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  2. We made ours! We had some in the living room and in our bedroom. We had a window on one side of the bed, but the other side was just a blank wall. We put up the ledges so they were similar in position to the window on the other side of the bed. It looked great and evened the room out.
  3. Oh thank goodness!!! I have one kid that doesn't blink an eye and another that cries at a hint of sadness and refused to write the word "fat" in a phonics workbook because it is mean, lol so I never know. Heck, I used to cry watching the Roadrunner cartoon because I was worried the coyote was hungry, and my mom had to strategically take me to the bathroom during Bambi so I didn't know the mom died until I was an adult, lol.
  4. That's a brilliant idea! A chapter in that is way shorter than a chapter in a textbook, so it should work. He has bookshare (something I forgot when I posted the original, we'll blame sleep deprivation). I bet they have them. If not I can overnight them. He is not phased by morbidity involving fictional characters. I think he thinks a lot about death, and so there's not really a risk of something reminding him of it? That's my guess, but all I know is that he doesn't bat an eye at it.
  5. I hate losing momentum here, but dh wants me to hold out for solid wood, not mdf. So I either make them myself or buy. I found some nicely done on Etsy
  6. so, after my not so sensitive idea, how about these? Reading comprehension passages with multiple choice questions from teachers pay teachers. comprehension passages with multiple choice
  7. Sort of a different tangent, but MIGHT work so going to mention and if not please skip it. But what about choose your own adventure books? I THINK the chapters might be short enough? And then at the end of the chapter you give him the choices for what to do next, then read that chapter, etc? But only if choosing "wrong" and hitting a dead end wouldn't upset him. that I think about it, some may be too morbid giving his situation - like I seem to remember that some have you die if you choose wrong. Ugh. Is there a happier less gruesome version I wonder?
  8. Sorry to keep posting here, but I'm getting excited about the thought of growing things and all this rearranging. Where are your pictures of your kids??? If you want to BE in this room, don't you want the pictures of things/people you love?? So one of those walls needs to start to have a serious montage of pictures of your favorite people. Do you use a laptop stand? You can add your phone pics to your amazon cloud account and get them to show up on your tv screen saver. I was thinking you could put your kids over the plant stand (because both grow), but that's a little weird. Just another wall. The poppy wall if you put the tv over the mantle. If you don't put the tv on the mantle, then a family portrait on the mantle might be lovely. I'm in picture mode, haha. You can see with my other thread. I guess you could do ledges if you want. Or just have people bang and hang pictures. I'll bet you have tons of them with all your kids, mercy. Have you ever made a collage? Here's the software I've used. You'll love it. You can make something big with tons of your happy pictures and then print it as a vinyl cling to stick on the wall. Or print onto canvas.
  9. What I mean is, if your student can, if forced to, write a 1K word paper in a coherent fashion and express their view points in a way that is understandable and meaningful, that is about the level required by most Universities. It isn't the average college student who is cranking out 20-100 page thesis papers for 5 different classes every term starting freshman year. Your highschool student doesn't need to be at that level when they first step foot on campus. But that seems to be the argument I see on here at times. Or that only the very best writing skills will allow one to succeed in college.
  10. Today was definitely a better day. He was calmer, and being able to communicate helped. Plus his math tutor came and they spent 90 minutes doing some kind of blindfold chess puzzles. I'm not sure I understand exactly, but he was smiling a little, and calm, and so distracted by the chess that DH and I were able to step outside the room at the same time, Facetime with our other kids, and eat actual food. So, definitely a win. Tomorrow's goal is the lungs. His eye looks and feels so much better, it's obviously responding to the meds, but his lungs aren't bouncing back the way they have from previous anesthesias. Hopefully they just need a little more time.
  11. I think that often as well...numerous books I have given five-star, glowing reviews never get a “like”. I burn down the house on a bad book and people love it! 🤔
  12. Fwiw, that's what my dd was doing before we went her away. They'll use the illustration of a porcupine getting really prickly when it's in danger. So you knew something was wrong, but you weren't sure what. Now he's telling you what. Whoa, then you've been slammed all these years! I think the hardest part is we all wish we were perfect and could be perfect parents. You can't change the past, but you can certainly change the present and the FUTURE. If you get your ds diagnosed, you can do the SPARK study and get some genetic feedback eventually. It might be very interesting to you or maybe to your ds. Good, I'm glad you're seeing some paths forward! The key is not to lose it. Make some decisions, send some emails, start some balls rolling. That I agree with. So this is not about Rosie but about the op. It seemed like op was really in a well if we get counseling, ds can choose to do better, defective ds will choose to do better. Reality is the stats are pretty ugly on comorbidity of ASD and some kind of mental health diagnosis. Now sure, there are similar stats for ADHD, SLDs, and so on. I'm totally with you. But if we ignore the mental health side, the physical side, the chemical side, we're probably also not getting as far as we could. It's just something to put on the table. I don't know the dc. I'm just saying while you're asking questions, ask more of them. My ds is a lot more of a pain in the butt when his chemistry is not right. Tonight he brought me grape juice. Like I was eating pizza and the kid goes out to get himself something to drink and offers to bring me some. Do you know how ASTONISHING that is? And all I did was raise his 5HTP dose again. The interplay between the chemistry of mental health and the symptoms we're living with is kind of tricky. It's really not helpful (or accurate) to assume EVERYTHING is volitional and that if the person didn't WANT to be a (animal part) they wouldn't be. Sometimes it's better living through chemistry. Sometimes chemistry helps a person RECEIVE the good instruction they're being given. I'm really in the "all of the above" camp on that. I think we have to address ALL of a person, not just one aspect.
