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  1. I'm in the process of selling my house. I was planning to keep the washer/dryer because last I heard appliances were still hard to get. I couldn't care less about this particular washer/dryer, but I care very much about living for months without them! Of course, the buyer wants them. I'm trying to decide how big of a deal this is. 2 summers ago we bought a fridge and it was a WHOLE THING. Just a complete PITA. I can't remember how many months it took. However, last summer we bought a stove. I wasn't remotely picky, went with whatever they had and it came the next day. So, does anyone have recent experience buying appliances, and specifically a washer/dryer? How difficult was it? TIA!
  2. Whew, you are giving me a lot to think about! I haven't moved in 20 years, and back then DH and loaded a rental truck ourselves (somehow, I can't believe it now), signed papers in the morning to sell a condo, signed papers in the afternoon to buy a house, and moved less than 2 miles away. Soooooo, I have no idea what I am doing! But $1800 is clearly over the top.
  3. We are moving far away from our current home. And honestly, my brain is going to explode from all the details. The latest thing is, are you supposed to tip movers? I am getting moving estimates right now, and it's going to be like 8 or $9 ,000. I had some idea, it would be that much but it's A LOT of money. For the record, I am not made of money! I am reading that you are supposed to tip 20%, divided up between all the people who do the actual moving! I am not saying movers don't work hard or deserve these tips but am I REALLY supposed to add another $1800, in cash that I carry around with me and split up between all the different people that move me in AND out? I never would have thought of this before. Any one BTDT? Got any insight? Please be nice 🤣!
  4. I had my wisdom teeth out when I was 22, with an oral surgeon. 2 were impacted, they were growing weirdly and constantly trying to push through, and I was in a lot of pain. People told me a lot of horror stories before. People told me I was too old and would have a bad time. I have never had a surgery (type thing) in my life without complications. The oral surgeon said he had a terrible time getting out 2 of my teeth. It sounded pretty barbaric. HOWEVER, it was the best easiest thing like that I have ever done. I honestly didn't realize how much pain I was in until I had them out. Recovery was easy, and I would do it all over again 100 times. I think it all depends on the circumstances of the specific situation.
  5. I just posted about this and had the procedure on March 29. I had squamous cell carcinoma. My spot was just above my lip, in between that and my nose. My lip involvement made things very difficult. IE everything involved with my mouth or nose was extremely difficult for more than a week. I think if it's more in an area that you don't use a lot, it may be easier to deal with. Like your cheek or your arm. A bandage will stay on it, and obviously it won't affect swallowing or sneezing. Hopefully your lips won't be involved, but I am guessing trying to get the wound to stay covered is going to take some experimentation on your part. I literally spent hours at first concocting something that would stay put. I have a suture line from the bottom of my nose into my top lip. I am going to have a scar, it's still upsetting at this point, and I still can't get my lips to really smile or open quite like they used to two plus weeks out. I'm not thrilled about it, obviously. But, I didn't feel like I had a choice. They claim it will get better over 6 months, but we shall see. A little advice, if you're interested. Take some time off if you can. Get a ride home from the procedure. The first 48 hours are the worst. You will be exhausted, and you aren't supposed to do anything. Make sure you have button-up shirts or something easy to get over your head, because you aren't going to be able to get shirts on and off. For me, I am still having to put goop on my face and getting clothes on and off is still tricky AND my hair keeps getting stuck in face goop and then dragging along my glasses. Trying to keep it covered was close to impossible and now the DR is having me just put goop on it, and wear a mask when I got out. Taking a shower was precarious for about 10 days. It took me FOREVER to actually clean the rest of me, while trying to keep my face out of the the shower spray. You will live, but if you can devote the first week to trying to cope with this and nothing else you will be a lot less stressed out.
  6. Some, not immediate though. My hair definitely has a reddish tone in the sun. I don't know if that counts. I just googled the redhead anesthesia thing, and I had no idea. Really interesting. It would explain a lot of things, I have a terrible time at the dentist, they can never get the novocaine right and I always feel like a whiny baby.
  7. It's interesting you say this because I always have problems with numbing at the dentist. I talked to the dermatologist about it my numbing sensitivities and they said they would "top it off" after every round. During the stitch up it had started to wear off, because I just about jumped out of the chair. I don't think it would have been so painful in another area. But they were doing some sort of burning thing on my face, maybe to stop the bleeding or something? Some of my instructions included when to take sedatives, which I have never taken, but clearly a lot of people must for a procedure like this. I think I might look into it if I am going to ever go through this again on my face. I think what is good about MOHS is when you leave you KNOW it's all gone. Definitely a nice feeling.
  8. I'm not supposed to do anything for 3 days, and then very light stuff (not lifting more than 5 lbs etc) until my follow-up next week. But, I read on another dermatology website that lips can stay swollen for 5 days. I am really fortunate that I am in a position that I can deal with this.
  9. Thanks for all your replies and info. This board is a wealth of knowledge. I ended up going in for a consult. I had to drive an hour away to another location, and they had to squeeze me in. The dermatologist told me that because I don't have any wrinkles(!) and have very well defined lips there is going to be a scar. I had the surgery 2 days ago. It went as well as possibly could. I definitely needed a ride home. The recovery has been a bit difficult. I actually spent a lot of time on Google beforehand trying to make sure I was ready. I am really glad I did, because the dermatologist did not prepare me enough. Due to the location of it, my lip is severely swollen. For 2 days my top lip was 4 times the size it should be, it looked utterly ridiculous. Like a cartoon! I had this gauze mess on my face up into my nostrils and hanging out over my lip. I was unable to blow my nose or even WIPE my nose, and I still literally can't use a cup, spit,and I have to carefully position a straw (that isn't exactly easy to even suck on), and use a spoon with small pieces of soft sticky food and sort of try to turn it over in my mouth to put it in. I knew I would have to eat soft food, but I can't even slurp soup! I had the brilliant idea to start eating popsicles today (I was supposed to use ice packs, but I literally couldn't position an ice pack where it needed to go) and I think that might be helping a little. Or maybe I am delusional. I think if this had been on my arm, or even my cheek it wouldn't have been such a big deal. So just like real estate, it's all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!!! Hopefully this update is useful to someone out there!
