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  1. I've just begun planning for 3rd grade. For those of you who have 'been there, done that', please tell me, is this enough for 3rd grade language arts: Writing With Ease Level 3 First Language Lessons Level 3 Abeka Spelling Level 3 I've been using Abeka for K-2 and sporadically working in WWE and FLL this past year. As I look at Abeka 3rd grade language arts, it looks a lot like the WWE & FLL. So I'm thinking of doing all WWE & FLL, what do you think? Plus, what do you use for a 3rd grade reading program? I do not like the Abeka reading program, it does not work well for my child.
  2. Depends on how many of the books your library has. You can purchase the books used, that's what I've done. As for the DVD...well I just quit doing it because it did not coordinate with the lessons for that week.
  3. I'm only familiar with the early grades. We've done Abeka Math and Phonics for K4, K & 1 and will continue for 2nd. It has worked well for my kids. We use other curriculums for History & Science. This works very well for us because it provides a variety of curriculum styles so the kids don't get tired out from one particular style. I've heard ALL Abeka can get boring, I've heard ALL Sonlight can get to be too much work. I may make some changes for 3rd grade...but that's a year away :)
  4. Is there a place that I could get a subscription to have art/craft supplies sent to me for my early-elementary kids? This way I might do more projects and not have to plan them out myself :) Thanks - Susan
  5. OH you make me laugh! Well, maybe I'll try it. I'll talk to DH tonight.
  6. For those using SOTW book 1. Did you make the chicken mummy in Chapter 4? If so, did you and the kids enjoy the process? Was it worth it? What did the final chicken look like and what did you do with it? Would you do it again? My thoughts: *that sounds fun *how much am I going to spend on making a chicken mummy??? Looks like it needs to be resalted regularly....ugh. *my stomach starts to churn at the thought of the process (and hey, I've butched chickens on the farm...it's just the mummifiying....) *what, oh what, do you do with the thing in the end???? Thanks for your BTDT advice :)
  7. Health & typing. Some History & Science. All while doing a little math, phonics & reading so the kids don't forget.
  8. One friend bought her's for $185, the other $250...plus shipping.
  9. I was reading what others had choose for their early elementary science curriculums. I researched some of them and came across one that had an on-line sample of a nature walk scavenger hunt. It had like 30 or so things on the list. Told the students to keep track of when they found the items and once they had found all of them, to let the publisher know and they would get recognized or a certificate or something like that. Now, I can not remember which science curriculum it was, can anyone help me out?
  10. A friend, who is a former 1st grade teacher, just told me about Reading Island. Where can I buy this computer program? This is the only information I've been able to find about it: http://www.fcatexplorer.com/programs.asp?gsid=7 She told me that it is now offered as part of the curriculum that homeschoolers get if they enroll/homeschool through the public school system.
  11. Watch the forums (here, VegSource, ebay) for sales. Being spring time people will begin selling entire cores. You should be able to buy an entire core for less than from Sonlight. A friend of mine will be selling her Core 3 sometime this spring, not sure what site she'll list it on. But a year ago she got it all for $250.
  12. I do this for Level 1. In level 1 the parent is supposed to write down the child's narration and keep it in a notebook. I'm printing out a page of narrations for each book after we narrate it and then putting it in their notebook.
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