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  1. Not to mention people who are unjustly imprisoned, often POC. There have been plenty of mistakes. And, even when there aren't mistakes, the system itself is rooted in racism. So, is "justice" always being served?
  2. I totally agree. But I think for many who don't want to acknowledge racism, it is easy to mentally separate the thoughts. So, I think many say it's sexual violence, but not racism. Or it's physical endowment, but not racism. Or it's a cultural norm, but not racism. They have reflex responses to "rationally" explain their thinking (woman invited it or maybe the guy was a perv; it's just biological "fact"; hey, it's what they [the other] choose in their culture, who am I to judge?) which allows convenient side-stepping of the race issue. Race hatred and white supremacy are so tied into these attitudes, but adding the additional layers lets those who want to ignore the racism do so and then explain away the other parts like I mentioned. It's been happening for ages, and we've got to take the blinders off, and really start addressing the root issue of the problem... which, to a large extent, is racism/white supremacy.
  3. I agree that there are probably a few factors at play here, and I definitely agree that the whole Xtian/purity/sexual sin narrative needs to be a part of the bigger discussion. I'm just afraid that the racism factor is going to be downplayed which, in turn, will perpetuate the cycle of racism because it will be relegated to the back burner. With white supremacy hate crimes on the rise among domestic terror groups (per the FBI), race is a big problem we need to be working on.
  4. I hadn't heard that or seen reporting to that effect. The Korean source I posted on the first page of the thread said it was directly quoting someone who worked at one of the targeted locations and managed to escape. A quote from a victim at one scene with a direct quote about Asians specifically being targeted. In the meantime, people are giving weight to what an actual mass murderer is saying after the fact (where he may be molding his story based on perceived defenses and/or advice from a lawyer or even, perhaps, sympathetic LE who are spreading the killer's message) while ignoring, downplaying, or discounting a vicim's account. Why is the focus (as always) on the white people's versions/explanations vs. those on the receiving end of the violence? It's like white America can't stand to believe or give weight to Asian, or Black, or Native, or _____ victims' voices.
  5. I think the straight-up racism side of this is getting lost in the deflection of the killer having a bad day, being a Xtian, etc. Asians on the scene said he said he was going to kill the Asians. Obviously the main narrative we're seeing in English language reporting is not that. It is a narrative in Asian reporting. Why are we ignoring info provided by actual victims at the scene?
  6. Man who wrote Georgia’s hate crime law says spa shooter could still be charged with one
  7. Various posts that may be of interest here:
  8. For those discussing pegan eating, you may want to check out cookbooks by Dr. Mark Hyman. https://foodthecookbook.com/
  9. I had a horrific case of chicken pox as a kid and there's no way I would ever want shingles. I got the shingrix vaccine in the past year, the doses right at 6 months apart. (Mostly I waited the longer time because my second dose was during a lot of initial covid shutdows.) I am 53. The first dose was fine. The second dose made me feel achy/bad about 6 hours after getting it. I basically felt achy overnight (less than 24 hours total). Normally I have no or extremely mild reactions to vaccines so feeling achy for about 8 to 10 hours was a new one for me. But, so what? Less than a day of discomfort vs. possibly a week, month, or even years of damages that the actual disease can cause. I have known people who have had shingles (including my grandmother), seen the misery they have endured, and know you can end up with long-term adverse problems from shingles themselves (like nerve damage). I am just thrilled and thankful I could get the vaccine. It's 100% worth it to me.
  10. Stacia


    Yes, I've always had vivid dreams (whether dreams or nightmares). Some are long, some have continued (sometimes years later), some revisit things, and sometimes I've had an almost perfect repeat of a dream. There are a few that were so striking that I still remember them clearly, even though they were from years & years ago. All day I've been thinking about all the weirdly specific details from a dream I was having last night.
  11. Try a different one. I took antidepressants/anti-anxiety medicine a few years ago. A couple of weeks into taking it, I realized I was having suicidal thoughts. I knew that was not normal. (It's a weird, but true, possible side-effect of many antidepressants.) My doctor pulled me off that one & I started a different one. Night & day difference for me. The second one helped me so much, helped me get to a much better place, & I was eventually able to wean off of them about a year later. As Pam said, sometimes it takes a bit to find the correct one for each person. Know that if it's not working, it's worth working with a doctor to try others until the right one is found.
