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  1. Lee University in TN is moving up the ladder. Any reviews? 1) What is the campus culture like? 2) Mission trip opportunities? 3) Networking opportunities for medical careers, ie: nursing, NP or PA job shadowing? 4) % admitted to post-grad degree programs, like med school? 5) How rigorous is the Nursing program? I did like their service emphasis with community volunteering as a requirement. That was new to us.
  2. Yes, we thought that they do expert tours also. And, yes, you have to ignore the construction. Now, all other college visits are compared to LU. If scholarships are readily available, it would be an option. Ds will apply, then we'll see what scholarships he gets.
  3. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but my son attended a "Worldview seminar" this past summer hosted by Summit Ministries. My son came home saying that the seminar changed his life. They also have a high school curriculum . I am personally acquiring the book list from this Christian Worldview organization in order to further my personal studies. These programs would be cultural studies which debate today's issues from a Christian worldview specifically.
  4. As a BSN working in the hospital setting for the past 29 yrs, I would agree with the bolded. In fact, my son is contemplating a medical career. I found myself discouraging him from pursuing a career as a Medical Doctor for exactly this reason. He would spend years of his life training to be a critical thinker, only to have it taken away by a medical board at an insurance company dictating treatment protocols and medication regimens. Unfortunately, no matter how much you love your MD, if your insurance co. does not pay for the medicine, you will probably follow the treatment plan or medication that your insurance will pay for. Son does not know yet what he wants. We are trying to figure out what would be the most versatile degree, with minimal years in study, and least debt. He surprised me in saying that he may want to be a nurse. I see him maybe starting as a BSN, and then moving into other science fields from there, as he chooses. At least he can work his way thru post-grad education. Unfortunately, the medical field is in love with higher degrees. I'm hoping this is just a phase...
  5. Have not read all replies, but this is what I have researched. I have a son also interested in medical field, and have debated the same question. NP requires a BS of Nursing first, then further education to the Master's level currently. However, there are rumblings that this degree will soon require a PhD to practice. A NP can practice independently. Approach to illness may be more wholistic in scope. One benefit is that can practice as an RN first, then decide to further education while working. PA would follow a similar course of study as a pre-medical student, more of a pathophysiological approach to illness, diagnosing symptoms, etc. Practices under the license of an MD, so cannot set up an independent practice.
  6. I probably can't even phrase this properly, but here goes... We are celebrating our fur-baby's one year anniversary with us. What is it about having a dog in your life which makes all the crazy, busy, hectic, stress seem not quite so bad? It is intangible, but how does this furry, wet-nosed creature, who can be found sleeping on son's bed most days, bring such calm to our lives? And ain't it grand to watch your children just love the thing? I had so many misgivings about getting a rescue, but they have ALL been laid to rest. Just do it... it is worth it! This rescued dog, with TLC and a bit of training, has become an immeasureable source of joy to our family. Would love to see your dog, or hear how your dog helps you too...!
  7. We used these books, which were then scheduled in the WinterPromise Quest for R & R program: The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History by A. Kenneth Curtis Christian History Made Easy: 13 Weeks to a Better Understanding of Church History and added the History Lives series by Mindy & Brandon Winthrow
  8. I did what lanabug did, ie: crafts, games, read- alouds, games and all things for the letter of the week. Preschool express has many ideas that I thought were helpful. Miriam
  9. Do your dc cheerfully accept homework in the evening? I think that mine would dearly complain, mostly because it is not an established routine.
  10. What happens with us, is that we do not have free time to go back to them later on. I am now becoming more involved, in that, we are doing as much verbally as we can, adding in verbal answers for Spelling exercises, not just in grammar. I cut back on History reading and we are more frequently getting to ALL subjects daily. However, I miss reading aloud as that has not happened for a few weeks. Some of this, of course, is because I work, which means I leave in early afternoons. I may need to just supervise more. Older ds was very independent by this time, maybe 2nd ds is just not.
  11. A free science/space program is being offered by VSCS. I sound like a commercial, but I have no experience with this program, just heard about it recently. In case others are also interested, here is the website: http://vscs.spacegrant.org ETA: would love to hear reviews from past participants...
  12. Thank you for your helpful replies with specific schedule descriptions. May I ask how many history books/texts you are currently using? We are using MOH as a spine, then there are 3 other history books scattered throughout the week with some overlapping, but not everyday, divided up into reading chapter/section each day. I'm wondering if history is what is killing our schedule. Ds thinks it is, anyway. Then there are 2 notebooking pages per week to outline and then write or type up. Reading is a corresponding historical fiction book. ETA: forgot the notebooking part of history activities
  13. I think that I would like to be in your school. It sounds fun. I think the difference might be that it looks like you may be doing "school" activities in the evenings? Ds reads for at least 1 hour after school, but that is all.
  14. I write out a schedule a week at a time. It seems that we rarely complete all assignments or projects by week's end, i.e.: we rarely get to art or picture study, the extras I was hoping to fit in this year. This also happened for older ds, and he was well-prepared for high school. Younger ds is not as focussed as older ds. I am aiming for the fine line of challenging, but not overwhelming. I seem to frequently be shaving off, which is becoming concerning. I need to reset expectations of how fast/much reading he can do, etc. and relax a bit.
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