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  1. This judge was literally just appointed to her post: https://www.arwd.uscourts.gov/news/appointment-judge-comstock "The United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas hereby appoints Christy Comstock as United States Magistrate Judge for the Western District of Arkansas with her official duty station being in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The appointment will be for an eight-year term beginning on May 1, 2021." Looks like her previous experience was with a legal firm where "her primary practice is the defense of motor carriers in transportation related litigation."
  2. Livid. [Photo removed by moderator]
  3. https://twitter.com/C_Stroop/status/1389338775960969223?s=20
  4. https://twitter.com/WesElyMD/status/1389048534071189512?s=20
  5. Ds stuck w/ plain food (& little of it) yesterday. By late evening, he was starting to feel better (not nauseous anymore). Both dc are feeling fine now.
  6. Dd (22) got her 2nd Moderna on Thursday. She felt a little under the weather on Friday but nothing major. Said she was maybe running at 90% instead of 100%. (She has always been stoic.) Ds (20) got his 2nd Moderna yesterday. He is a bit sore at the injection site. Late last night he said he was feeling slightly nauseated. He slept a bit longer this morning and has continued to complain about feeling slightly nauseous today. He napped a bit this afternoon. I'd say he probably feeling about 70% instead of 100%, based on how he looks and is behaving today.
  7. No. My sister actually took mine with her when she was going. I am sure you could send it with your dh. (The worst they would do is say no, so it's worth sending it with him.)
  8. I am sure this has been mentioned but I'll add it again as a reminder... OfficeMax, Staples, & probably other office stores (in the US) are offering a free laminated copy of your vaccine card. So, once you get both shots (or if you get J&J, just the shot), take your card there, they will do a double-sided copy & laminate the copy. You can carry the copy with you & store the original in a safe place. (I've read not to laminate your original as you might need more info added later if there are booster doses....) Anyway, got my laminated copy today
  9. Yes, I have done it many times through the years. No, I never felt guilty. (I don't understand the mindset that thinks you should feel guilty in this scenario.) As many others have said, just do it.
  10. It might also be helpful at some point to say that it's ok if you order something & don't like it (taste, texture, whatever), you don't have to eat it (& that it's not considered rude or weird) AND that he can either get something at a drive-through on the way home or have _______ item at home (so he will realize he won't go hungry).
  11. I've read some of the responses but not all of them. I'm not even here on the main forum very often. But, every time I keep seeing this topic pop to the top of the list... People who don't apologize. I think, "I divorced him." 🤣
  12. Dc (20 & 22) both got their first Moderna doses yesterday. Other than sore arms today, they're fine. My sister & her dh (both in their 40s) got their second Moderna doses a few days ago. Apparently my bil felt under the weather the day after, but was fine by the next day. My sister said she didn't have any really noticeable issues. Neither had issues after the first shots other than sore arms. (My sister has asthma & some weird immune system issues; my bil has some pretty serious food allergies.) ----------- To recap from an earlier post a few pages back: My dad
  13. (Bolding is mine.) I'm not sure I see how many people, especially Black people & other PoC, can avoid this. The racism is baked into the system & it has been from the beginning. (There's tons of literature on this out there if you want to research it. As well as plenty of examples on the news & in our daily lives.) Literally, Black people & other PoC are arrested, accused, & sometimes murdered for absolutely no reason at all. Other than they were... outside? Having skin that was a different color? Breathing? How do you "avoid" being murdered by a bad cop when you aren'
  14. People fall into addiction for so many reasons. Some people end up addicted because they have suffered an injury & have a hard time functioning with the pain. Some people end up addicted because they turned to something to deal with terrible emotional pain or trauma. Etc. Many times, though, a person is literally just trying to get through a day, or an hour, or a minute, & they are addicted before they realize they have gone down that path. It's easy to be an armchair quarterback for judging it or seeing it in hindsight, but it's not usually so easy to recognize it
  15. It not only prevents accountability & change, it allows it to flourish. And it flourishes in an environment largely built on racism & sexism.
  16. I'll stop too. But you can't forget Pulp Fiction.
  17. Why do you think GF was being stupid? (That's what I'm inferring from your statement.) What if he did not know that it was counterfeit? What if he wasn't as aware of things because he was under the influence? Was he under the influence because of an addiction? Is addiction a choice? Does being addicted to something make you stupid? Perhaps being under the influence of something or being high means you need help rather than being judged stupid?
  18. Because in all those situations, those on the side of the police (or whoever is committing the violence in cases like this) come up with reasons why it was "justified". There's *always* a justification given. Not that they make sense, not that they are legit, not that it is ok to have responded with such force when the situation did not warrant it. I think part of that is driven by our litigious society. A CYA mentality. Even if it was a mistake or a trigger-happy sociopath high on power, the attitude is often to "justify" things; justification is easier if the victim is seen as not innocent.
  19. Breonna Taylor might too.... Charles Kinsey Tamir Rice This list could get very long.
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