  10. Thanks for the replies! I really appreciate any thoughts or experiences. It's hard to interpret what the doctor is saying sometimes. I'm pretty sure they said, it's an awkward area (above my lip) but they didn't DIRECTLY SAY so that's why you need the MOHS. I'm having to deduce that NOW. I have been having new and sudden medical problems the past 5 months, it's bizarre that this is happening too. It just appeared on my face when I started having issues in October and then got bigger and bigger until I couldn't ignore it anymore. And ironically, even though I have been going to the dr all the time no one noticed it because it was under a mask the whole time, and my problems were in other areas of my body. I thought maybe it was mask irritation or something.
  11. I had this weird spot on my face that I just had biopsied and came back as skin cancer. I know people get skin cancer all the time, but I am still a little bit shaken. I know it's not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, and it's much better than melanoma. But, I have always been such a sun avoider and I getting this wasn't really on my radar. It's in an awkward spot, and although it's not a huge deal, it was gross and been hard to deal with since the biopsy. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this and had any advice? Either squamous cell or MOHS? The scheduler just asked me if I wanted to come in and discuss my options before the surgery, but I didn't realize I had any options so I declined. When they did the biopsy they told me they were fairly certain it was squamous cell, and that I would need MOHS surgery. Then the person who called with the results explained the surgery I would need to have and said someone else would call to schedule. But now I am wondering if I should have opted to go in and "discuss" my options? My only experience with this IRL is much older people getting it. (I'm in my mid 40s). Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  12. No. But a qualified "no". I have a long story about trying to get a garage built. I was quoted $70k, and the builder flat out told me 15k was just for the lumber increases. And that was back in October. He also told me I had to get on a waiting list for a year. Same story with my other quote. I had quotes originally scheduled for March 2020, and then couldn't actually get them until October. I also have a story about waiting months for a fridge, and then having to settle for a piece of crap because we really needed a new fridge. And finally, there are 2 houses being built in my neighborhood that have been hold for months because they are waiting for some material they can't find. It's not just lumber, it's EVERYTHING, and it's random. I would only do it if I was comfortable maybe paying too much, getting on a long waiting list, and then having the project stopped indefinitely midway because they can't find enough paper clips (or whatever 🙂 ). I am not at all comfortable doing that with an expensive garage, for a house I am not even sure I want to stay in. Building a deck, depending on where it was located on my property, might be different.
  13. I can't seem to edit the title of this, but I always like updates to threads, so here's mine. I found something good enough at the LLBean factory store for 40% off. Just lucky they were my size and what I was looking for. They are lightweight and my phone fits in a zippered pocket, which was the biggest issue I was having. If anyone is interested... https://www.llbean.com/llb/search/?freeText=vista+camp+pants+women&init=1
  14. But, they somehow managed to keep her on through October when they started getting less busy. The school-day restrictions would have started in September. It had nothing to do with the restrictions, they were less busy and made an excuse. If you are DESPERATE for people you keep on the 17 year old (good employee) you have had working for you for months now, and deal with the restrictions. That's all I am saying. All I can think is there is some sort of vicious cycle we're all caught in right now. You can't find employees, but in every stage of the process you treat them like crap and they can't trust you, so therefore you can't find employees...
  15. OP I am glad you posted this. DH and I have been pretty surprised at how hard it was for DD (17) to find a job. I've been shocked at how rude and unprofessional potential employers are. Had I not watched DD go through it, I would have (naturally) thought, the news is saying they need all kinds of workers, there are signs everywhere there must be plenty of jobs out there! DD turned 17 last summer. She worked for a local coffee shop, and they were desperate for workers because no one was willing to work last summer. Suddenly in October, when things slowed down, they decide they didn't want to deal with the restrictions of a 17 year old anymore. I don't honestly know what restrictions they were talking about, that they didn't mind dealing with all summer when they were busy. There are no state restrictions. They didn't fire her, they just "couldn't" give her any more hours. I mean, WTH. She's well-spoken, reliable, flexible, and has been taking college classes. I got no indication they didn't like her, and they gave her a good reference when she started looking for work this spring. DD had to apply for a lot of jobs this spring, and didn't hear back from many of them. 2 different coffee shops emailed her this and offered her a job, without meeting her, over email. Because of the other debacle, we advised her to first tell that she wouldn't be 18 until July. Both places completely ghosted her after that. Ignored her! Couldn't be bothered to reply "no thanks" after literally asking her when she could start. I was confused the first time it happened, and the second time it was clearly a pattern. She ended up getting a job she likes, but it was like pulling teeth for awhile. It's 15-20 hours a week and a completely unpredictable schedule. She keeps getting called in because they are short staffed! She wanted full-time hours for the summer, but that's not how anyone seems to operate anymore. They want 737 part time employees they can constantly call in. It seems like teenagers would be their DREAM employees. Especially ones that prove to be reliable! They will come in whenever, and be treated like crap! So, don't believe the hype, is what I have learned. Maybe you can't find workers because your standards are too high. Or maybe the system is so broken at this point it's just a mess for everyone involved.
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