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  1. I am sure this has been mentioned but I'll add it again as a reminder... OfficeMax, Staples, & probably other office stores (in the US) are offering a free laminated copy of your vaccine card. So, once you get both shots (or if you get J&J, just the shot), take your card there, they will do a double-sided copy & laminate the copy. You can carry the copy with you & store the original in a safe place. (I've read not to laminate your original as you might need more info added later if there are booster doses....) Anyway, got my laminated copy today.
  2. Yes, I have done it many times through the years. No, I never felt guilty. (I don't understand the mindset that thinks you should feel guilty in this scenario.) As many others have said, just do it.
  3. It might also be helpful at some point to say that it's ok if you order something & don't like it (taste, texture, whatever), you don't have to eat it (& that it's not considered rude or weird) AND that he can either get something at a drive-through on the way home or have _______ item at home (so he will realize he won't go hungry).
  4. I've read some of the responses but not all of them. I'm not even here on the main forum very often. But, every time I keep seeing this topic pop to the top of the list... People who don't apologize. I think, "I divorced him." 🤣
  5. Dc (20 & 22) both got their first Moderna doses yesterday. Other than sore arms today, they're fine. My sister & her dh (both in their 40s) got their second Moderna doses a few days ago. Apparently my bil felt under the weather the day after, but was fine by the next day. My sister said she didn't have any really noticeable issues. Neither had issues after the first shots other than sore arms. (My sister has asthma & some weird immune system issues; my bil has some pretty serious food allergies.) ----------- To recap from an earlier post a few pages back: My dad (70s) & I (50s) both got Moderna. Both of us had sore arms after the first shot. After the second shot, we both had a dull headache the second day. I was also sort-of sore/achy the second day but it could have been the shot & it could have been the fact that the previous day (after getting home from the shot) I did a ton of work around the house & crawled around in the attic numerous times. Regardless, I listened to some entertaining podcasts & slowly puttered around working in the yard & garage the second day. I was wiped out by 9pm (which is early for me because I'm a night owl), but fine by the next day. My mom (70s) has gotten both does of Pfizer. She has asthma, two types of cancer, & is currently undergoing chemo for the second time. (She was having chemo while getting both doses of the vaccine.) She reported nothing more than a slightly sore spot at the injection site following both doses. ----------- Hope that helps alleviate some of the apprehension that some of you are feeling! And, yes, we did a Krispy Kreme donut run through their drive-through last night! Lol.
  6. (Bolding is mine.) I'm not sure I see how many people, especially Black people & other PoC, can avoid this. The racism is baked into the system & it has been from the beginning. (There's tons of literature on this out there if you want to research it. As well as plenty of examples on the news & in our daily lives.) Literally, Black people & other PoC are arrested, accused, & sometimes murdered for absolutely no reason at all. Other than they were... outside? Having skin that was a different color? Breathing? How do you "avoid" being murdered by a bad cop when you aren't doing anything wrong in the first place? (This also includes how do you avoid being arrested by a bad cop, etc....) Honestly, it's a pretty effed up country we live in if our conversations have to even revolve around *how do we try to behave better so as not to be murdered by rogue cops*. Seriously, wtf? Yep, there's crime out there. Yep, bad things happen. Yep, there is probably some need for police in some format. But maybe, just maybe, our police forces are out of control & that's the real conversation that needs to be happening.
  7. People fall into addiction for so many reasons. Some people end up addicted because they have suffered an injury & have a hard time functioning with the pain. Some people end up addicted because they turned to something to deal with terrible emotional pain or trauma. Etc. Many times, though, a person is literally just trying to get through a day, or an hour, or a minute, & they are addicted before they realize they have gone down that path. It's easy to be an armchair quarterback for judging it or seeing it in hindsight, but it's not usually so easy to recognize it happening to in real time. It's easy to say to avoid it, not always so easy to actually do so. I know you don't think that GF deserved to die. But what if a different guy had passed counterfeit money, possibly not realizing or caring that he was doing so because he was under the influence of prescribed drugs which he had gotten because he had been badly injured in a worksite accident a year ago? Would you consider that person stupid? That his "stupid" addiction actions would be legitimate to call out if & when the cops show up & murder him? That it would be ok to say he was stupid to be an addict & to have put himself into that situation?
  8. It not only prevents accountability & change, it allows it to flourish. And it flourishes in an environment largely built on racism & sexism.
  9. I'll stop too. But you can't forget Pulp Fiction.
  10. Why do you think GF was being stupid? (That's what I'm inferring from your statement.) What if he did not know that it was counterfeit? What if he wasn't as aware of things because he was under the influence? Was he under the influence because of an addiction? Is addiction a choice? Does being addicted to something make you stupid? Perhaps being under the influence of something or being high means you need help rather than being judged stupid?
