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  1. No. My mom listened to classical music and that makes me twitchy.
  2. Make sure you have quarters. Several of the toll booths are unmanned so you have to have the exact amount to toss in the basket.
  3. Ours is next year. I'm thinking of throwing a big cookout with all our friends.
  4. First, what exactly am I looking for? The invite says, " Attire is business-casual; blazers and button downs are suitable for men and cocktail party attire for the ladies." Second, this needs to be under $50. Third, this event is the 12th. Fourth, I have no clue what size I need as I've lost a lot of weight. So, hit me with your knowledge. Thanks!
  5. This is opposite for me. I have to eat my carbs earlier in the day. If I have carbs at dinner then I usually will either stay the same or gain when I weigh the next morning.
  6. ashfern


    Another print/cursive hybrid here.
  7. We go out to eat at lunch because it's cheaper. We also have a buffet that all of the kids like (small miracle). We don't go out to the movies often and usually it's just the older two kids. We don't get popcorn or drinks at the theater. My mom will take the kids to the movies and I think she buys them popcorn. She takes them to the movies that I don't want to see. :lol:
  8. My husband and I went out to a pub/restaurant on a date. The music was so loud that we couldn't have a conversation. I had to take a phone call and went outside where the music was also blaring. I had to walk a couple of store fronts away to try to have my conversation. On the menu they had this "cute" thing about how the music was the way they liked it and if you thought it was too loud then too bad. We've ever been back. It's a new chain near us and I've seen several open up. The food was really good but the music was ridiculously loud.
  9. Our missionaries like to stop by to use the restroom and get water in the summer. :lol: They know that we're home most of the time and the kids love talking to them.
  10. My kids are different ages but we went from a mini-van seating 7 to a passenger van seating 12. The big deciding factor for us was the fact that the two oldest are taller than me. It was getting very cramped in the 3rd row with the 7, 10, & 13 yo girls. Plus, they were constantly fighting because there was no room. Now we have them all spread out in the big van. Now we can take one vehicle when the grandparents visit.
  11. My 13 yo DD and i saw it last week and thought it was creepy & dumb. Nobody at our football party liked it.
  12. Great info! I'm currently wearing sports bras. Once I lose the rest of this weight, I'll get real bras again.
  13. We go to a friends house. I'm bringing two desserts this year. He always has tons of junky food. I'm watching for the commercials this year.
  14. My kids do karate. They've learned bo staff, bokken sword, nunchucks, kamas, escrima sticks. I think that's all of the weapons. It depends on your studio. Some places don't do any so ask. Also, at our school they don't start weapons until they get to a certain level.
  15. Haven't read the other replies. I did give up caffeine several times. If you drink a lot of caffeine I would NOT go cold turkey. One of the times I gave up caffeine I weaned myself off of it. I was drinking 4 diet sodas a day. I went to 3 for a couple of days, then 2 for a couple of days, then 1 per day, and then 1 every other day, and then none. The caffeine withdrawl headache wasn't as bad. The key is to have an alternative drink to replace your caffeine. So, if you do coffee or tea every morning drink decaf versions. If you like the feel of the soda bubbles get seltzer water (flavored if you need it) to drink. I find that the headache is worse on the 2nd-3rd day and then it's fine. You can do it!!
  16. I follow Erin Brokovich on FB so I've known about the Flint issue for awhile. Like others said it's not the only place having water quality problems. Palin is in the news because she endorsed a candidate for president.
  17. My first had it. He was gaining weight like crazy because he nursed all the time. The ped didn't really believe me that there was a problem until he projectile vomited while she was in the room. I had to go off all dairy and he was on meds for a little bit. Keeping him upright helped a little bit. I was given "permission" to let him sleep on his stomach.
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