  12. Yeah, I ordered some too for my sister and her husband. I know they will love them.
  13. For trees, wrap them around the trunks. Lay them in rows on the ground? Or in some shape/design? (When I had lighted reindeer, I would put strands of green lights on the ground under them so it looked like grass.) Maybe instead of hanging them horizontally across the gutters, clip them at one end and let them hang down vertically? You could also use some inside on banisters, across the mantel, across the tops of bathroom mirrors, etc. Eta: This might work with your Japanese Maple... https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.pinimg.com%2Foriginals%2F42%2F73%2F78%2F4273783a374c0412b908cc0c1471dd59.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2F24347654220125435%2F&docid=kgglTqSXNoYkVM&tbnid=XwW9mDoSsAZpiM&vet=1&source=sh%2Fx%2Fim Google icicle light ideas and click on images to see things. There are some pretty ideas for decks and indoor rooms.
  14. Not if they're cat owners. No siree. See plenty enough irl. Lol.
  15. This reminds me of another deck I heard of earlier this year: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/queeng-playing-cards#/ Basically a regular playing deck (so you can use them with any games you play using regular decks), but it levels the gender playing field (rather than kings being of more value than queens). More info at the link....
  16. Congrats, Quill! He's fortunate to have you working with him.
  17. Souper Jenny is a local place that has great soups and other healthy foods. It looks like they stopped delivery at the beginning of this month but it does look like they still have a care package you can send if within the delivery zone. Depending on where they are in Brookhaven, they are likely in the zone. You could call and ask. https://www.souperjennyatl.com/shop/care-package-no-flu-for-you-buckhead-pick-up-xabsc If they like coffee to brew at home, you could send them coffee from Land of a Thousand Hills. https://landofathousandhills.com/collections/all For pastries, we love Douceur de France. Not sure if they have delivery or not. I would call them and ask. Literally everything they have is fabulous, pastries, cakes, soups, quiches, breads, etc. http://www.douceurdefrance.com/ If they like pizza, Avellino's is good. https://avellinospizzeria.com/avellinosbrookhaven/ As already mentioned, The Flying Biscuit is wildly popular. For ramen, see if Ton Ton will deliver to them. https://www.tontonramen.com/ And you could go full southern and see if Waffle House delivers! 😉 Hope they all improve quickly. Not sure if all of these will fall in the delivery area, but it's worth asking. Also, if any of these places don't, ask them for recommendations of local places that would.
  18. I loved The Master & Margarita but I am sure I missed a ton of references & info. I do plan to read it again someday. For something different than what has already been suggested, I highly recommend A Dream in Polar Fog by Yuri Rytkheu, a Chukchi writer. For something with a more modern setting, I enjoyed The Dream Life of Sukhanov by Olga Grushin.
  19. I had backed their kickstarter (pre-covid days) for their larger mugs. The mugs arrived after the covid lockdowns, so it was a fun, ironic treat to get them. My ds & I use them tons. He likes them because the handle is big enough for his big hands. (He's 19.) They are very nice quality & hold up well to daily use & dishwashers. (I don't want to own things unless they can go in a dishwasher or washing machine, lol.) I would love to buy some of their plates, but they are so very pricey.
  20. Cthulhu Face Mask: https://www.etsy.com/listing/804899015/cthulhu-face-mask-hp-lovecraft-fan?ref=user_profile&frs=1 Coffee, Books and Oxford Commas Hoodie: https://www.etsy.com/listing/555060746/coffee-books-and-oxford-commas-hoodie?ref=user_profile&frs=1 Wooden desktop organizer (looks like a hedgehog): https://www.etsy.com/listing/235784738/wooden-desktop-organizer-holder-for?ref=user_profile Journal Bandolier // blue green stripes // (a better pencil case, journal pen holder, book strap, pen loop, pencil roll, pen bandolier): https://www.etsy.com/listing/80457845/journal-bandolier-blue-green-stripes-a?ref=shop_home_active_32
  21. I have been laughing my head off at some of these items. Calamity Ware has fun stuff. A lot of it is pricey but there are more reasonably priced things too. https://calamityware.com/ Thanks for this thread, Karen. And thanks to everyone who posts. I have found some great gifts thanks to you guys!
  22. Awesome. Thanks! I just found a perfect gift for my sister.
  23. I agree. Everything I've made from there is really tasty. I also really like Clean Food, Dirty Girl. Be forewarned that she swears a lot in her posts & videos. Like Monkey and Me Kitchen, the food is awesome. Those two are the ones I've had the most success with & had the tastiest food. ETA: Another good one I thought of is Connoisseurus Veg. I really like her Aloo Palak recipe.
  24. The National Book Festival (Library of Congress) will be starting on Friday. Online registration is free & very quick (your name & email). The festival information page is here. They have a great line-up of authors, as well as many Q&A sessions with various departments from the Library of Congress. and
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