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  1. I have looked at this thread from time to time, but have not been able to read every post. I agree with this above the most. Get an alarm system, change the code frequently and change it again after mil has it after she has used it for whatever purpose. I would also get someone to check out the house for hidden video cameras etc. There has to be some company that can snoop for those kinds of things. It is my understanding that that is the main objection to step gf not having access to the house when you are not there. Never let him in not saying that. But check and make sure this hasn't already been done. If you or someone else finds a camera theres your proof. Don't touch it, call cops and let them get fingerprints. Problem solved unless mil has a heavy case of denial and dh and mil are just looney.
  2. I just wanted to say that I am convinced that I could be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I have 5 under the age of 9, three of whom have birth defects that require multiple surgeries, one on the spectrum for autism and one that is convinced her goal in life is to be a human tornado. I swear I turned around and she had a box of noodles early and then I blinked and chased after her to find her seconds later in the kitchen trying to cut her hair with scissors (safety scissors *pat myself on the back*) and then I found the box of noodles dumped out in ds1's bed right before I go to lay him down. How does she do that?? I have done everything you listed. I have had a pediatrician tell me to just put dd6 in public school because they will diagnose her. Please feel free to message me if you would like to talk since our situations are so similar.
  3. I just wanted to leave you this verse- Jeremiah 10:2. I hope you see it! I posted something similar to this question on what would be considered a forum that was more "Christian" leaning and I still received all sorts of answers similar to what you did here. I think there is a way to cover and give knowledge about other belief systems without "studying it". Personally, I found the coloring pages of the pagan gods to be a bit too much for me in SOTW 1. That is silly I am sure for some. This year they are doing VP's New Testament Greek and Rome and I wish they would cover that part a little less and I would if I were teaching it, but they are doing the self paced this year. I wont ramble on, but I just wanted to encourage you that I am also trying to find a balance on how to give them knowledge of these things, but not going as far to study it or immerse them in it. I definitely agree with waiting until they are older.
  4. We love the Veritas Self Paced history. It saved my sanity as well. I just wasn't getting to history even though it was my favorite subject. I was busy doing the 3R's and chasing after the younger siblings. Veritas' history for 2nd-6th could actually be used for any of those years. For example, you could use 3rd grade with a 5th grader. It all depends on what year you want to study. You could order it and do it on your own. If you would rather have them all do it online and wanted them all studying the middle ages just have them all doing grade 4. There is a level 1 reader list and a level 2 reader list for each grade. The online program is expensive but worth it. It goes on sale for $100 off a couple times a year. Last year it was in March. My dd and ds share the comp and watch it together although each child is supposed to have their own. We don't have to report grades, so it doesn't really matter if I don't have separate grades for both. It takes no longer than around 30 minutes to do a lesson.
  5. Here is what I have so far- Math- Saxon 6/5 Language Arts- Abeka Language B Handwriting- a cursive workbook that hasn't been picked yet. Vocabulary from Classical Roots A Spelling- This one is a natural speller so I haven't decided if I'm going to use a curriculum or not. If I do, either Abeka or I will pull from How to Teach Spelling. History- Early American literature based that I'm piecing together myself. Literature-books that haven't been picked yet. Writing- Writing and Rhetoric Foreign Language- Hebrew Science- Whatever Apologia text she chooses. She may still be on Land Animals since I haven't ordered it yet for this year. Oops. Bible- Missionaries, memory verses, and still thinking..
  6. Language Arts- Phonics Pathways Abeka's Language 1 workbook Readers Handwriting-HWOT Math-Meet the Math Facts, a clock, money and History- Bedes US history Bible- Old Testament Science- a little of everything
  7. Hmm...when I'm outside, I put a sandwich bag or plastic wrap over my drink because I don't want bugs or crap from trees falling in it. I also always squeeze some toothpaste out of the tube before I use it because I can't think of someone else rubbing their brush against it before me. Even if it's my kids *gasp* I also can't eat out of a box of cereal or a bag of chips if I know someone has stuck their hands on there instead of pouring some out into a bowl.
  8. $1050 wouldn't even cover our groceries for the month! We are a family of 7 and live off of about $500 a month for groceries :/.
  9. If you have used it what we're your thoughts? Did you continue to use it through high school? My oldest is a couple years away, but what we are doing now is based on her starting Omnibus in 7th. I thought I should start looking at it more in depth. We would just be doing it on our own and not using their online courses.
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