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  1. And I want to clarify that while there are those who will operate because they are predators, it is the church/group leadership (often patriarchal) that help perpetuate the abuses by continuing to keep things "in house" and based on the sin/repentance model. They are aware there are ongoing problems, yet they continue on the same path for "fixing" things. So, the leadership and the processes they keep in place are aiding and abetting predators.
  2. I think this behavior (in-house counseling/dealing with it internally as long as the predator asks for forgiveness) also attracts predators, across many denominations and groups. In some cases, you have people who are not really into the religious belief part, but know they have easy access and low/no accountability if they get caught. In those cases, it is easy for them to go through counseling like that, ask for forgiveness/confess to being a sinner/pretend to be contrite, and continue being a predator. Basically, the processes for "accountability" make these groups safe havens/attractive places for predators.
  3. You are fortunate, then.
  4. I saw that separate post right after I made my post. I updated my post to link to the separate thread.
  5. A long thread by Rachael Denhollander (former gymnast, first woman to publicly accuse Larry Nassar of sexual assaut, and now a lawyer). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachael_Denhollander Eta: Oops. I just saw that there is a separate thread for this...
  6. You also forgot to mention the one where you called me mean. Just fyi.
  7. My last paragraph is not mean. I am asking why EKS wants to specifically quote people, then tell them their definition is incorrect. For what purpose? And now you are doing it too. For what purpose? I wasn't aware the you and EKS are the final arbiters of word definitions. And you are being a condescending arbiter of taste on who and who does not properly follow "classical education" rhetoric. Troll, much? MercyA, no, people are not dog-piling on EKS.
  8. I wish I could believe this. I think there are plenty of good ole boys (and girls) who are perfectly ok with turning a blind eye to him and to help his dad/"famous" family.
  9. Bingo. The "fear" factor was not that he was doing it right then with his wife. The fear factor is that he has or will do this to others. Especially because he's not reading signals of uncomfortableness or he is, doesn't care, and is doing it anyway. Either way files him as a creep in my book and creepy in general. Arguing the semantics is asinine. As Seasider says, you can't control how someone else receives the message that's sent. It's not up to EKS to interpret for everyone else; I am not sure what EKS' intention is other than to hair-split or distract. Which begs the question... why? Why is EKS trying to argue semantics? Derail the conversation? Convince others that JB is not creepy, just someone who made you blush and be embarrassed (insert eyeroll)? What is the purpose?
  10. I watched the video without the sound on. (Fyi, I have never watched them.) Creepy. I definitely had an unpleasant feeling of unease. Gross adult male who doesn't know how to behave in public. And it's not awkwardness or embarrassment on my part, it's unease in that if I worked with him I would always want to be more than arm's length away from him... because he's a creepy adult male who obviously doesn't know social boundaries. (Yes, that's his wife. No, it does not make his actions socially acceptable.) His behaving like that makes me think he would be the type to "brush" (so there's plausible deniability) you a bit in the wrong place, thinking it's ok and/or funny. One of those type of guys. Sleazy.
  11. This judge was literally just appointed to her post: https://www.arwd.uscourts.gov/news/appointment-judge-comstock "The United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas hereby appoints Christy Comstock as United States Magistrate Judge for the Western District of Arkansas with her official duty station being in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The appointment will be for an eight-year term beginning on May 1, 2021." Looks like her previous experience was with a legal firm where "her primary practice is the defense of motor carriers in transportation related litigation." https://www.dri.org/docs/default-source/event-brochures/2019/trucking-law/20190216-speaker-list_2.html
  12. Livid. [Photo removed by moderator]
  13. https://twitter.com/C_Stroop/status/1389338775960969223?s=20
  14. https://twitter.com/WesElyMD/status/1389048534071189512?s=20
  15. Ds stuck w/ plain food (& little of it) yesterday. By late evening, he was starting to feel better (not nauseous anymore). Both dc are feeling fine now.
  16. Dd (22) got her 2nd Moderna on Thursday. She felt a little under the weather on Friday but nothing major. Said she was maybe running at 90% instead of 100%. (She has always been stoic.) Ds (20) got his 2nd Moderna yesterday. He is a bit sore at the injection site. Late last night he said he was feeling slightly nauseated. He slept a bit longer this morning and has continued to complain about feeling slightly nauseous today. He napped a bit this afternoon. I'd say he probably feeling about 70% instead of 100%, based on how he looks and is behaving today.
  17. No. My sister actually took mine with her when she was going. I am sure you could send it with your dh. (The worst they would do is say no, so it's worth sending it with him.)
  18. There's more to the thread...
  19. I am sure this has been mentioned but I'll add it again as a reminder... OfficeMax, Staples, & probably other office stores (in the US) are offering a free laminated copy of your vaccine card. So, once you get both shots (or if you get J&J, just the shot), take your card there, they will do a double-sided copy & laminate the copy. You can carry the copy with you & store the original in a safe place. (I've read not to laminate your original as you might need more info added later if there are booster doses....) Anyway, got my laminated copy today.
  20. Yes, I have done it many times through the years. No, I never felt guilty. (I don't understand the mindset that thinks you should feel guilty in this scenario.) As many others have said, just do it.
  21. It might also be helpful at some point to say that it's ok if you order something & don't like it (taste, texture, whatever), you don't have to eat it (& that it's not considered rude or weird) AND that he can either get something at a drive-through on the way home or have _______ item at home (so he will realize he won't go hungry).
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