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    Wanted! Math U See Epsilon student book. I am not picky! Partially used book is fine. We are going back and reviewing so I don't need every page. Please message me if you have a half-used book available! :) email: mythens at mac dot com Thanks!


  2. Lisabees, we are in the same boat! My dd is in 8th this year and in a full time ballet conservatory. Her schedule leaves her little time for school and I am worried about starting high school next year. We are also looking into online options. I've been watching the older girls this year and how they handle it all. The majority of them do public virtual school, and they are pretty stressed out. Fall was especially bad with Nutcracker rehearsals and YAGP preparation. Most of them spent their entire Christmas break catching up on school work. The kids in the program that are doing a mo
  3. Thanks, Lanny. The students here are not using K12, but we have been down the K12 road and it was a bit overwhelming for my two! Year-round schooling is not an option for us... dd goes to ballet intensives for 9 weeks this summer where she is dancing from 9-5 five days a week, plus half a day on Saturday, so summer is busier than the school year. I really need an option where she can get her credits in during the academic year. She is not college bound (at least not right away) so we are looking for something engaging that will not run her into the ground (and that can also be done almo
  4. Help. I'm going round and round about what to do next year for dd's 9th grade year. We have a unique situation... been homeschooling since the beginning, but as of this year she is in a full time ballet conservatory, so she is gone all day. Because of that, we need curriculum that she can do very independently. She is not a stellar student (she is my artsy dancer!) so this year we have gone with a combination of LifePacs (LA, Hist, Sci) Saxon Pre-Alg w/DIVE CD, and Fluenz French. Originally I had planned to continue our hodge podge, but to be honest she's not learning a lot from the
  5. :lol: that's a good one! Our pack out is still a bit up in the air, but it's with the booking agent now, so it looks like we might get out of here next week. We'll miss our closing by 2 days, but the bank says we can do it by mail. If that's the worst thing that happens, we're in pretty good shape! My last day at work was today. It's starting to feel real.
  6. My 14 year old has, in this last year, become obsessed with being an archaeologist. I have no idea if that will really happen, but I'm glad she's got some motivation for something! :)
  7. I knew as soon as I ranted something would happen! :D Just checked online and the orders are in! We are saved! LOL. Thank you for giving me a safe place to have a pity party. Now, the fun begins. Throw up a prayer that PSD can get us outta here next week. :)
  8. Good questions - I neglected to mention that if we don't get the orders, USAA won't give the final approval on the mortgage. This is a blessing/curse - we're out of the contract but we lose the earnest money, etc. So, not stuck with the house, but back to square one. We're not sure if we should ask for the closing to be pushed back or just bag it. The orders haven't changed and probably won't - it's a weird situation. Another officer was granted a humanitarian move to this area, so they did a "duty swap" between him and my husband. That guys orders dropped about 3 weeks ago. Since hi
  9. We are in the WORST place with our PCS right now. I need virtual hugs and all the positive energy you are willing to give! We were told in January that they were moving us this summer, 1 year early. We have done 4 moves in 6 years, so this was not good news. In May we found out where we were going, and the detailer confirmed that it would indeed be this summer - specifics to follow, orders coming soon. We looked at rentals in the area - most were way above our housing allowance (we have already been stationed in this area 3 times, and have always had to pay over our allowance, so
  10. I just revamped. We're doing: Saxon 6/5 Easy Grammar Grade 5 Easy Writing Lit from Vertias Press History Odyssey Level 2 Ancients Sonlight Science 5 (or F or whatever they call that now!) Minimus Latin Art??? (help?) Guitar Lessons Dance
  11. Thank you, Stacey. My daughter is "artsy" so she likes creating stuff much more than answering questions or writing about things! LOL. Thanks for the info on the time requirement... I'm trying to keep history to 3 hours a week, and it looks like we might be able to do it. :)
  12. Thank you! Exactly what I was hoping for - I'm glad it eases them in gradually. =)
  13. I'm looking at History Odyssey Level 2 for my rising 5th grader. She hasn't done anything near this level yet... we've been bouncing around a lot, but it's time to buckle down! She hates history (?) so I don't want to bog her down with tons of reading but I do want something solid that will prepare her for middle school level work. How difficult is the outlining piece? Is it well explained? How many hours per week do the Level 2 courses take on average? I've only had experience with H.O. Level 1 (it's the only history she actually liked) and I'm not sure how it compares. It seems lik
  14. Minimus! Lots of pictures! http://www.amazon.com/Minimus-Pupils-Book-Starting-Latin/dp/0521659604
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