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  1. Both of mine were one and done, it’s kind of nice! We also went the cc route first and then transfer. I hoped both would end up at the same school, but they ended up at different ones. Different schools were best for each one. I hope everything goes well for your dd!
  2. It might not always be a fit, but kids who need it get more fluency practice, so the review helps and they get new content too. AAR takes kids up to high school level word attack skills, so it goes farther. Anyway, lots of good choices out there!
  3. A lot of kids move on to All About Reading 2 after completing 100 Easy Lessons. Here are samples for all the levels if you want to see what it looks like. At the end of AAR 4, students have the phonics and word attack skills necessary to sound out high school level words, though they may not know the meaning of all higher level words. (Word attack skills include things like dividing words into syllables, making analogies to other words, sounding out the word with the accent on different word parts, recognizing affixes, etc…) You can check the placement tests to see what level your son is ready for if you decide to go with that one. I hope you find something that's a good fit for you & your child!
  4. Congratulations! Transitions are hard...give yourself time!
  5. I think that’s a great idea. I think fiscal responsibility just doesn’t mean much when kids don’t have to pay their own way. College is so expensive these days that kids aren’t independent for years later than what was common when We were their age. But if she has that much free money to spend, she can certainly pay more of her expenses and head on that road of more independence. A question I read in a book recently suggested asking whether the behavior is something we as parents are enabling. It’s made me rethink some things.
  6. Wow, sounds tough! Our cat doesn’t like it, but she’s mellow. I wait until she’s sleeping and try then if she’s tired enough, she’ll still resist but I can get it done.
  7. The only one of these I've used is MUS Pre-Algebra. One thing I really liked about it is that it included a significant review of fractions and decimals to help establish a more solid foundation in these before moving on to Algebra. For a struggling student, I would also consider Teaching Textbooks (which was on my short list, but vetoed by my oldest after viewing samples! But different kids respond in different ways.)
  8. Not familiar with the other two, but my kids both loved The Adventure Bible.
  9. Have you looked at Essentials in Writing by Matthew Stephens? That uses video teaching.
  10. PE, health, and other electives went on my kids’ transcripts too. I think overall, you need a good mix for your student. We put so much pressure on high school kids…but they need time to peruse interests too. And they should get credit for it if possible. Some interests may be better listed under activities and that’s okay. I just think we make academics a rat race sometimes. I found I had to purposefully step back and relax sometimes just to breathe! Anyway…electives are not just okay, I think they are important.
  11. I used to create my own so I could have the pages just the way I needed them each year. I did "yearly planning" rather than a strict daily plan. I did estimate about how much time I expected things to take (so that I could come up with a reasonable amount of work for the year), but for daily work, I just jotted down what we did rather than following a pre-set plan. That allowed me the flexibility to move faster or slow, to spend more time on difficult things, to follow rabbit trails my kids were interested in, to go on field trips or nature walks instead of some or all subjects for the day, etc... I really loved that flexibility, especially in the elementary years. Have fun teaching your little ones!
  12. I like but don't love my current set-up! I have two layers. For the bottom I use a Therapeutica travel pillow upside down. When you flip it, the back is a trapezoid shape rather than straight up and down, so there is room for the shoulder. I find I like that better than the curve like Eli & Elm style pillows because I tend to have my lower arm straight out instead of down by my body, and the curved shape doesn't allow for that. The top layer is stacked foam pieces that I can no longer find. It's not memory foam--it's just regular, really soft foam (softer than seat cushion foam) that used to be a 3/4" or 1" mattress topper and I cut it into squares. It takes 5 to get the inch or so of height I need out of them. I've tried other options for the top, but I can't do memory foam. The "rebound" of memory foam pushes against my jaw and gives me TMJ pain. Pillows with various material that shifts (down, down alternative etc...) tend to shift too much as I sleep and I end up with neck cricks or TMJ. For the bottom, I really love the angled shape that allows my shoulder room. It's just a little firm. Memory foam doesn't work for me on the bottom either--I find it pushes against my shoulder and gives me shoulder pain, or I find it compresses gradually throughout the night. I feel ridiculous like the princess and the pea!
  13. What do you use for a bottom pillow? I have one I like but don't love. I complained a bit about their ads to them. They could have avoided wasting a pillow and me being out 20 bucks with clearer info on their site!
  14. I tried it. The comfort isn’t bad but it squishes down to about 3.5” thick, so it doesn’t really fill the shoulder space like it advertises. I need something that’s 5” thick after I lay on it to fill my shoulder space.
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