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  2. Ignore this thread!

    So far, I am really enjoying the “cut and come again” greens that are growing in pots on my back deck. I hope I can keep them growing into the hot weather.
  3. Math with mixed ages

    Have you looked at the Natural Math co books? They are supposed to be for math circles and enrichment.
  4. Is it tacky to plan my own party?

    Definitely do it, and yes you can say it's for your birthday! :) You might make it easy, like asking if they'd like to do a girls' night out and go to a restaurant, everyone paying for their own. You could take a trip to a big city. You could go on a river cruise. Really do anything you want, so long as you make it clear who is paying for what.
  5. Ignore this thread!

    Does this work? nope.
  6. Ignore this thread!

    I’m tired of fasting today, but I have nothing to eat here in the lobby of orchestra class. Maybe I’ll walk the halls a little.
  7. No Spend April 22nd-28th

    4/22 It cost like $138 to get my tooth pulled. That could have been worse. 4/23 Bought gas. Spent most of my week's money already on some grocery items (mostly for eating at work) and meds (post-dentist). 4/24 $0 spent.
  8. My new treadmill

    Success! He had to dismantle mine to get it out of the bedroom because it had arms but he thought he could slide the new one right in. Nope, way too big. He and DH ended up taking it apart and taking the bedroom door off the hinges to get it into the room. The frame is just really big. So it's in and it works. The display is a bit weird. Each display does two functions and rather than staying on one function it alternates them so the screen is flashing back and forth. I guess I'll just have to get used to that. He came back to look at it and says there must be a way to lock it on one screen but he has to find an owners manual. He's also going to replace the bottom rubber grip of the handle bar because it's sticky and gets black on your hands. He has no idea why that happened but he's going to pay for it. He's a really nice guy. This is the second time we've gotten a treadmill from this shop.
  9. So far, a few places in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and we’ve spent the most time in Indonesia (it’s a big country!) and just some northern China (Beijing and terra cotta soldiers in Xi’an further north). Blog is in my signature for the exhaustive, and exhausting ;) details. eta that after being with me 24/7 for over two months, my kids most definitely don’t think I’m the coolest.
  10. What to put in this space? Under kitchen planning desk.

    It is a pretty cheap unit. I don't think it would have adequate stability. I will have to go ahead and make something.
  11. No Spend April 22nd-28th

    4/23--$80.25 otc allergy meds and misc. stuff 4/23--$40 TT4 CDs 4/24--$46 catfood, bread and soda
  12. We have one priest/pastor, and he acknowledges that he is trained in pastoral care, but for issues of marital or family or troubled-times counseling, he refers parishioners to trusted counselors, ideally, ones who adhere to our faith--so there isn't contradiction between pastoral care and counseling care. (One of the trusted counselors--a certified family and marriage therapist--is also an ordained priest.) And I've got no problem with that. I don't think there is automatically an overlap of skill sets between pastor and counselor. Sometimes priests have to wear too many's better to wear the hat that fits your head and tell people who is wearing the other hat.
  13. Ignore this thread!

    IIRC, I average 9 or 10 hours out of 14. A lot depends on how much I’m driving that day.
  14. Ignore this thread!

    It’s a bit squished.
  15. No Spend April 22nd-28th

    (((Hugs))), it will pay off in the long run, but it's still painful spending that money.
  16. What is your recipe/method?
  17. Yeah. Probably, the less reaction they get the sooner they will stop.
  18. Roommates (some CC)

    Just tell your daughter to keep in mind that some people have no interest in paying for dorm decor. Some students go in with the expectation of making everything comfy and cozy and coordinated, others are more like, eh, I'm using what I already have.
  19. Well-Trained Bodies- April Edition

    Poor little guy. Glad he's improving now. Hugs to you all.
  20. WWYD How to address this issue at the public high school?

    That might be a tactic to try. If she can get a bunch of other kids together and bring it to the lunch room person that might help.
  21. Is it tacky to plan my own party?

    We threw a 50th birthday party for my mom more than 20 years ago and everyone brought gifts, so I'm not sure that's universal unless you specify...
  22. I've only made mozzarella, but it was super easy. You put it in brine and apparently the brine gets better with each batch. So yummy!
  23. Is there a name for this relationship?

    In our family, it is referred to as siblings. Then again we also have "your brother's brother's brother" and a dad with 2 sons----all with the same first name.
  24. OK, you're the coolest. What a fabulous opportunity! Where all have you guys gone?? China's a big one!
  25. Gardasil vaccine?

    Two of my boys received it and no issues at all.
  26. I made my first batch of homemade cheese today. It is a soft ricotta type cheese made with 2% milk that was just past date, a mix of vinegar and lemon juice and salt. It was SUPER easy and it tastes good. Would have been easier with actual cheese cloth but I used coffee filters and it worked OK. I read that I can drain it longer and press it under a weighted plate to make queso fresco which is one of my most favorite cheeses. Any other great, super easy, idiot proof cheeses or variations for me?
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