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Favorite books on tape for a long trip?

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A Series of Unfortunate Events is great, especially the ones narrated by Tim Curry.


Anything narrated by Jim Dale is also wonderful. If you're not a HP fan, than I would suggest Peter and the Starcatchers (a sort of prequel series to Peter Pan) and he also is narrating the new Winnie the Pooh book that just came out. He's mesmerizing.

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Don't know if it would be too young for your kids, but we've found Andrew Clement's books to be very listen-able.


We also enjoyed Redwall books - mostly because of the reader's (was it the author?) accent. :)


Some other books we've liked on tape - Shakespeare Stealer series, Dickens (except for a "dramatized" Tale of Two Cities - that was a flop), Little House on the Prairie, Cricket in Times Square, Narnia series.


We haven't tried any Tolkien, but I bet he would be good, too.

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I was going to suggest the BBC version of the Narnia books!


There was another thread about the different versions of Narnia awhile ago. I think the consensus was that they were all good. I'm pretty sure they're all dramatized--not straight read-throughs of the story. So, there are sound effects and music. They are true to the story and entertaining.


There are also radio versions of Star Wars, The Empire Stikes Back and Return of the Jedi. They're old, because they were around before the newest batch of movies came out. My husband downloaded them from somewhere onto an ipod and we listen to those. If you search for star wars radio drama I'm sure you'll find them. They were very entertaining to listen to. And the story is in more depth than the movies. We love listening to them.


If you like Harry Potter at your house, those are good to listen to, too.

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A Single Shard is an all time favorite audio book here (it's a bit of drama so might be best to wait till the youngest is older?) but James and the Giant Peach and Kate DiCamillo's Tale of Desperaux were really fun and kept my listener's attentions.

I also found my reading a story helped to at first. Talking slowly through the story line, drawing them in and then! after a while of exhausting the toys they were ready to listen. At first start, car trips are exciting. Later is when you need em'. Kwim?

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We've loved the Focus on the Family radio theater of Chronicles of Narnia.

We love that one too. Also, we used to check out tapes for the Boxcar Children from the library. I don't know if they're still available. Those might be more appropriate for the younger ones. If you don't mind cassettes, I saw some for Anne of Green Gables really cheap on Library and Educational Services website.

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We loved the Wrinkle in Time series narrated by Madeleine L'Engle. We've also enjoyed The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Judy Blum's Pain and the Great One books, King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry, The Tale of Despereaux and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo and a variety of others. Even if the kids don't love the entire story, usually there is something that they find engaging.

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The Tale of Desperaux is our all-time favorite audio book here (adults included) ~ the narrator is a British actor who does the most amazing accents and characterizations. (The book is VERY different from the movie, BTW, and the audio book is a million times better than the film.)



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Half Magic by Edward Eager is a delightful story to listen to.

We've also enjoyed the Little House on the Prairie books and Anne of Green Gables.

Another idea is the Jim Weiss CD's that have shorter stories.

Oh, once we got a great one with short Knight stories--I'll have to look and see if I can figure out which one that was.

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Series of Unfortunate Events series

Harry Potter

By the Great Horn Spoon

Ramona (all)

Mr. Poppers Penguins

All Andrew Clements

Emilys Runaway Imagination

Mrs Piggle Wiggle



Fudge books

Bear Called Paddington

Charlotte's Web


Could you do a few picture books on cd for the younger ones?

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Some of our favorites that haven't been mentioned yet:


Peter and the Starcatchers series by Ridley Pearson

The Neverland series also by Ridley Pearson

Anything by Andrew Clement (shorter books but very very funny)


Mary Poppins series - most people don't realize there is more than 1 book...not all are on audio, but start with the audio ones for the trip and move to the non-audio for read alouds at home. Very interesting for kids who are familiar with the Disney movie to read/listen to the original book as it's QUITE different.


Story of the World series by our own Susan Bauer are told in such a wonderful story-like manner that they work wonderful as a preview or review of history.


Another author that everything he's recorded is excellent: Jim Weiss Most of his are short stories or a series of stories on a single CD, so you'd need quite a few of these for a long trip....but for kids who aren't used to listening to audiobooks, or with much age difference in the kids, it might be a good choice. Then if a certain story doesn't appeal to one kid you can always remind them another story is coming up soon. With as large of an age spread as you have this could be important so as not to bore any age group, lol.



You might also just stop by your library and browse their audio collection (since most libraries keep the audios all together instead of integrating them in with the book-books).


A hint...pick up several audios, even if you know they'd all take longer than your trip....that way if you find you really aren't enjoying something you can easily change.

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Every age group in my family-- from adult to older 'worldly' teen to little kid had great fun with this:




It's a very interesting telling, but it can also sound silly-- great for laughs-- but all around fun and interesting. (And educational! lol) Odds doesn't do a great female voice. ;)


We all loved it!

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