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  2. @alisoncooks, I didn't see your full/original post, so I'm not sure if my info will be of help or not. My sister had half of her thyroid removed years ago (due to thyroid cancer). She did great with surgery, actually asked us to bring her a huge burger from a nearby restaurant after she got to her room. She ate it all, lol. She was in the hospital overnight. Almost no scar. The biggest issue for her is thyroid meds (esp. since she still has half of a thyroid) & getting those properly regulated. I think others have mentioned finding the right person to help with correct medicine regulation & it takes a bit to figure out what works well. So, the surgery was no biggie for her. Getting the meds regulated (& keeping them that way because your body's needs can vary over time) for the long term has been more of an issue.
  3. Or get beat up or shot! And you perhaps model the same for your children be cause you don't want them to get beat up, or shot, or around here "nipper tipped" (yes, this is a local thing, and those are the words). Calling out racism/bigotry in the moment isn't always safe for POC. Calling out racism/bigotry might feel uncomfortable for me, but for my husband it can feel (and sometimes actually is) dangerous.
  4. I was going to mention meat-only baby food too. I have also put it on my finger & put a bit on the roof of the cat's mouth to get it in. The nutritional paste is also good, though I've had cats hold out on that one & just let it dry on their fur & not lick it off. With one cat, the vet recommended that I use a small piece of hard food (something that comes in very small pieces/pellet sizes) & give it to the cat like a pill (basically push it into the back of her mouth/her throat) after she had been ill & having only fluids & baby food for awhile. He said she might have kind of "forgotten" about eating hard stuff & sometimes you have to "prime the pump". She had a form of cancer, so the meds & her cancer sometimes caused her to go through periods of not eating well. Doing the hard food trick usually worked well (would do it a couple of times in a day, one or two pieces at a time) & she would be back to eating hard food in a day or so. I have not heard of the foaming at the mouth effect of Mirtazapine. I have had various cats have it over the years w/ varied success. It seemed to work for some; for others, it seemed to make their stomach upset (& less likely to want to eat). Hugs for you & your cat. Hope she continues eating & getting stronger.
  5. He's had a boatload of grammar already. Are sure he needs more? Surely at this point correcting any grammatical mistakes in his writing should be enough.
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  7. Thanks for everything. Yes I am woefully ill-informed in some regards re: FA and/or scholarships. I've spent the last 3 years knee-deep in getting his academics where they need to be, AP classes, SAT IIs, SAT, ACT, grades, etc - didn't really spend any time on any of that. He has his list of colleges, more or less. So we're ok there. I just remember when I went to school, I got a bunch of outside scholarships like $1000 here, $5000 here, etc - I don't recall any school-based scholarships at all. And I do see that as a standard thing around here. Love to hear more of what you did, your rising seniors did... most helpful.
  8. This. It could also be a sofa or chair, particularly if you have a favorite spot you sit in almost all of the time.
  9. This was our experience with Horizon's prealgebra. It was disjointed. It would give problems for a topic before introducing the topic.
  10. Back from dinner. Ate too much. Had yummy prime rib and mashed potatoes and NY cheesecake for dessert.
  11. My brief thought was based on my observation (of her various posts) that this student’s academic needs were fairly specific. In this particular case, I would certainly look at the program first and foremost because I truly believe you can find like-minded people anywhere 🙂 My oldest was pretty certain throughout her college search that she wanted a nerd college (and women’s college at that.) Ended up at a sports school because of the program (her interest was also quite specific.) Definitely the right decision, and she never attended a single sports event. FWIW, I’m married to a UGA grad and grew up in Atlanta. Certainly know football culture, but still hold this opinion 😉
  12. I am happy to say that one of the neighbor’s husband is alive. I haven’t seen him in over a year and he is always in such bad shape that his death was not out of the realm of possibility. But it didn’t exactly seem like the kind of thing that you could ask about. And the more months went by I didn’t even feel like I could ask “how is your husband doing” in case the answer was “he died a year ago “. So I was very relieved to see him hobbling out to the mailbox. They have young kids.
