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  1. I spray my Bearpaws with water proofer every fall. This year, I sprayed them and it seemed weird and foamy. So, you know, I sprayed them again because clearly the bottle was messed up or something. Eventually I realized it was oven cleaner. I'm just real glad I wasn't spraying my body or brushing my teeth 😂!
  2. It's funny because it seems like suddenly, one day, you're like, "Hey, I never noticed how crappy my house looks before!" 🤣
  3. I was talking to a salesman, and I said that our property values had recently gone up because the city had reevaluated everyone, and had now decided we were too close to the ocean. And the salesman said, "How did they move your house closer to the water?" I thought he was kidding.
  4. I see the same sort of thing with myself. I think it's a combo of a lot of factors, but one thing that jumps out at me is all those things you listed are things you can do at home while you are a homeschooler/full-time mom. They are hobbies and activities and interests that pair well with that lifestyle. I also think there is something about conquering an activity - like grinding wheat and then making bread - that you do and you enjoy, but then you just get sick of it. Not all activities are going to be life-long things. I'm getting to the end of my homeschooling days, and I am finding myself drawn to do more "self-centered" things. Like, I used to make bread from scratch for the family and now I want to redecorate the house. We've always had a crappy looking house, and I have never cared about any of that stuff. Because I didn't have the mental energy or the time and it never seemed important before. Also, I do get more tired as I get older and sometimes feel like if you can just get out of bed and do what needs to be done that is enough.
  5. I think they are essentially the same content. Lifepacs are 10 workbooks, SOS is a CD Rom, and Monarch is online. Monarch is going to have more videos, games etc. We used the French and Monarch World History this past year for 10th grade. Exactly what was needed in MY particular situation. The Monarch was really easy to implement. I just assigned days I wanted dd to work on it, and corrected whatever came up. DD signed in and did it, the end. I'm not saying it's the most wonderfully complete ideal curriculum ever invented. It was just a way for me to get a couple of subjects done reasonably well, but with less effort from me. I could then focus my efforts on subjects that needed more of my time. You have to pick and choose your priorities, and for me, Monarch allowed me to do that. I've looked through the math/english/science and they just don't look great to me. And I wouldn't use their entire program for a variety of reasons. YMMV. HTH!
  6. My dd just did this a few weeks ago. She had to get a certain score in certain sections to test out of the remedial classes, which at our CC you can't take as a DE student. I would encourage you to find out your CC's specific policies. We had her practice with the college board accuplacer app, and she just went to Khan academy and looked up anything she was having trouble with. She didn't put that much time or effort into it. I just wanted her to do enough to refresh her memory. FWIW, she hasn't taken Algebra 2 yet.
  7. Is the Getting Ready for Algebra 2 a specific curriculum, or just a general suggestion? Thanks everyone, for your input!
  8. I got that wrong earlier, the college algebra text IS Algebra for College students by Lial. The Intro to Algebra class book is also called Algebra for College Students but by Martin-Gay.
  9. The class pre-req for pre-calc (as opposed to the test score pre-req) is College Algebra AND Trigonometry. Either a 4 credit combined College Algebra & Trig, or taking a full 3 credit Trig class after taking College Algebra. There is a "developmental" classes before College Algebra called Intro to Algebra that uses a book called Algebra for College students. She tested out of that class, it's not for credit, and you cannot take developmental classes if you are under 18. I would definitely think about her taking that class, but she can't. She needs to take math at the community college this year, I'm not interested in doing Algebra 2 at home. They haven't posted the books for the fall but I am going to try to order and look at the book they used in the spring. It would be nice if there was some sort of universal College Algebra prep, but that would be too easy apparently.
  10. The sequence at the CC is, College Algebra, Trig, Pre-Calc, Calculus. The College Algebra and Trig are pre-req's for the Pre Calc. Based on this, I am having a hard time believing that College Algebra is anything but Algebra 2. Maybe I am missing something? This spring the book used was Lial's College Algebra. Is that the same as Algebra for College Students?
  11. DD is going to take a College Algebra class at the CC this fall. She took the placement test and did great. She's taken Algebra I and Geometry, and I am trying to find some sort of review she could do over the summer to get ready. Originally I had thought maybe Khan Algebra II, but it seems like it may be overkill. I am just looking for something that would be a good review/prep for College Algebra if anyone has BTDT or has any ideas. I know all College Algebra classes are not the same! TIA!
  12. We did this last May. It was awesome, and I can't wait to go back someday! We stayed in Flagstaff. I have lived in Maine my entire life, and never been anywhere I thought was as beautiful as Maine until we went to Arizona. I don't know if it was just SO DIFFERENT or what, but it exceeded my expectations. I liked the vibe in Flagstaff a lot, as far as somewhere I felt I could live someday, but it wasn't that thrilling as a vacation destination. It was a good home base. I don't think the Grand Canyon is worth it. It was crowded and stressful. Sedona was beautiful, cute and touristy. (It reminded me of Bar Harbor. The Grand Canyon reminded me of how Acadia is now that it's so popular, only times 100...or Disneyworld...). My favorite place by far was Wupatki. It was a breathtaking view, and it was QUIET when we went. I was dealing with some health issues when we got there. So, it turned out to be a very "inactive" vacation, no hiking. I think the altitude made me kind of sick for a few days too. The good news is I was terrified of seeing rattlesnakes, and I didn't even see a hint of one. Also the time change almost killed me, but again I've always lived in Maine! You're much more well-traveled than me, but I think you'll enjoy it. 😁
  13. I would cut the milk down to 1/2 cup, and also the blueberries. The butter may also have to be cut in half. You definitely have too much liquid overall. I cook muffins for 5 minutes at 425, then 15 at 375. It really helps them get that nice muffin shape.
  14. I was asking the same question last February. My biggest issue was that our old dishwasher literally sounded like a train going through our living room. I went with a mid-level stainless steel Bosch after much research and hand-wringing. I agree with Paws4me that it's really difficult to load efficiently. But other than that I do like it. I rinse the dishes pretty well beforehand, it cleans well, and it's delightfully quiet.
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