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  1. I have to eat savory breakfasts or I feel weird all day. I do a tofu scramble with tumeric, nutritional yeast, black salt, tobasco, dried garlic and onion, sometimes a pinch of vegan chicken broth. Meals I make with tofu scramble might include: -Mexican style with leftover black beans, potatoes, tortillas, maybe platanos. -with a vegan breakfast meat like gimme lean sausage or bacon -Indian style with aloo paratha or dosa https://www.ishopindian.com/deep-aloo-paratha-4-pcs-frozen-pr-26176/ https://www.ishopindian.com/udupi-mysore-masala-dosa-4-pcs-frozen-pr-26100/ -tabouli and warm pita I find Irish oat more satisfying than regular oats pancakes with walnuts and banana/breakfast meat souped-up ramen Ful mudammas (fava beans) is worth trying! steamed buns with veggie filling (frozen)
  2. Check out Uniqlo. They have longer shorts in those colors. We love their clothing, everything’s held up well. If you live in so cal, we have a few of their stores here. The flagship is in LA, they carry the full line.
  3. What does WHA stand for? We’re Muslim. We’ve used a few things over the years that are Christian without problems. If I remember correctly, Art of Arguement and Discovery of Deduction are Christian. We used those. Is it the kind of thing that probably wouldn’t work?
  4. what other classes, books, materials should I be looking at? She'd like to complete the three year program. She'll have a lot of time to pursue her interests in 11th and 12 grade, so I want to start figuring it out now. She's curious about philosophy, ethic, possibly debate, logic... any thoughts? It would be great if there was another live class that offered these subjects. Thanks!
  5. I don't see them on the website, but I feel like they were there at the beginning of the school year. Does anyone know if these classes are offered? Thanks!
  6. I think my 18yo daughter's only homeschooling regret (as a college student) is not taking more Julia Denne classes. She smiles every time she mentions the class.
  7. Here's a link to possibly order How to Read How to Read a Book: http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/108991-finding-how-to-read-how-to-read-a-book-by-newborn/ Just in case someone's curious. :)
  8. I'm having a hard time with the thought of reading the last pages of any book. I don't even want to do it in How to Read a Book. Haha!
  9. Have you seen How to Read How to Read a Book? It's an incredibly helpful tool to use along with the book. Hmmm... I can't find it. Darn.
  10. Yes! They encourage writing in the book, in all sorts of ways, for all sorts of purposes. I thought about doing it but I kind of want to keep the pages clean until I read it with my 16yo this summer. It's hard to do if you've always felt that it "ruins" the book. I need to use certain books more as a tool for learning, than as a sacred thing to be barely cracked. :huh:
  11. How has it specifically changed the way you read? What, if any, techniques or habits do you now use that were taught in the book? I'm reading it for the second time, the first being with one of my kids along with How to Read How to Read a Book. I liked it a lot the first time, loving it now, and will be doing the duo over summer with my 16yo. I started wondering if I'm crazy for reading it so many times, and as enamored as I am with the book, will I actually improve my reading habits. Some things, like quick pre-reading, I've always done. I know I need to improve my reading skills if I want to conquer some of the books on my shelves. I have a lot to work on. So, for inspiration, can you share any success with me?
  12. Not curriculum, but my kids called Kumon classes Poo-mon.
  13. Who's Minding the Store DVD White popcorn Whatchamacallits A&W soda
  14. I put up NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS and made a cute celebratory Happy New Year sign. I'll probably change it a few times before I laminate it. You're right Suzanne, it'll drive me bonkers. My goal is to make these kinds of signs for year round occasions, laminate and store everything, and not think about it anymore. I just love doing these little seasonal collections. I feel like it keeps the bookstore fresh and helps to show how many genres we offer. This morning I went through everything looking for How To, self help, etc. I even found a '70s book on building tree houses. Who knows, it might be someones goal for 2018!!??
  15. I don't think of it that way either. Have you ever watched Parks and Recreation? There's an ongoing joke where they have community meeting and locals complain about absurd things... Like "I found a sandwich in the park and that makes me mad because I hate PBJ sandwiches!!" I kind of feel like that person is every 10th customer at the bookshop. :) Sounds terrible, I know. I've taken the nip it in the bud approach.
  16. I'm printing a little sign for the used bookstore I work at. I've put up a display of New Year's resolution/self help/new hobbies type books. I made a sign that said something like: Happy New Year! New Hobbies, New Habits New habits implies something negative, and I know some people won't like that. How can I phrase a similar idea with short, positive wording? Punctuation?? My mind is now fried over this silly thing. :tongue_smilie:
  17. Land of Nod has cute dolls and accessories: https://www.landofnod.com/dolls-and-dollhouses/toys-and-gifts/1
  18. Thank you for saying this. I needed to hear it. It know I'm hormonal right now, but these words choked me up. :o
  19. That's good to know! Just last night my husband was suggesting I go back to acupuncture for Lupus related stuff. It never dawned on me to use it for menopause. I think it might be really cheap for me until the end of the year too. Thanks!
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