rural part of our state several years ago and while we live in the largest city for 60miles our thrift stores just don't have a great selection they are also over priced for what they have in my opinion from what we use to purchase. So whenever we visit my MIL who lives near some awesome thrift stores I check them out and keep a list of wants and needs. Whenever we go on a trip/field trip to another town I check out where their thrift stores are and I bring my list. My kids don't have an expectation of getting a toy whenever we go to a thrift store, Instead I direct them to the books. I will gladly pay 50cents-$1.50 on a book.
  13. Once a Month Cooking or Batch freezer cooking. We've got about 300 wraps/burritos in the freezer now: Beef+Bean+rice and cheese, ranch chicken+rice+white bean+ bacon and cheese, Bean, salsa, rice and cheese, plus breakfast burritos. DH takes them to work, kids eat them for lunch, we have them for quick dinners on busy failure to plan a meal nights. Unplug all appliances not in use. I know this sound trivial but it works, coffee pot, tea kettle, lamps etc. Turn off lights when not in a room I made our own laundry detergent for year. A grocery store in our area was going out of business and I purchased fels napatha, washing soda and borax at about 70% off retail once we ran out I re-evaluated how far I got with our home made laundry vs uses SUN laundry detergent with a coupon and found that using SUN with a coupon this time around was cheaper. Don't be brand loyal Only use coupons when it makes sense too. Like my local grocery store just sent me a $10 off your next $50 in store purchase, I plan to coupon the heck out of that trip and make the saving really last. Find out if your electricity company uses peak hours/rates and if they do then try and use larger more energy use items during off peak times. Dish washer, clothes dryer, washing machine, vacuum, rug shampooer. Buy in bulk but ONLY on items you know your family will actually use. No point in stocking up on 79 cans of tuna at 45cents a can if no one but you likes tuna (I ended up giving a bunch to a family friend who's family really loved tuna casserole). Think beyond just food for buying in bulk. I have a Sally's beauty card. Several times a year they have gallon shampoo and conditioner on sale for around $4-$5 for card members. I usually stock up a years worth. Ditch the Costco card. A lot of people over spend at Costco. Instead hitch a ride with a friend who is a member a few times a year.
  14. I've got 2001 friends selling them... okay maybe not that many but a lot. I purchased one package because it was Dr. Who and my daughters and I love that show. I haven't actually tried them yet.
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