  11. Because in all those situations, those on the side of the police (or whoever is committing the violence in cases like this) come up with reasons why it was "justified". There's *always* a justification given. Not that they make sense, not that they are legit, not that it is ok to have responded with such force when the situation did not warrant it. I think part of that is driven by our litigious society. A CYA mentality. Even if it was a mistake or a trigger-happy sociopath high on power, the attitude is often to "justify" things; justification is easier if the victim is seen as not innocent. They had drugs or something suspicious delivered in an amazon package. He was waving a gun around. I thought he was in danger. He was acting erratically. She didn't listen to my commands. There's always a "reason" that's rolled out to the public. The statements can be true, half-true, total lies, or a mix. But the reasons almost always include some form of victim-blaming. It makes you have less pity for the victim, makes you think that excessive force might still be a reasonable option, makes it easy to keep the divides we are struggling with as a country in place. Because it makes the victim the "Other" rather than just getting to remain the "Victim". Imo.
  12. Breonna Taylor might too.... Charles Kinsey Tamir Rice This list could get very long.
  13. How long before her divorce is final? Is there someone else you can have help with the sit down & tell your mom to move out in the next two weeks or whatever? A trusted friend? Her lawyer? Basically someone outside the situation to physically (or over zoom) be there to help you stay firm in laying the boundary line to be out by xyz date? I don't think you need to sell the idea of the fun of a senior home. Just list options that she has: hotel (short- or long-term) sister or other relative friend air b&b or other type rental short-term apartment lease senior housing So, there are plenty of options, even if she needs to move to a temporary one while she figures out her longer-term plan. It would be hard to find a place in two weeks, but give her two weeks. She can start looking now & then move to a hotel or air b&b while she continues her search for an actual place to live. Change your locks after she leaves so she can't surprise you by just showing up again. Hugs.
  14. I haven't read all the responses. But, to me, this seems very modern & extremely sensible. I love it. Everyone does everything online. It makes sense to me that there's a wedding website (easy, one location to find all needed info) & that there would be a registry tab. The registry tab can have links to actual registries for physical gifts &/or a donate money button. I honestly think it's a great idea. If you say nothing, going the old school way of making others ask around to find out about a possible registry, I think it would get even harder or possibly more confusing to provide info on where to donate. (Especially as families are sometimes more fractured, some friends may have zero idea of who to contact to ask about a registry, etc....) Some people may send or bring cash, but most people really just want a "pay here" button & it's all done in less than 60 seconds. There's a glut of stuff in the world. I think especially the younger generations know this. They seek less, have more access to finding things anyway, & do take into consideration how goods are made/fair trade/etc. Money, to me, makes the most sense, however the couple wants to use it -- groceries, rent, travel, frivolous things, donations to favorite places, whatever. I say hooray for progress like this!
  15. For me, Sine-Off. Other stuff doesn't seem to work very well for me. I take Sine-Off during pollen season mostly, so on an "as-needed" basis for me, usually a few days a week during particularly bad weeks.
  16. My parents and I have gotten our vaccines (both shots) and are a few weeks out from the second dose now. My dad and I both got Moderna. After the first dose, my upper arm was quite sore for 4-5 days (mostly I noticed if I tried to lay on my side to sleep). My dad had arm soreness for a day or two. After the second dose, I came home and did a lot of physical labor stuff around the house, including an hour or two of literally crawling around in the attic. (Total of about 12 hours constant work.) The next day, I was definitely really sore all over. Whether it was the vaccine or hours of hard work, including crawling, I don't know. I suspect 50/50. I did have an all-day dull headache that I think was a vaccine side-effect. Still, I popped on headphones, listened to podcasts, and did yard and garage work all day. I wasn't moving quickly but was able to putter around just fine for an entire day. I was exhausted by 9pm (I am a night owl so that's early for me) and spent the rest of the evening relaxing and reading. I did take both motrin (for soreness) and Excedrin (for the headache) the second day, but I don't feel like either helped that day. While I still felt a bit residually sore on day three, I really think it was more the physical work than vaccine side-effects at that point. After the second dose, my dad said he also had a mild headache the second day, but didn't feel bad other than being a bit tired. Normally he walks many miles every week, but he was a little afraid to the day after the second shot, just in case he started feeling badly. He did do a short walk that day (about 2 miles) and was fine. My mom got the Pfizer vaccine. She's currently undergoing chemo. Other than being slightly sore at the injection site both times, she said she didn't feel any other effects. Eta: I felt much worse after the second dose of the Shingrix vaccine (last summer) than I did with the second dose of the covid vaccine. Even so, the worst effects of the shingles vaccine lasted about 16 hours, so not even a full day. Eta 2: My dad and I got our shots at a county drive-through site. My mom got hers indoors at a medical facility.
  17. Yep. Because if he had targeted women in general and went to almost any place in the area, mostly his shots would have hit... white women. Population-wise, the odds would be all or mostly white women. He didn't do that. He specifically chose locations that were populated mostly by Asian women.
  18. A tangent to this thread (not necessarily for mass shooter situations, obviously, but for the hateful, racist actions we notice...):
  19. It is sad how very perfect this piece is.
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