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Well-- I fell off my treadmill Thursday morning...

Jann in TX

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I've had some health issues and mental stress (mainly due one of my dd's being mentally unstable) and I've gained some weight.  Not really stress eating-- but just not being active. 

The only way I can loose weight is to exercise-- plus especially since I'm over 50 if I diet alone I'll have tons of flabby skin.  For the past 6 weeks I've been working out most mornings-- about 5 days per week.  I use a treadmill and hand weights-- and some great music!  I can now get up easily an hour earlier and I'm actually feeling better!!!  -- this week I had to search my closet for smaller jeans-- I've gone down a full size and the scale is finally moving in the right direction.

BUT-- I got up extra early on Thursday and did something really dumb.  I ended up falling AND I was not wearing the kill switch that turns off the treadmill if you fall. 

OUCH!!!  I thought I broke my forearm-- but I have full range of motion so I ignored the pain and went on with my day.  I'm also on a med that inhibits swelling/inflammation and my thinking was why go to a Dr who would not believe you (memories of a hand injury a few years ago that took 6 months and 4 Drs before they gave me an MRI to shut me up-- and found TONS of damage that required surgery).

Anyways yesterday the pain just kept increasing AND I had a huge bruise on my bicep (and I felt a tear and knew I did not hit my bicep when I fell)...anyways Dr confirmed what I thought-- I tore my bicept tendon (at least the long-head).  It is not a complete tear-- I'll consult an orthopedic Dr next week and may push for MRI.  My shoulder is also messed up (pain in back) so there may also be a rotatory cuff injury as well  AND my forearm may be broken-- X-rays yesterday with Dr to call back Monday.

No good way to splint this-- I'm getting some of that fancy sport tape today. 


Anyone have words of wisdom (besides using the kill switch next time!).

Dr says I'll probably be able to treadmill again in a week-- but no weights on left side until cleared.  My treadmill is a high-end model that is specifically made to reduce knee strain-- with my weight walking alone just kills my knees! 

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Oh how awful. So sorry.  

I never used the kill switch, but I guess it's a good idea.  

 My only advice is to start slow.  If that frustrates you, keep the speed slow but increase the incline.  Hill work is good strengthening work.  Are you using weights while on the treadmill?  Maybe get wrap around kind instead of free weights?

Hoping you get back to exercise soon.  It is a good stress reliever. 

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