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We might have found a new home

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What state do you live in? Would snow be a problem on the drive? I'm so happy for you, it has read like you are living in a nightmare. Get the heck out of Dodge, it looks awesome!


Snow shouldn't be an issue. We don't get a lot here, and when we do it doesn't stick around long. At worst, chains should do it.

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Good for you! We have issues with our .... neighbors. (Snakes coming into the house, mice, coyotes, racoons eating our chickens, rural water going out at random times, but we can generally shoot our annoying neighbors. You probably shouldn't;))


The house looks lovely. I hope you get it. Luck!

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We will probably do a deed in lieu of foreclosure for our current home. We lost approximately $95,000 of value since we last had an appraisal done. Between that and the lead disclosure, I can't imagine we'd be able to sell it.


Our big hurdle is coming up with the $3000 of move-in costs in the next month or so. Between starting up DH's business, paying for the vandalism on our car, putting new floors into our current house, medical bills (we have no insurance), etc., our savings is wiped out.

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We have 36 registered sex offenders less than a mile of our current house with the closest two being only ONE block away (one of them is a block south of us and the other is a block east of us).


The house we are hoping to rent has 5, with the closest one being half a mile away. You have to turn down four different streets to get there.


Yeah, I think it would feel a tad bit safer.

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