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  1. Frances, I appreciate you sharing your viewpoint on the changes in this way. I am continuing to read about the bill. Thank you.
  2. Here's the thing. I've read so much about this being a tax hike on the middle class when it is clearly not that. The little table you just quoted shows what I've seen in that every bracket will be getting a tax cut, not just the wealthy. I've heard all the complaints about the corporate cuts, but, imo, those corporate cuts are necessary to keep businesses in the US. I am hoping very much it will stimulate the economy. The stock market has been doing very well just with the promise of these policies, but even that seems to bring mostly negative press, which is pretty stunning. You are ri
  3. Well, my sister, who is a teacher and a single mom, will be very grateful if she sees an additional $2,000 each year as the result of this bill. It will make a significant difference for her. As far as the deficit, as I already said, we agree there. Though it doesn't seem as though there is too much concern in general as it increased almost $8 trillion dollars over the last Presidency without any tax cuts.
  4. I actually think it is going to go the other way and that many are going to be surprisingly pleased after all the hysteria that's been in the media. I hope you are, too.
  5. Well, yes, I'm thinking any all discussions of the bills on these boards are gross oversimplifications. Of course the wealthy and large corporations will see the biggest cuts. If I pay $15,000 a year in taxes, it would be a bit ridiculous to give me a million dollar tax break, but if I pay $50 million in taxes, then a million dollar tax break might make sense. I'm not sure where you are getting that it is only for one year? The middle class tax cuts will be in effect until 2027 -- 10 years. At that point, they will most likely be preserved unless whatever party who is power refuses to
  6. I've read that 80% of Americans will get a significant tax break. And only 5% (should be mostly higher earners) will see an increase. My husband just received the first Christmas bonus he's had in 10 years.
  7. My ds is not in college yet, but we're going through the application process and he's been accepted to every college he's applied to so far. He's not applying to top tier schools, but most are well-respected in our area (George Mason University, University of Mary Washington). He does have very good test scores because of all of the advantages of homeschooling and being able to make sure that he mastered the material he's been exposed to over the years, and he is a very hard worker. But, I have worried and fretted so much over this kid over the years because he has some lds and it is starti
  8. And just for kicks, when we were completing the common app for my ds this year, we downloaded the Harvard app just to see if it was much different from the types of colleges my ds was applying to. The main difference was that they required two SAT subject tests.
  9. It can seem kind of crazy. The university near us will actually give my dd more credit and place her in a higher level of Latin based on the SAT subject test score she received before taking AP Latin than what they give if she gets a 5 on the AP exam. I'm not sure why. DD is doing both tests, though, because there are also many schools that will not give her any credit or even place her based on the SAT Subject test, but will give her credit based on an AP score. This is where it would really come in handy to know what school she is going to want to attend.
  10. DS was accepted to George Mason University, which is one of his top choices.
  11. Honestly, I don't know anyone who "looks down" on blue collar workers, either and I greatly admire people who can build, create and fix things, too. But, google it if you've never experienced it. I have a close friend who has never earned her degree and it has always been very tough on her.
  12. This is great information. My dd is spending a bit of time each day exploring different college majors to get an idea of what each is all about. Recently, she's been talking about double majoring in the classics and math. She's taking calculus in her sophomore year and we've started exploring opportunities for her for next year at the local cc or university. However, she has only been exposed to the plug and chug sort of math and she does enjoy getting the problems correct, lol. Right now, she is using Saxon and one career option she has looked at is being an actuary. Maybe that would be p
  13. Both of my kids have used Vista books for their Spanish classes. Yes, they are expensive, but it seems like everything is when you are outsourcing for high school. Anything with an online component is going to be pricey, but I think there are enough benefits to it when learning a foreign language that it is worth it.
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