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  1. Thanks for the clarification re: him being infallible when interpreting doctrine. That is what I understood but didn't say very well. I do wonder if there will be a shift or split coming (not immediately but are the seeds being sown?), similar to what is going on in various Protestant denominations.
  2. I had wondered about that as I have seen statements over the past few years and was surprised because I thought the Pope was supposedly the infallible leader of the (Western) Catholic church? Protestant churches having dust-ups over leadership doesn't seem that strange or out-of-the norm to me; unusual maybe but it does happen. But Catholics? I had thought (at least in my younger years) they toed the line for the Pope.
  3. The article indicated it was likely this megachurch will be in the separate conservative branch, if and when it happens. So I guess that will be one big moneymaker in the group. https://religionnews.com/2021/04/26/prominent-atlanta-area-church-leaves-united-methodist-church-over-pastors-reassignment/
  4. The article said he had been there since 2016 as pastor. I don't know if he was there prior to that (in some other position), but I do know it has been a megachurch for about 20 years, if not more. Megachurches, no matter the denomination, seem to be a whole 'nother thing. I am not sure how they typically fit into their hierarchical structures....
  5. I recently read about this upcoming split (vote to be next year) because a large/megachurch in a major metro area just decided to disaffiliate with the main Methodist group. They say that it's because their pastor was told to reassign without warning (to a position on the race and reconciliation group), but the pastor doesn't want to leave his current position (in it since 2016), so he and this huge church are just breaking away. To me, it seems like there may be more there than grumpiness over a reassignment so I will be interested to see if they join the breakaway group once it is formed ("n
  6. And my Dutch way is different from the video (probably because it's more of a Belgian/Flemish version...?)
  7. Now that I am learning about Salisbury, I really need to know how you pronounce Gouda. I say: hoe-dah (similar to/like the Dutch pronunciation). Honestly, if I ask for it, most folks look at me like I have 2 heads, seem confused, and eventually ask me if I want goo-duh (or sometimes go-dah). 😄
  8. I'm like the dude in the long-sleeved green jacket. Lmao.
  9. I just have to echo almost every word of this except I was brought up in SBC traditon and also now consider myself agnostic. Watching from the outside, so to speak, I will echo the disappointment the OP mentioned. In fact, I will go even further to say I watch with horror (and am leaning more to an atheist viewpoint the more I see of mankind). My main reason for commenting is that I think there's an entwined issue of Christianity (and the paths/actions being discussed in this particular thread/the trend of Christian Nationalism) and homeschooling. I think it's another factor because it do
  10. I get that. I agree as a cautious theory and at some point the science will either confirm or deny it. I am saying I think early confirmation bias in general is stronger with this vaccine vs. other ones.
  11. Bolding is mine. Maybe there was not initially (much) confirmation bias, but there certainly is more of it now. You yourself are saying you have confirmation bias at this point... ? With knowledge that this was a once-in-a-lifetime virus, as well as knowledge that there was a global rush to produce a vaccine, I think people in general were/are being hypervigilant to *anything* that may be/seem/feel different for weeks after being vaccinated. Millions of people get flu vaccinations every year (and they are slightly different every time), but there is never this level of scrutiny of "I
  12. From The Wall Street Journal: Covid-19 Vaccinations of Pregnant Mothers Also Protect Newborns, Studies Suggest One study also found antibodies in the breast milk of vaccinated mothers https://www.wsj.com/articles/covid-19-vaccinations-of-pregnant-mothers-also-protect-newborns-studies-suggest-11617183001 "Pregnant women who get the coronavirus vaccine pass their antibodies on to their newborns, recent studies suggest, a promising sign that babies can acquire from their mothers some protection against Covid-19. At least three studies have found that women who received ei
  13. Possibly. I think scientists just don't know yet. The sample size here is pretty small compared to millions of women worldwide who have gotten the vaccine. And, even here, with mostly females posting in the vaccine thread, it seems more have not had abnormal bleeding than have.
  14. From that first article I linked (bolding is mine): "Abnormal periods will also happen by chance after people receive the COVID-19 vaccine. That doesn’t necessarily mean the vaccine caused the abnormal period. They could be related, but it’s too soon to say for sure. “It’s not uncommon for women to experience an atypical cycle over the course of a year,” says Dr. Griffin-Miller. “When millions of menstruating women are receiving the vaccine, the timing could certainly be coincidence.”
  15. Fyi, Eric Feigl-Deng's credentials and background: https://fas.org/expert/eric-feigl-ding/ The article he links in his first post has various sources and addresses the misinformation and conspiracy theories.
  16. https://www.nebraskamed.com/COVID/the-covid-19-vaccines-irregular-periods-and-spike-protein-shedding Some quotes: ----- "Right now, there’s no scientific evidence that suggests COVID-19 vaccines are making periods irregular. “Some women have reported on social media that the period after a COVID-19 vaccine was different, or changed in some way from what they usually expect,” says OB-GYN Jennifer Griffin Miller, MD, MPH. “This was not identified in the clinical trials of the vaccines. There’s also no biological mechanism, based on how the vaccines work, that would explain t
  17. And I want to clarify that while there are those who will operate because they are predators, it is the church/group leadership (often patriarchal) that help perpetuate the abuses by continuing to keep things "in house" and based on the sin/repentance model. They are aware there are ongoing problems, yet they continue on the same path for "fixing" things. So, the leadership and the processes they keep in place are aiding and abetting predators.
  18. I think this behavior (in-house counseling/dealing with it internally as long as the predator asks for forgiveness) also attracts predators, across many denominations and groups. In some cases, you have people who are not really into the religious belief part, but know they have easy access and low/no accountability if they get caught. In those cases, it is easy for them to go through counseling like that, ask for forgiveness/confess to being a sinner/pretend to be contrite, and continue being a predator. Basically, the processes for "accountability" make these groups safe havens/attracti
  19. You are fortunate, then.
  20. I saw that separate post right after I made my post. I updated my post to link to the separate thread.
  21. A long thread by Rachael Denhollander (former gymnast, first woman to publicly accuse Larry Nassar of sexual assaut, and now a lawyer). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachael_Denhollander Eta: Oops. I just saw that there is a separate thread for this...
  22. You also forgot to mention the one where you called me mean. Just fyi.
  23. My last paragraph is not mean. I am asking why EKS wants to specifically quote people, then tell them their definition is incorrect. For what purpose? And now you are doing it too. For what purpose? I wasn't aware the you and EKS are the final arbiters of word definitions. And you are being a condescending arbiter of taste on who and who does not properly follow "classical education" rhetoric. Troll, much? MercyA, no, people are not dog-piling on EKS.
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