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A little late but... Baby is here!!

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I havent been on the boards in a while so this is a little late but...


We had our baby boy:) Reginald James was born on August 3rd at 12:02am:) 7 lbs 8.9 oz. He was named after my dad and his dad.


Fast forward to our one month appoinment today and hes now 11 lbs 9 ounces and 22 1/2 inches. We had a really rough recovery but we are doing great now! Excited to start our school year with big sister next week.


We are loving our Reggie!

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Congratulations!! I love his name.


I had a baby in June and never did a baby announcement thread because by the time I got around to getting back on the boards, I figured it was silly to announce my two month old. :lol:


Awwe thank you!!


Im the opposite! I keep remembering I need to send out announcements and such because he still feels so "new." Then I remember, "Oh, hes 5 weeks." :)

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I also have a new baby boy. He was born 4 weeks early on August 8th. He weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces at his one month checkup! So, he is about the size now that yours was when he was born. :-)


Aww congrats to you! So glad to hear your boy is healthy!


Thank you everyone! He has totally stolen mommys heart!

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