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  1. Is anyone's husband a commercial airline pilot? What does that look like for him? Such as time away from home, stress level, happiness with job, etc What does that look like for your family? DH is currently in law enforcement and we are possibly looking at a career change. DH has always been interested in flying but we never had the time or the money at the time for him to pursue getting a license. Any information or advice you could give me would be great! Thanks!
  2. I would love an invite. I am struggling with parenting my 17yo as she is nearing adulthood.
  3. How have you made milestone birthdays extra special? My dd is turning 16 soon and I would really like to make this day special for her. She isn't getting a car, she doesn't ever ask for much (even though she'd like to), and there have been previous birthdays where money has been very tight. So this year I would really like to go all out-within reason. ?
  4. Do you guys ever play games at these dinners? Could you suggest a game of pictionary? Is your mom or MIL going to be there? Have you given her a Mother's Day gift yet? Or could you say her other gift just came in the mail and have her open it in front of everyone? Maybe a 3 picture frame with your 2 DD's in it and then the third one could have an ultrasound picture or a piece of paper with grandkid #3 coming December 2018 or something like that. Congratulations!
  5. What is your favorite go-to absolute best chocolate chip cookie recipe? I have been a die-hard Nestle Tollhouse recipe baker for years now, but I really feel like there are much better recipes out there. I see so many recipes online, but would love a personal experience. I love a soft cookie, maybe slightly crispy on the edges, maybe not. Help me out! Thanks!
  6. What about Glacier NP and then up to Banff, Canada? We went to both last summer and it was probably the two most beautiful places we have ever been.
  7. DH and I are going to Seattle this week. Is there anything we must do, see, eat? We are going to all of the typical space needle, gas works park, pike place, kerry park, Mount Rainier, etc. Any locals or frequent travelers have any other suggestions? Is the crab pot as bad a reviews make it seem? We are from a very land locked state, so our best seafood is Red Lobster. What about Salty's on Alki Beach? We thought about brunch, but wasn't sure if it was really worth the money. Thank you!
  8. Check out: A Slob Comes Clean She has a website and podcasts and has honestly changed my life when it comes to cleaning my house, keeping it clean and the feelings I have with all of it.
  9. DH and I are going away the end of January. We missed the southwest sale just before Thanksgiving. Will there be another one around Christmas/New Years? Tickets are about $15 more each way than they were during the sale. And I'd hate to pay that price if I don't have to. They do have a price guarantee, but for the lowest fares, you only get points and we don't fly enough to make that worth it. Thank you!
  10. Parenthood The Fosters Switched at Birth Greys Anatomy
  11. My daughter is barely 5'1" and drives my 2014 Ford Escape. My 5'10" husband drives it too. I love it. It has back-up camera and is easy to get into and drive.
  12. My girls have bracelets for the activities that they love. If you go to amazon and search dance infinity bracelet there are a lot of cute options.
  13. Yes. The bedroom has 2 windows and the bathroom has one.
  14. We have an older house- ranch with a basement-that has 4 bedrooms that are all about the same size. Three on the main level and one in the basement. No master bedroom, no master bath. One bathroom upstairs, one bathrooom downstairs. Both the same size. Small-about 6x8-very old and outdated. On one side of the basement bathroom is the bedroom, on the other side is a very large laundry room 10x12. (full size closet, cabinets, counters, room for freezer-but again, old. We are considering remodeling because both bathrooms need serious work. We have a few options and I would love to know what e
  15. I am so sorry. I totally get it. My dad is very stubborn too. In January he woke up 3 nights with "heartburn" the 4th night his "heartburn" was so bad he couldn't take it, and thats when his throat and arm started to hurt. His wife finally forced him to go to the ER after taking his blood pressure that was off the charts. Long story short, 2 days later he had quadruple bypass surgery. The doctors said that if he had not come in he would have died within 48 hours from a massive heart attack. And even now, he still thinks everyone over reacted and that its not that big of a deal.
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