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  1. I almost never go to Aldi (it's not very convenient) but I do go out of my way to get their fair trade, organic coffee beans. It's great coffee.
  2. This is what I do too. I also have a couple of hooks (one inside the closet, one on the outside of the closet door) where I hang those items too.
  3. I was just getting to the end of my dental floss and had been looking at getting a refillable container (there are glass and/or metal ones on Amazon). I need to look to see if I can open the plastic container I already have to insert a refill (or if I should get a refillable container at this point).... If your dd is using reusable containers, sending her some chalk markers would be handy. I use them all the time for labeling jars of stuff. Also handy if she takes her own containers for bulk buying and she can write the item and code on the jar. The chalk washes off when you wash the
  4. I've lost some weight. (Did it to lower cholesterol & get rid of pre-diabetes.) Partly by eating better, partly by joining a gym w/ personal trainers. As someone who never exercised (for the most part), this was huge. I am surprised how much I enjoy it (the challenge & the results). Clothes also look better, generally. I consider it an investment in my health, but it's also an investment in my appearance & attitude. Eons ago (when I earned well & had disposable income), I always invested in good hair, good glasses, & good shoes. Those, for me, were things that I wore o
  5. Baby Driver Inception The Dark Knight The Kill Bill movies The Lord of the Rings movies The Harry Potter movies
  6. I want to do Jolabokaflod (Icelandic book flood) for Christmas Eve. Or perhaps New Year's Eve.
  7. Those are so awesome. I love all the things on their website. I could easily gift many of them and just as easily keep many for myself!
  8. Since your ds is a gamer, is there a related sticker or vinyl cling you could get for his car? Seconding the rec for the portable car charger. They are awesome and we have used ours multiple times for various cars. It is more than your $25 limit though. Also, is there a charity that might be of interest to him? Make a donation in his name. I know my ds gives to a charity one of the gamers he follows does; I believe the gamer had a sibling or young relative with cancer and the gaming group set up a charity to help fund sending children to a summer camp. Eta: Ds gives to Tip of th
  9. Found the perfect shirt for my ds: The Four Horsemen of Wholesomeness Every version has Bob Ross & Mr. Rogers. It varies whether you have LeVar Burton, Steve Irwin, &/or Jim Henson to round out the four. Available in various shirt types, a hoodie, or a mug.
  10. A Whole Nother Story by Dr. Cuthbert Soup Humphrey the Hamster books by Betty G. Birney Haffertee Hamster books by Janet & John Perkins (out of print but you can find used copies; these are such nice stories) For your older sons, the Flavia de Luce books by Alan Bradley.
  11. This made me lol. I love that you can get the print on so many things. Would love to get the A-line dress! https://www.redbubble.com/people/benclark/works/9155882-crikey?cat_context=all-stickers&p=sticker&rbs=07daad68-71ef-4615-b0bd-d4a5dfe86af5&searchTerm=crikey
  12. I think if you're looking at etsy, I'd search for people that make custom leather items, especially ones for tools. Check reviews that talk about the workmanship (esp. for custom orders), the quality of the leather, & so on. Then, when you find a couple of options, email them & ask for feedback & pricing. As mentioned already, I would also check locally with a shoe/luggage repair place. If they don't do it, ask if they know of leather workers who might. Same thing with contacting upholsterers or horse tack places... if they don't do it, ask if they know of someone who does.
  13. I think you can use it as an excuse every time & that it sounds perfectly reasonable to say that. Something along the lines of I have to be careful what I eat, otherwise I pay for it type of thing. Nobody can really argue with that & it's something that would ring true (it is true) all the time. No need to worry about overusing it as an excuse (even w/ people w/ whom you have a tense relationship). I think a large part is planning ahead (just like you're doing with this thread) -- things to say, foods to eat or not eat, snacks/food to eat ahead of time or take with you, etc.
  14. Well, the real question is which study did the chiropractor use for the data? 😁 (Currently we have a bow on our tree. It's because this year we're using a set that my dd got from her grandmother. Often, we have no tree topper that we use. I have two beautiful snowmen glass toppers, but both are really too tall to fit properly on top of our tree. And the "tube" on the bottom of each is really too narrow to fit over the top branch. Next year, I'm going to have to see about rigging up a way to tie/clamp/otherwise attaching one based on some comments in this thread.)
  15. Not too long ago, I went to a concert of singer Sarah Aili. I ended up getting a bracelet from her. The cool thing is that the beads on it spell out "My Heart is Listening" in Morse Code. It's pretty & unique, imo. In a newsletter I received from her, she said, " *In your note at purchase, please include the name of the person you're gifting and I'll send along a handwritten note as well!" http://www.sarahaili.com/store
  16. I've been vegetarian for decades & have moved to being mostly vegan (whole foods, plant based, little to no added oils) recently (due to huge cholesterol issues which this style of eating has helped w/ a ton). My favorite places for good-tasting, easy to make recipes: https://cleanfooddirtygirl.com/ https://monkeyandmekitchenadventures.com/ I have tried plenty of recipes from other sites & had varying amounts of success (in producing the recipe, the taste, etc.). The two I linked have consistently given me doable, tasty results. (I actually subscribe to the meal pl
  17. I laughed too. I think my most liked review on GR is one of my most scathing, one-star ones.
  18. For my mom, sometimes drinking a very strong cup of black coffee helps.
  19. If you are creative, you could make some kind of "treasure hunt" to find the gift(s) from Santa, making the process take longer & be more fun but with fewer items total in the end. Make it be cooperative, maybe have a different consumable item with each or some of the clues, then a gift for each at the end or a "big" gift or two that would be shared among them.
  20. For those who like Red Bubble, you might also like Society6. I have bought some duvet covers from them, as well as a t-shirt. society6.com
  21. @Lady Florida., hope your ds is ok now that he's home & the adrenaline rush is over. If he can take something like ibuprofen, he might want some tomorrow. (I had a wreck when I was about his age; the car was pretty mangled but I was ok. But, oh did I hurt the next day or two. At the time, I never really took any medicines, so it never occured to me to take something. In retrospect, it would have been helpful as the stiffness & soreness set in the next day.)
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