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Celebrating with a shameless brag

Susan in KY

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Hi, ladies,

The short version of a very long story is that after a 2.5 year recovery from TBI due to two concussions, my son just got full tuition to the state school by getting accepted to a program called Governor's Scholar's Program (also see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kentucky_Governor%27s_Scholars_Program ) and getting a high enough result on his ACT. I am pinching myself to see that this is really happening! It's been such a difficult road and I am so relieved and happy. :)

Thanks for letting me brag a bit. It feels like a miracle. :party: Actually, it *is* a miracle. For a time he couldn't really carry on a full/deep conversation and struggled with reading because his language processing was so adversely affected. Now he's turned up with a 35 in reading on his ACT. It's more than perfect and better than amazing!


I am in a place beyond gratitude.  :hurray:



Yay for him!  So happy for you both!

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Congratulations!  I soooo know how hard it is to deal with injury in a child.  We're still battling RSI with our daughter which she incurred 5 years ago! 


Source of Joy, thanks for sharing that. I hope you find healing for her soon! Long term illnesses are sooooooo difficult!


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