  13. That's for street legal carts, which I doubt these are. The easiest way to tell is to look for seat belts.
  14. It's the permanent marker that is the problem, it bleeds through paint unless you can get all of it off. And permanent marker on not fully dry paint....I used rubbing alcohol to get off what I could and put a couple more coats of paint on but it still bled through; I'm going to have to wait until it is completely dry them top it off with another coat or two. Still love my baby to the moon and back 💕
  15. Oh man, you've jumped through a lot of hoops. That's frustrating. You might want to add strengthening your abs and learning to use them to support your spine so that your poor back isn't doing all of the support work. I'm taking a break from teaching for a few months and my back was so ready. I describe it as "end-of-year back" where being an aged dance teacher is enough already and I need some recovery time. I have pain just under whatever bone that is that's in the same place as your hip bone but on your back. It only hurts on the right side. (I suck at anatomy.) I'm not sure I even have your self discipline to try so many different things. i think I'm just going to rest and whine and hope that works.
  16. It’s a beautiful day. Not too hot. Not too cold. I am going to finish my step goal like usual. Even though I don’t wanna cuz I have been flaring since Wednesday.
  17. We're all home now. The day seemed to fly by! Booya!!
  18. My kids like drawing on walls but dh's dad owned a painting business and dh worked for him a lot during school. So, he never sees it as a big deal to have to repaint something. Okay, time to take some Dayquil and go to bed. I can't take Nyquil, it keeps me awake. Dayquil makes me feel well enough to sleep. I know, I'm strange.
  19. I like my quiet time to be music-free. My family disagrees. My ears get full hearing all of their "required" unnatural noise at all times. They think I'm nuts. I don't get how they don't need a break from the incessant sound input.
  20. Dh is driving to visit his dad who's in some kind of nursing home to get his meds regulated in the morning. If he gets stabilized and doesn't lose his temper/get erratic, he can probably get moved to the same assisted living place as MIL. Things are kind of looking like they have a chance of working out there.
  21. I built a third bookcase and unloaded everything from all the cabinets, closets and shelves at the science center. Now I have to organize and put it all back. I was thinking I had all week to do it but we have 4-H Monday night. The meeting was going to be at the lake (an end of year celebration) but it's supposed to rain and be late afternoon thunderstorms. Which means we're back at the science center. Which means I have two days to put everything away and we are going out to dinner tomorrow night with my dad.
  22. He was soooo pleased with himself; he looked at his handiwork on the beautiful white walls and said "paper!" Clearly he thought I had just gifted him with the world's biggest sheet of fresh, clean paper 😄
  23. I think I have a cold. I have that scratchy feeling in the back of my throat and nose. I don't want a cold. I'm on break next week. I don't want to be sick for my break.
  24. I like so many things that I don't think I'd suffer unless entire categories were missing. Suddenly being meat free or dairy free would be uncomfortable. I can't imagine going anywhere where I couldn't get some kind of tea. If such a place exists, I'd definitely bring my own. Everyone in my house requires some kind of tea daily. I think I'd also want to have peanut butter as a safety net. It keeps well and is very satisfying. I love the stuff. For me, shellfish and cream of wheat can keep the iron deficiency symptoms at bay as well as red meat, so I'd be ok without it. Dh, whose iron is fine, would REALLY miss it. When he says "I NEED protein" what he means is "I won't be satisfied until I eat at least half a pound of beef."
  25. Quickly ran to the grocery store. Burned the adobo a bit. But dh is strange in liking burnt stuff.
  26. They seem very focused on the program to me, her OP is quite specific about what they are looking for. This is just an additional factor. That's how you narrow things down: once you have a list of schools that meet your must-have criteria, you look at additional factors. General atmosphere of a school is completely unimportant to some students, very important to others. It was pretty important to both of my kids - they are definitely not the type that can evaluate things on paper and then parachute onto campus the first day, sight unseen. It does make life easier if you can do that! I agree that there is a wide variety of people at schools that are at least mid-sized, but vibe/culture/atmosphere is a separate criterion. My kids didn't want an overbearing football culture, but, just to prove that they are indeed southern, places where people don't say "hi" as you walk across campus or chat in the grocery line also fell to the bottom of the list 😄
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