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  1. How does your CC group do childcare/who pays/etc? I think the policy of CC is that only children who are breastfeeding are allowed to be in the classroom with mom, but I've heard that some communities are more lax. How is it done in your community? If childcare (nursery) is provided, who pays for it and how do you pay? Do you pay up front for the entire year? Do you pay x amount per kid to the nursery worker? etc....
  2. There's this 3rd grader kid who is in my child's CC Essentials class who sits in there with his mother and 4th grade sister. To us moms and to the tutor, it looks as though the mother is trying to get him in for a free class because he sits AT THE TABLE with all of us (even though we could REALLY use the additional room that his absence would allow). He participates way too much to be "just in there because he's sitting with his mother" and "can't go anywhere else". He's always piping up and interrupting and he's getting on my and everyone's last nerve. When the tutor calls on one of the student's to answer a question, he OFTEN raises his hand and sometimes just blabs out an answer (rarely accurate, but still answers and interrupts). It wouldn't be so annoying but I pay around $500 for my kid to be in the class as do all the other moms. It makes for a very awkward situation. The tutor tries to ignore him but the mother just allows it all. Any suggestions? Is this even allowed by CC? Mini-Resentment Budding, Crispy
  3. Pilgrim's Progress (Bunyan) David Copperfield (Dickens) Bleak House (Dickens) Democracy in America (De Tocqueville) Shadow of the Almighty (Elliot)
  4. Anyone losing with new Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale/Smartpoint/Oprah system? Thoughts?
  5. Thank you, ALL ! Based on all this you've shared, I think I'll let my son charge $4 since most of my buyers are friends of ours
  6. At the request of many friends who want to purchase our eggs, my son wants to start selling them. I don't know what to charge. I hear eggs are expensive nowadays in the stores, but I don't know what they sell for as I don't buy eggs/don't pay attention to that section. We have 22 hens and they free range all day (dawn to dusk) on our 11 acres. They are fed all natural feed (which they don't eat a heap of as they get a great deal of their nutrition from the yard/bugs/etc.). -- All this to say that they eat ALL natural. We put NO chemicals on our yard and we routinely feed them scraps from our all natural veggie garden. Eggs are mostly large with a few medium in size. My flock is comprised of large breed layers (Rhode Island Red, Delaware, Ancona, Barred Rock, etc.) What would you be a reasonable price to ask for a dozen of such free range eggs?
  7. Sounds like my 9 year old. My son is into all those things you listed, but he's also newly into: worm composting, growing things (vegetable gardening), and rock polishing. We subscribed to and which he enjoys. Have you considered 4-H or BoyScouts? (we do neither, but these groups seem to keep a kid busy). Archery? Maybe start him on oboe where he gets to make reeds? Just throwing it ALL out there, aren't I ? :-) What about tinkering with instruments? fixing them? refurbishing them?
  8. A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis Liberating Losses (can't recall the author), but this book really helped a friend of mine who found the death of her spouse a relief after years of being in a bad/abusive (emotionally) relationship with him.
  9. This is sure to clear up ANY confusion ............................................... (lol!)
  10. some encouragement on the BF issue... I had severe pre-eclampsia also and had to remain in the hospital for a week after delivery to get it down, but we kept at nursing (I had to pump some in the hospital during the 4 days I was in the hospital and he was given formula during that time) but we ended up enjoying a successful nursing career. It took a bit longer for my milk to come in and for my supply to keep up -- for the first 3 months I wondered where his next meal was coming from as I always seemed empty/certainly no fullness. (He was my first child so my breasts were new to this). But, after about 3 months, we took off. I delivered him at 35 weeks since they had to take him early for BP issue. He weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz at birth. By 6 months he was in the 97% percentile for weight, so he got plenty of "groceries" (he was exclusively breastfed all that time except for the time I was in hospital for BP). Praying for all of these needs. Keep us posted!
  11. I'm considering getting a Microsoft Lumia 950 Smartphone. Anyone used Microsoft (formerly Nokia) Lumia Smartphones? Please share your experience. Thanks!
  12. Marital relations and exercising on Cycle Day 2 and 3. I have to take Ibuprofen on these two days for cramps, and it's been this way (having to take meds) for the 28 years Auntie has been paying me visits. But, mine are always exactly 28 days apart so at least I know when she'll drop in.
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