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  1. No. But a qualified "no". I have a long story about trying to get a garage built. I was quoted $70k, and the builder flat out told me 15k was just for the lumber increases. And that was back in October. He also told me I had to get on a waiting list for a year. Same story with my other quote. I had quotes originally scheduled for March 2020, and then couldn't actually get them until October. I also have a story about waiting months for a fridge, and then having to settle for a piece of crap because we really needed a new fridge. And finally, there are 2 houses being built in my neighborhood that have been hold for months because they are waiting for some material they can't find. It's not just lumber, it's EVERYTHING, and it's random. I would only do it if I was comfortable maybe paying too much, getting on a long waiting list, and then having the project stopped indefinitely midway because they can't find enough paper clips (or whatever 🙂 ). I am not at all comfortable doing that with an expensive garage, for a house I am not even sure I want to stay in. Building a deck, depending on where it was located on my property, might be different.
  2. I can't seem to edit the title of this, but I always like updates to threads, so here's mine. I found something good enough at the LLBean factory store for 40% off. Just lucky they were my size and what I was looking for. They are lightweight and my phone fits in a zippered pocket, which was the biggest issue I was having. If anyone is interested... https://www.llbean.com/llb/search/?freeText=vista+camp+pants+women&init=1
  3. But, they somehow managed to keep her on through October when they started getting less busy. The school-day restrictions would have started in September. It had nothing to do with the restrictions, they were less busy and made an excuse. If you are DESPERATE for people you keep on the 17 year old (good employee) you have had working for you for months now, and deal with the restrictions. That's all I am saying. All I can think is there is some sort of vicious cycle we're all caught in right now. You can't find employees, but in every stage of the process you treat them like crap and they can't trust you, so therefore you can't find employees...
  4. OP I am glad you posted this. DH and I have been pretty surprised at how hard it was for DD (17) to find a job. I've been shocked at how rude and unprofessional potential employers are. Had I not watched DD go through it, I would have (naturally) thought, the news is saying they need all kinds of workers, there are signs everywhere there must be plenty of jobs out there! DD turned 17 last summer. She worked for a local coffee shop, and they were desperate for workers because no one was willing to work last summer. Suddenly in October, when things slowed down, they decide they didn't want to deal with the restrictions of a 17 year old anymore. I don't honestly know what restrictions they were talking about, that they didn't mind dealing with all summer when they were busy. There are no state restrictions. They didn't fire her, they just "couldn't" give her any more hours. I mean, WTH. She's well-spoken, reliable, flexible, and has been taking college classes. I got no indication they didn't like her, and they gave her a good reference when she started looking for work this spring. DD had to apply for a lot of jobs this spring, and didn't hear back from many of them. 2 different coffee shops emailed her this and offered her a job, without meeting her, over email. Because of the other debacle, we advised her to first tell that she wouldn't be 18 until July. Both places completely ghosted her after that. Ignored her! Couldn't be bothered to reply "no thanks" after literally asking her when she could start. I was confused the first time it happened, and the second time it was clearly a pattern. She ended up getting a job she likes, but it was like pulling teeth for awhile. It's 15-20 hours a week and a completely unpredictable schedule. She keeps getting called in because they are short staffed! She wanted full-time hours for the summer, but that's not how anyone seems to operate anymore. They want 737 part time employees they can constantly call in. It seems like teenagers would be their DREAM employees. Especially ones that prove to be reliable! They will come in whenever, and be treated like crap! So, don't believe the hype, is what I have learned. Maybe you can't find workers because your standards are too high. Or maybe the system is so broken at this point it's just a mess for everyone involved.
  5. I do not understand the backlash either. When I am fully vaxxed, I am going to ditch my mask exactly where the CDC says I can. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why I would be judged so harshly for believing the CDC. Yep, people are going to lie about being vaxxed. I feel comfortable mostly ditching my mask anyway. And if you don't feel comfortable, continue to wear a mask. But don't judge me, or assume things about me just because I am comfortable following the advice of the CDC.
  6. Lots of great leads here, thanks everyone!
  7. What is with that, phones not fitting in pockets. Argh. I might think about a vest, but the other problem is that I get very hot and don't want to wear another layer. What a silly problem I have.
