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  1. I was thinking either Dueling Banjos or Santa Baby, but I am afraid they would LOVE IT and beg me to blare it constantly.
  2. OHHH, now I know where my former neighbors moved 🤣! Seriously, the noise has been out of control in my neighborhood. Our neighbors had a HORRIBLE dog. And they would let it out at 1 am, 5 am, 11 pm, you name it and it would bark its head off. Every time I went into my yard to go to the car, take out the trash, or I don't know USE my yard it would bark it's head off and throw itself at my fence! For like, a half hour! I spoke to them, I was incredibly nice, and they had "NO IDEA the dog was doing that!" Bull****! This isn't a yip, or 2 minutes of barking! There is NO WAY y
  3. I think you have to be in a mental space where you can handle it. You need mental resources to lose weight and eat better. I don't think it's good to justify being overweight by saying you are too busy or whatever. But, I also think there are times in life where you are just overwhelmed, and simply not GAINING weight is a real accomplishment. This summer I've lost a lot of the weight I've been trying to lose since I had my dd. Part of it was just from anxiety, which isn't healthy. But, part of it was being done homeschooling my dd and finally having some energy to put toward
  4. I really think the key to growing a bumper crop of mint is to hate it, and be actively trying to get rid of it. Maybe you just need an attitude change...🤣
  5. Me either. I'm in the Northeast too. Also, I am grateful to Bill for posting the picture. We think our neighbor is growing pot in his backyard, but were too scared to google it.🤣 (Totally legal to grow your own pot here, BTW. I don't care if they grow it, we were just curious because we are nosy!)
  6. Again, you guys are raising so many good points, and I appreciate the thoughts.
  7. I can't even describe what is going on here. We just had a house listed at a ridiculous price a few down from us, and someone paid $53,000 more than it was listed for. WAAAAAAAAAAY too much money. After a summer of just more and more ridiculous house prices, this really took the cake. Several local realtors have said they have NEVER seen anything like this. Houses in Mass and New York are much more expensive, so people think they are getting a good deal. And people are flocking here because it's "safer". Which I am not sure is true. I'm not sure we've actually been hit with C
  8. I like this thread. We had a rough summer too, and no one had cancer or anything, but it was just one blow after the other. Which I will not detail here! And I finally reached this low point and thought I couldn't take anymore. And then things turned around, and I feel much relief and happiness right at this moment. All in the span of 3 weeks, every thing that had to let up from the past 6 months reversed itself enough. Don't want to go into too many details, but for me it was a big personal faith moment for me. Not everything works out in life but the last month has just
  9. I don't either, which is why it shocks me that the real estate market is so hot, around here anyway. A lot of people are going to make decisions they regret right now.
  10. If Whole Foods delivers to you than I probably can't afford the area, lol.
  11. No, it's just confirmed the problems I had with living here. I mean, I had this sense before but now I KNOW. The houses are way too close, and now with everyone acting like their backyard is their living room, it's been tough. And we have an insane amount of tourists for the roads and space we have, and having less people visiting this summer I just realized how horrible it usually is. I knew I hated it and it had slowly gotten worse over the years, but now I really don't want to face another "normal" tourist" season.
  12. I agree with you. If you can find a situation where you can get peace and quiet inside your house maybe you could handle city life better. I do think that introverts at some point need to get away from it all and recharge. My house is small, not soundproofed and inadequate for our needs on several levels. If I could find or afford a better house in a city I might be able to build up the stamina to handle everything else.
  13. Be sure to report back how the ammonia works. I am very intrigued! When we had chipmunks they sounded very big and seemed to be having fights to the death with the mice in the walls. It was crazy.
  14. Oh my goodness, you are bringing up so many good points. I have always had city water and sewage and trash removal. I call the ambulance and they come. I complained on another thread earlier this summer about my neighbors who have been partying 3-4 nights a week. It's slowed down now that it's getting into the 40s at night(THANKFULLY), but there are also things like Zumba classes going on at 8am on Saturday morning in the local park and it's ALLOWED. And I don't mean someone is playing their radio, they are using an amplified speaker and BLARING it so hundreds of us have to list
  15. I didn't completely answer your OP. Catching chipmunks was easy. We did get a humane trap for that, and just put a peanut in it and caught 3 of them in 2 days. We drove them miles away and found the hole the house and plugged it. If it's a bigger animal it may actually be easier to deal with. And we have the same situation with the unfinished basement and the main floor as you do. Mice (and rats) are really destructive jerks and impossible to deal with.
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