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  1. MerryAtHope

    How To Decide Which Subjects?

    The only way to know is to try out a course and see! Don't be afraid to experiment a bit--you and she have some freedom here to explore, try things, decide what's a fit, and so on. My dd wanted to be a coroner at age 16, LOL! Then she thought nursing at 18, and now she's Early Childhood Education at 20! (One thing that she discovered is that she loves teaching science concepts to young children and making them accessible, and enjoying the wonder together etc....) But along the way it's been a wonderful journey, she has pursued both academic courses and courses of interest, and has learned a lot about herself. I always went the "well-rounded" route. I used the pinned threads at the top of the high school board to help us decide on a 4-year-plan for high school, which gave us a general outline--and then I filled in the details year by year (you can change things along the way, talk with your student, see where her interests are now etc...) Look at what your state requires and what colleges require (look at several schools that you think you might consider, see the "common denominators" and work from there.) Work to give your dd a good college-prep education and also time to pursue interests, and let the details work themselves out along the way. Have fun! I loved getting to know my kids as teens!
  2. Yes, I always encourage my kids to go talk in person with their instructors over any kind of issue. It may or may not help, but it certainly wouldn't hurt. He could also ask if he might do something for extra credit. Help your son be prepared for a possible negative answer. It's frustrating, but sometimes that's how it goes with a situation like this, and it really depends on the teacher. (I'd think a high school teacher would be a bit more understanding, but in college, it's the student's responsibility to make sure it's all there, and whatever is in the syllabus for grading procedure for incomplete/late papers would apply even to technology issues--in fact, I've seen many syllabi specifically mention that it applies even to technology issues.) It's a tough lesson, but a B+ is still a good grade, and better to learn this now rather than later.
  3. Personally I'm fine with some differences in uppercase letters (like starting A at the bottom). I think where to start matters more for lowercase letters. Imagine a student starting o's and c's the bottom and then trying to learn cursive--they would have to relearn the entire alphabet instead of just having to learn connectors and a few differences for those letters that are very different. A bigger concern is a student who always forms a particular letter differently (sometimes clockwise, sometimes counter-clockwise, sometimes starting at the top or bottom etc...). If the student doesn't have a regular and automatic way for forming a letter, there's usually a neurological difficulty like dysgraphia going on. Having a uniform way to form letters makes that easier to spot. Having a universal way to form each letter can also help you avoid and correct reversals (b-d confusion and others).
  4. Can you explain what you meant by a "narrow window?" Thanks!
  5. Maybe--but ACT actually sells test prep materials from their site (it's right there at checkout when you pay for the test) and offers statistics on percentage of students able to raise their scores, getting the same scores, or getting lower scores, after test prep.
  6. MerryAtHope

    Ethics class - CC

    I'm not familiar with that text, so I can't comment on that, but I'm wondering if you shared your heart and your reasoning at all with parents? If not, for all they know, you agree with the views presented in the book. I do think providing a balance of books or essays instead of just one text, and letting parents and students know the goals and objectives of this class would be helpful though. "We'll be examining controversial viewpoints and learning how to respond biblically" or something along those lines would be helpful.
  7. Transcript. Am. Family wanted ACT scores, but my kids hadn't taken them yet, so I wrote and explained that and sent a homeschool transcript, and our agent was able to work with us. I've heard others with the same company in different states not being able to get the same treatment though, so it may be our state or having a great agent that helped! Once they were in college, college transcripts were accepted.
  8. (((Hugs))) It can be stressful when you start thinking about it! You don't have to know what you'll use for all 4 years or every course exactly (you can change your mind along the way!) but it does help to have a 4-year plan in mind, and it's really not too early to start planning out high school to make sure you are aiming for the credits your student will need for college. Best wishes!
  9. MerryAtHope

    SAT after high school.

    Yes--I just googled this the other night as a matter of fact!
  10. Doesn't really sound high for a CC course to me if it's a regular, all-semester long class. But I agree with Lori, check the drop policy & see if you can drop & get a refund. Then you could do something more in your price range.
  11. MerryAtHope

    Spelling that’s NOT AAS

    You can use Phonetic Zoo after AAS 3, but it might be a stretch after only level 2--you could have her try the placement test though and see how it goes.
  12. MerryAtHope

    Transfer applications

    Good for him, and I hope he gets into the major program he's wanting!
  13. Welcome! Have you created a four-year plan? See some of the pinned threads at the top for info on how to do that, like this one. Once you have a plan, then you can decide how MFW, dual credit courses, and other courses meet her needs.
  14. MerryAtHope

    Is my 10th grader not doing enough?

    Would you want your daughter to have that schedule?
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