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22 minutes ago, NewIma said:

I am trying to run a social/enrichment homeschool group in my community and it is almost impossible. Most homeschoolers seem to believe they must have a co-op (CC or others). The co-ops are very religious and insular. I plan and plan and organize and it is almost impossible to find people to participate in park days and field trips. Frankly, it is very demoralizing. 

Unfortunately, that is the new face of homeschoolering. It wasn't always like that. There are moms out there who haven't jumped on the "I need to outsource everything" bandwagon, but they are in the minority. 

Fwiw, the majority doesn't know what they are missing. 😎 I wouldn't give up what I have with my kids for socialization for anything. The education my kids have received is why I get up and do this every day. It is why have made homeschooling my kids my career.  I hope you don't let other demoralize you. Remember that homeschooling is about your family and no one else's. 

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I have to confess, I never could teach all that my children learned. I could never in a million years give my children what the community gave my children. The martial arts instructor who gave my son opportunities to lead and teach. The violin teacher who spent 90 minutes on a 30 minute lesson. The harp teacher who battled to get the youth symphonies pedal harp into our home since we can't afford one. The Grandfather who taught building skills to a son while working on his cabin. The Grandmother who taught my daughter to quilt and sew clothes. The homeschooling mom that has more time than me giving rides to swim lessons for some children while I taught older children. The friends who gave rides and brought meals when I had to ditch my immediate family to take care of an elderly grandmother. 


I do most core classes, well, some have aged out. Well, 3 online classes total so far for 4 kids over 14 years.  I also deal with learning disabilities and some therapies and cook and clean from scratch because I'm not wealthy. I know some people on here say they can do everything but personally I guess I'm just not that smart and efficient. 

That being said the community I'm thinking of is filled with all sorts of people and ages doing all sorts of things. It isn't a business and it isn't filled with people all the same age studying all the same stuff. It's the sales person at the bike shop sharing info. The volunteers on the trail digging sign post holes with us. And the people who come over to work on our house with us after an earthquake does major damage.

I don't see how Classical Conversations could provide that. 

We get lonely at times but I have begun to realize we don't need to find people just like us and honestly, in the old days the community that I'm describing above was supposed to be more real than a fake school community. At least that was what I heard many older homeschoolers argue when told their children weren't socialized. 

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Several times over the years I have considered joining CC, coming very close last year. UNTIL... I realized it meant my child would be taking Physical science as a 10th grader if we followed their path but us starting in Challenge A as an 8th grader. . . and the nail in the coffin was after talking to several moms in the group trying to encourage me to join the program, I just kept hearing, if you love Jesus and want to homeschool you need to do this. . . . Honestly, it made me angry. The truth is I totally buy into Classical education, but I CAN and AM doing it successfully at home. And I can love Jesus and teach my kids to love Jesus . I know they are talking from a place of ignorance, but CC is perpetuating that myth and making moms feel like they can't homeschool without their help. Frustrating. We did a co-op last year. It was wonderful. I basically designed my year of what we wanted to cover, and invited other families to do it with us. It was great, but I was too burned out at the end to do it again. My oldest enjoys the peer competition in a "class" setting so we have settled on a couple of online classes to meet that need for her. . .  We outsource a few classes because she wants to and I enjoy having some pressure off in a few areas. . . we don't do it because I CAN'T teach them. We are part of a homeschool group and have 2X a month field trips.

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