  13. I have no good ideas, but I love Peter Pan’s creativity here!! Anne
  14. We don't have strays--the LGDs kill them. They see them as a threat to the flock and herd. The lady hasn't gotten back with dd, so no kitten yet. Dd really wants a Manx this year. Her two cats are strays. The remaining cat at our house is a hand-me-down from another dd's flight school days.
  15. This is helpful and reassuring. Thank you. This is, too. Thank you. Did having a c-section/taking medication afterward interfere with nursing?
  16. My mind was right there with yours. I was pleasantly surprised to open this and find something I could show my kids!
  17. It was a good day. The Children's Choir concert was amazing and had me in a puddle of tears. Dd17 made it into mid-state orchestra for the first time in a few years (and she placed very well!) and we are so happy for her. She struggles with anxiety and nerves and because her tendons/ligaments are crazy, any nervous muscle tension makes it hard to function at all, so this was a particularly special achievement for her. The kids are at a youth group Christmas party. I'm ready to hit the sack.
  18. Just an aside, ds is at a technical school and they require one writing class each year (you must space them) -- two course in the Humanities, Arts, or Social Sciences (HASS) and two in your major. If you do a double major you must have 2 in EACH major in addition to the 2 HASS writing classes. This writing requirement is for all the engineers, scientists, economists, and mathematicians. For mathematics, you can either take a research class where you write up your research and also orally present it, or you can take a paper reading course where you read actually mathematical literature and then write papers and do oral presentations on it. They take the ability to communicate very seriously even though very few students there are actually humanities majors.
  19. okay I literally laughed out loud at your "drunk browsing Amazon" comment!! That is epic! Oh and my most liked review on GRs is also one of my most negative reviews. What does that say about us as a culture 🙂 😕 🤣
  20. What piece would make YOUR life good? I would start there and then buy all the other furniture to fit. Most people can sit on anything and like variety. You could hang a swinging egg chair in the corner by that odd door you don't like. Seriously, I so totally would, lol. You'll have to reinforce the ceiling to do it, but sure hang a swinging chair. People like variety. For you, what would be ideal? A couch with a chaise? A recliner that has a lift and a massaging function? A Benedict Cumberbatch shaped chair you can fall into on a hard day? Haha, I don't know. So yeah, I'd start with what you want and then let the person helping you pick out things to go around it to seat as many people as you want flexible. For the games, you can have a folding card table or a drop leaf table and just pull in chairs. Here's that chair for the corner. Greenstell Rattan Wicker Egg Hammock Chair with Hanging Kits,Weather Fastness Hanging Chair with Comfortable Red Cushion and Pillow,Basket Swing Chair for Indoor,Outdoor Bedroom,Patio,Garden (Brown)
  21. I thought I had all the logistics for tomorrow's schedule worked out with the van in the shop and then dh told me that the choir is singing in both services tomorrow. Oy.
  22. Couldn’t find a single baby shark at IKEA East Palo Alto 😞 Went there to buy a pot and wanted to get the baby shark for my kids. ETA: My husband found one while I am still in the queue to pay.
  23. Do you like bird feeders? Hummingbird feeders? You could stick a hummingbird feeder on that glass door and get visitors. If in the spring you do some containers on that porch and put up a feeder, you'll assuredly get visitors. You could also grow some succulents. You could do plant stands in front of that stationary door. Ikea probably has some on the cheap. Do you like wind chimes? You could put a wind chime on the porch. You can do all these things that connect you to the outside. Are your wheels able to go through the door? Or they can but it's hard to get the door open? Could you go through a sliding door better? Or could it be switched to french doors so you could get through them more easily? That's a more expensive fix, so I'm just thinking out loud. But yeah, definitely think through what could be done. To help you enjoy the space more. Bringing in your favorite colors (purple? you had a lot of purple there, lol), things you love, helping you be able to go outside independently, etc. Let us know what you do or what your decorator friend says if you talk with her!
  24. Quill, your review was much, much better than the book. More entertaining, more real, more everything.
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