  8. Okay, so I am not the only one seeing this. It's so weird! It's very odd in 2021 that women's pants are still about "fashion". We're so woke about everything else.
  9. I volunteer at 2 different places. And the weird thing is, neither place has any sort of "area" to put my stuff. Coat, purse, etc. So, I am having to leave it all in my car, which makes me nervous. I have a little tiny cross-body purse that fits my phone/keys/a couple of cards. But it's really annoying to wear the whole time and drag around. It slides around, my phone gets pounded into things, etc. I've thought about a fanny pack, but they are always uncomfortable when I have tried them before. The only solution I can seem to think of is cargo pants! With pockets big enough to hold a phone, my keys, a debit card and license, maybe a feminine hygiene item sometimes, or tissues or whatever I might need. I'm a pretty low maintenance person, but you do need a few things on you. And I don't even CARE about having my phone on me, but I don't like leaving stuff that could get stolen out in my car. I am having a heck of a time even finding a good pair of cargo pants online. There is no pocket big enough for a phone, or the pockets don't close or are just on the butt. I am wondering if anyone has a good pair they could tell me about? Or any other ideas???
  10. (I'm not laughing at you, but I am laughing because I had to do the same thing in my post!)
  11. No one wants to be in a nursing home. But, that doesn't mean people don't have to go into nursing homes! I don't think it should be about "oh they DESERVE to not be in a nursing home" or they "really don't want to go into a nursing home". It's about if someone can take care of someone else, and is willing to. And no one should ever feel like they should have to be a full-time caregiver if they don't want to be. It's about boundaries, and knowing your own limits and respect for your own life too. A lot of times, you cannot provide care at home. No matter how wonderful or deserving your parent may or may not be. You just can't do it! No one is ever going to understand, and honestly you just have to choose to not feel guilty about it, probably over and over and over again. ❤️
  12. I think the benefit of being like this, for me anyway, is that I never fail to amuse and entertain myself....🤣 I like to call it a "rich inner life". 😉
  13. I really wonder if it is just my brain trying to stop me from ruminating.
  14. ALL THE TIME! I read somewhere, that earworms get stuck in your head because you only hear part of a song. And so to "cure" it you need to hear the entire song. Which does work for me, but then I just get stuck on another song. And ANYTHING seems to trigger it! I feel like my brain is just constantly trying to connect things to songs.
  15. I completely agree. I hate when adults do this to minors in ANY situation. Go straight to the parents, or leave it alone. Either require the vax, or don't. And if your employer won't require the vax and you are that upset about it, then quit your job.
  16. Thank you for posting this. IMHO we need to show more kindness and understanding to people who are are hesitant. For whatever reason. I have a long complicated story, and have struggled with the whole situation and what I was going to do. STRUGGLED. But ultimately DD&I went yesterday and got our first Pfizer shots. I felt nothing. DD tensed her arm and it hurt. I felt a little bit weird yesterday and today. DD felt the same way, like how you feel after you've been sick for a few days and are now done being sick but you're still a bit off. She has also had a mild headache since last night. I don't know when I can claim victory over terrible side effects, 48 hours maybe 😁??
  17. I think we could go round and round for days whether this would be a welcome phone call to the person on the other end or not. I think that's largely a personality thing. I would HATE getting a phone call like this. But clearly other people would LIKE getting a phone call like this, or be neutral about it. What's icky to me is this pressure and the pushback you are getting that your boundaries/feelings etc are wrong. It seems like a small deal on the surface but is in fact a huge deal when you get right down to it. You're allowed to feel like something is wrong and choose not to do it without being shamed into compliance. You are not wrong. You are allowed to not like this, and not want your DD to do this. You do not have to justify it or explain yourself. It's gross that you are being made to feel this way.
