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  1. Thanks, guys! This isn't for me--my kids are adults and two are in college. I have just been reading so many desperate posts and I knew you guys here would be a great resource. I appreciate anything you share that I can pass on to those who need it! Nancy
  2. Hi everyone! I'm no longer homeschooling, but always a homeschooler at heart, so when I see people struggling to deal with their kids coming home from school, especially those who have special needs, IEP's, receiving ABA in school and such, I feel compelled to reach out to you all to see if you any advice I can offer them. I'm a member of the NH Autism FB group and there are so many parents who are worried about their kids missing much-needed OT, PT, speech, etc. Some are opting to continue appointments, others are struggling at home with kids who are melting down over the change to the
  3. DD decided after a great admitted student day visit and a 'shadow a student day' experience. Where: University of New Hampshire Why: full tuition, also several visits that kept giving more and more reasons to love it, close to home Major: linguistics, possibly double major (French)
  4. I would supply only what the school has requested, but since you are up against a close deadline, I suggest calling the school to see if it's necessary. Might save you a lot of work!
  5. Spot on for us, too, within $1000-$2000. Some NPCs didn't include merit aid in the calculation, so that part was a big question mark until merit was awarded upon admittance.
  6. Oh, my! I laughed out loud! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Sorry to hear about Duke, but congrats on your DD's decision to attend UNC at Chapel Hill. Best wishes to her!
  8. DD bounces back quickly--but man, what a brutal night. All she wanted was her favorite--chocolate tsunami--and they had run out! She settled for black raspberry and there were smiles on the ride home.
  9. DD disappointed--no from Harvard and Yale. She took the Harvard one ok, but is quite sad about Yale. Time for a trip to the local ice cream stand. Hoping for better news for the rest of you waiting.
  10. Congrats! So happy for you and your DD!
  11. Last two decisions today for DD. We are bracing ourselves for the rejections... I'll be glad when this part is over. It's bittersweet, though, as this is my youngest and our homeschooling journey is soon coming to a close. Good luck to all!
  12. "USS Indecision sets sail"--love it! Witty and SO true!
  13. It's hard to look back and 2nd guess. Your DS did what he thought was the right decision at the time, and at a time when these kids are overloaded with making these big decisions. It's SO hard on them! My DD was quite ill for six weeks during the fall and missed all the ED/EA rounds. She just simply couldn't keep up the pace of the application process and her heavy, demanding senior course-load. She is now wishing she could've at least hit a few EA's and maybe an ED round, because the waiting is grating on her (and me!), but there's no going back. Just moving forward and hoping it'll p
  14. So sorry! That acceptance rate is approaching Harvard's last year and is lower that Yale's was! Yikes.
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