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  1. Congrats, Quill! He's fortunate to have you working with him.
  2. Souper Jenny is a local place that has great soups and other healthy foods. It looks like they stopped delivery at the beginning of this month but it does look like they still have a care package you can send if within the delivery zone. Depending on where they are in Brookhaven, they are likely in the zone. You could call and ask. https://www.souperjennyatl.com/shop/care-package-no-flu-for-you-buckhead-pick-up-xabsc If they like coffee to brew at home, you could send them coffee from Land of a Thousand Hills. https://landofathousandhills.com/collections/all For pastri
  3. I loved The Master & Margarita but I am sure I missed a ton of references & info. I do plan to read it again someday. For something different than what has already been suggested, I highly recommend A Dream in Polar Fog by Yuri Rytkheu, a Chukchi writer. For something with a more modern setting, I enjoyed The Dream Life of Sukhanov by Olga Grushin.
  4. I had backed their kickstarter (pre-covid days) for their larger mugs. The mugs arrived after the covid lockdowns, so it was a fun, ironic treat to get them. My ds & I use them tons. He likes them because the handle is big enough for his big hands. (He's 19.) They are very nice quality & hold up well to daily use & dishwashers. (I don't want to own things unless they can go in a dishwasher or washing machine, lol.) I would love to buy some of their plates, but they are so very pricey.
  5. Cthulhu Face Mask: https://www.etsy.com/listing/804899015/cthulhu-face-mask-hp-lovecraft-fan?ref=user_profile&frs=1 Coffee, Books and Oxford Commas Hoodie: https://www.etsy.com/listing/555060746/coffee-books-and-oxford-commas-hoodie?ref=user_profile&frs=1 Wooden desktop organizer (looks like a hedgehog): https://www.etsy.com/listing/235784738/wooden-desktop-organizer-holder-for?ref=user_profile Journal Bandolier // blue green stripes // (a better pencil case, journal pen holder, book strap, pen loop, pencil roll, pen bandolier): https://www.etsy.com/listing/80457845/jour
  6. I have been laughing my head off at some of these items. Calamity Ware has fun stuff. A lot of it is pricey but there are more reasonably priced things too. https://calamityware.com/ Thanks for this thread, Karen. And thanks to everyone who posts. I have found some great gifts thanks to you guys!
  7. Awesome. Thanks! I just found a perfect gift for my sister.
  8. I agree. Everything I've made from there is really tasty. I also really like Clean Food, Dirty Girl. Be forewarned that she swears a lot in her posts & videos. Like Monkey and Me Kitchen, the food is awesome. Those two are the ones I've had the most success with & had the tastiest food. ETA: Another good one I thought of is Connoisseurus Veg. I really like her Aloo Palak recipe.
  9. The National Book Festival (Library of Congress) will be starting on Friday. Online registration is free & very quick (your name & email). The festival information page is here. They have a great line-up of authors, as well as many Q&A sessions with various departments from the Library of Congress. and
  10. The National Book Festival (done by the Library of Congress) starts Friday. Online registration is free. They have an amazing round-up of authors, as well as many Q&A sessions slated with various departments at the Library of Congress. Festival information page is here. Wanted to post here because, if you don't want to pick your own schedule or are interested in a particular theme, they have a couple of themed topics. The theme I want to post here is "Hearing Black Voices". and
  11. There is a link in the thread to read the policy proposal.
  12. I started reading Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color by Andrea J. Ritchie. It was written in 2017 & from the introduction alone, I can tell this book is timely. I was adding it to my GR page & noticed that it is currently free for kindle, which is why I wanted to go ahead & mention it here.
  13. If anyone wants to spin this off into a separate thread, please feel free to do so.
  14. I did add to my previous post that I was pointing it out in a general sense and how I have tried to be aware of my own choices.
  15. There have been some riots and many more instances of protests (largely peaceful). If it was days of only riot coverage that's inaccurate coverage in the media. And it also shows the power of individual words like "riot" and "protest". Even supposedly simple word choices like that can contribute to "othering", skewing the conversation before it even starts, or shutting down the conversation altogether, imo. Please know I am just using the post to point out how even one word choice can have an impact. I say it because I have tried to be much more aware of my own choices.
  16. Fandango is currently streaming some movies for free to spotlight Black cinema. "We believe movies can be a powerful tool for education and have worked with our studio partners to make these movies available to watch for free on FandangoNOW."
  17. Re: mentions of documentaries. I recommend watching Emanuel (about the Charleston church killings that is coming up on five years next week). ‘Emanuel’ documentary about Charleston church shooting now free to stream. (Looks like it will be free through June 16 -- next Tuesday.) This particular documentary's subject matter is especially important to me because Charleston holds a special place in my heart. My sister knew & had worked with Clementa Pinckney, the church's pastor (& a SC state senator) who was murdered that evening. I watched the documentary when it was out in
  18. I will point out that many ACLU branches offer legal observer training, for those who may be looking for volunteer opportunities. “Legal observers act as visible witnesses at demonstrations, rallies and other free speech events, documenting any incidents of police misconduct or violations of constitutional rights,” said Antonio Serrano, organizer for the ACLU of Wyoming. “Legal observers are committed to defending free speech in a way that is as objective as possible so that their documentation can be used as evidence if police misconduct or obstructions to constitutionally protected free
  19. No, haven't read The Warmth of Other Suns. Yet. I intend to. I read some August Wilson last year. I'm not even much of a fan of plays, but I am glad I read them. I really need to update that big list of mine. I've definitely got some stuff I could add.
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