  18. I have posted about my mouse problems a couple of times. The first time I had baby mice falling from my ceiling, and we NEVER figured that one out. (I'm still working on my horror movie screenplay for Hollywood.) Then, this past summer, I had an infestation. I put out some little poison cubes for the mice, and our ENTIRE HOUSE STANK TO THE HIGH HEAVENS when a bunch of them died in the walls! I live in a small house, but still. There were 4 distinct "stink" zones in our house, which leads me to believe at least 4 mice died in various areas in the walls, and it was a nightmare. I know you're thinking, "so what, your house was smelly!" But I am telling you, it was AWFUL. And it stank for WEEKS. So, I called in a professional. They did find 3 holes that they plugged, they set up a ton of snap traps everywhere. We only caught 2 mice. And he said there wasn't much evidence of anything serious going on. So then they just put out more poison outside around the house. The mice allegedly won't come in the house to die. A week after the bait stations were set out, thousands of flies descended onto my house. And whether it was the mouse carcasses from before or the bait stations I don't know. I can tell you I first saw a bunch of flies flying out of the outdoors bait stations, and that is when I called to have the bait stations taken away. But it was too late by then. The professional did give me a good trick for snap traps. Put peanut butter in the trap with a sunflower seed in it sticking straight up. The mice can kind of lick at the peanut butter without engaging the snap, BUT, if the sunflower seed is sticking straight up they really have to work to get it out. It has worked like a charm for us. I have to put out traps the minute I hear any scratching, and just keep on top of the situation. That seems to be all I can do about it. And also, the worst times I have had have been August and dead of winter so I don't know about this whole fall/spring thing either... I am deathly afraid of living in an area with snakes, but I am starting to wonder if that would be better than this!
  19. The 606K house I mentioned earlier was bought in February 2020 for $250K. It was in fine shape, there was nothing wrong with it. Just a regular house. They just made everything "really really nice". They sold it in November for $606K to someone fleeing another state. We've never had prices comparable to California before. Which is why I think the OP is smart to buy her rental, if she can.
  20. No possibility of us finding another house right now. And in our neighborhood it's people fleeing Boston, which I think is short sighted.
  21. I obviously don't know your exact situation. But I will say, I live in Maine. An "expensive" part of Maine. And my "starter home" 900 square foot ranch would sell for more than 300K right now. It's utterly incomprehensible. We just had a 2 bedroom, 1 car garage house on our street that was flipped and done up (extremely nicely) go for $606K. .2 acre lot. Yes, granite countertops and all that, but the prices are absolutely MIND. BLOWING. The prices just keep going up and up and up and up. DH and I would really like to move, but we can't because there is nowhere to go within a reasonable distance of his job. Houses are too expensive, and the lack of supply is ridiculous. We've lived here all of our lives, and in this house for 17 years, and the whole situation is extremely frustrating and frankly, a little scary. My former neighbor just sold her house, and has made offer after offer and cannot find another house to buy right now. Basically, another house will be virtually impossible to find. Even to rent. I really think you made the right call, in this crazy situation.
  22. Agreeing with what everyone else said. I went through this a year ago. It's a weird place to be. Particularly if you have homeschooled for a long time. For me, the pandemic has sort of kept me on hold for the past year too. If you can, I highly suggest you just let the situation be what it is. Don't fight it and panic that you don't have the next thing planned. I think many people rush right into the next thing, without taking the time to be still and enjoy the mountain-top. I liked homeschooling, and I miss it in some ways. But it is really nice to have accomplished something like this. And it's also very nice to not have the burden hanging over me any more. So congrats! Give yourself a big pat on the back, and take a deep breath and enjoy it!
  23. We did it for the first few years of DD's life and it was a logistical PITA. Now it would be impossible. DH worked full time, so I had to bring him in and pick him up 2-3 times a week and literally stay home the other days. So it was "doable" in the sense that DD had nothing going on at that point in her life, and I could stay home a couple of days a week. But things would come up, like we have to get our cars inspected every year (or the 27 random other things...sudden doctor visits etc). The second car is priceless in these situations, when your alternative is to wait at the mechanics for hours, or walk 4 miles home. The more people you have living in a house, the more these random situations will come up. We don't have great access to public transportation/Uber, and don't have family around to help us. We live in the suburbs, it snows a lot, and the sidewalks are barely cleared and all that. Remote work, and good access to other transportation would make a huge difference. We have 3 adults with 2 cars and honestly, it's the best we can do. When DH is retired, we will go down to one again. It completely depends on your specific situation.
  24. I don't think you're a wimp at all. I have so much work I need to get done, insert loooooong story here, and I am terrified. It always goes badly, and I just hate it. So yeah, I get it. And good for you!
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