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  1. I tried this one. Seems to work pretty well! (I've never tried the original though.) Very easy and cheap to make!
  2. Well, I guess that is a big fat NO for me!! :001_smile: *sigh* Back to square one.
  3. Has anyone used Math on the Level? Any thoughts? I'm wanting to switch from Saxon. I have three kids at the elementary/middle school level. One just starting 5/4, one about a third of the way through 6/5 and another halfway through 8/7--he might just stick with that since he's almost to Algebra anyway). We are all sick of Saxon. I want something were it is easier to keep track of exactly what concepts the kids are missing or doing well with. Something with more of a mastery approach. Looks like there is definitely a learning curve for mom though with this program. Is it sound academically? I was thinking of Teaching Textbooks but have read many places that they are below grade level.
  4. My physical therapist last year said that the foam roller is very beneficial but would never feel very nice. My ds loves it so I can only assume it doesn't hurt as badly for him. The pain did lessen for me after a couple of weeks but I'd never say I like doing it!
  5. A few years ago (on a trip to Disney) we took a day to explore Corona Del Mar beach. There are lots of rocks for climbing and plenty of tide pools for exploring. We went to Crystal Cove State Park a couple of weeks ago and didn't think it had as many tide pools as Corona Del Mar. Maybe we just weren't in the right spot. Huntington Beach is good if you just want to play in the water, rent bodyboards and end with a campfire in the evening. No tide pools or anything though.
  6. This reminded me of what I was thinking last night. I have the ESV app on my iPad and iPhone. It is presented in paragraph form, not the two columns. You can change settings for font, font size, background (white, sepia or black), turn on/off red letter, some other options too. It has several reading plans built into the app (chronological, memory plan, etc.) and you can even turn on the audio setting if you want to hear it rather than read it. The name of the app is ESV Bible (Crossway).
  7. :grouphug: We are believers but we don't encourage our children to evangelize to other children because of things like this. Our role as Christians isn't to traumatize other people's children into "believing." ETA: I know I said things as a young person that I look back on now with very real regret. I'd speak to the parents. If the girl was simply repeating something her parents have said or, worse, encouraged, then it certainly won't harm any future relationship between the girls because that's probably over now anyway. My parents, as believers, would have had a looooong talk with me if I had ever said something like that to a sleep-over guest.
  8. I know I'm softer. I haven't been to many of my ds's games because I got sick at one earlier this summer because of the heat. He's played in 115 degrees before--not as humid but still awfully hot. I don't know how those boys do it. Lots and lots and LOTS of water and Gatorade. No caffeine or energy drinks loaded with caffeine. Plenty of fruit. My ds has one of those Froggtogg things to wear around his neck while in the dugout.
  9. Does it have to be a homeschool board? I find that some blogs have active comment sections for discussion of theological topics. Yes, knowing what "flavor" would be helpful. :001_smile:
  10. I agree that social pressure is a counterweight to social conditioning but I'd disagree with your premise that the only reason to be against SSM is homophobia. That is completely against any sort of reality whatsoever. And that is why shaming won't work on people who weigh these matters heavily in their minds and come up with a different conclusion than five Supreme Court Justices. It is interesting that the tactic now is to shame and emotionally manipulate people into shutting up rather than debate with philosophical, sociological, theological and biological facts to convince people to change their minds. ETA: It's also disturbing that you are comfortable comparing those with a different political view than yours to people who suffer from real, diagnosable mental disorders.
  11. I think social shaming works when the person targeted has based his ideas on emotion and unexamined tradition. However, when a person has based his ideas on reasoning from philosophical, sociological, theological, and biological facts, then that person should be responded to with reason, not name-calling. All the shaming in the world isn't going to change the mind of someone who has reasoned himself into a position. That person needs valid, non-emotional reasons to change his mind.
  12. My dh *loves* those things. I swear, we can't drive by a Jack in the Box without him saying how he could go for two tacos. But, in the almost 20 years we have been married, I think I've seen him eat those tacos twice. Apparently they taste good but your stomach isn't too happy. I grew up in the Midwest and remember the E. coli problem. When we moved west, I couldn't believe Jack in the Box was still in business.
  13. The benefits of breastfeeding are obvious. Reading to your child does help train them to read and enjoy reading. It shows your children that you value reading. Making mud pies is a normal part of exploring one's surroundings, developing motor skills, and encourages kids to play at being adults by "cooking". I can't think of one benefit in allowing a four-year-old to run around naked from the waist down in front of guests.
  14. I think parents are always training a child TO something, whether actively or passively. By allowing a child to run around naked in front of guests, the parents are training their child that being naked in front of guests is normal and good or will have some benefit to them. As an adult, I can't think of any benefit to allowing it. It isn't socially acceptable for adults to invite friends over and then come out of the bathroom with no pants on. Being four-years-old excuses the child from coming out of the bathroom without pants on but it doesn't excuse the parents from allowing it to go on the rest of the night. I find that very strange. If we were at a friend's house, I'd take it as a cue to end the visit. I'd visit again but if it kept happening, I'd suggest some public place to meet. Somehow I think the parents would manage to keep their child's pants on then.
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