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  1. Anastasia would be my choice also. All the public schools around here start next week, so this weekend will be crazy.
  2. My youngest is going to Missouri Valley College to study Accounting/Finance. He picked this school out of 8 because he wanted a small school and they have a great wrestling program.
  3. Honestly, I would go through one of the grocery chains that are eligible to give it. In my area, that is Winn Dixie or Publix. They each have information on their websites for booking appointments. County health departments can be very hit or miss in regards to how organized they are.
  4. Biz Liquid enzyme cleaner. Put it directly on the stain and let it sit for a while. Best stuff ever.
  5. Youngest DS applied and admitted to, with scholarship money at each - Accounting Major: U of North Florida Florida Gulf Coast Univ Huntingdon College (AL) U of the Cumberlands (This one would have been nice, because older brother attends here.) Lees-McRae College Missouri Baptist U Iowa Wesleyan U Missouri Valley College - Has decided to attend this school due to amount of scholarship and has committed to the Wrestling program.
  6. This sounds an awful lot like absence seizures. My nephew was very prone to falling without being aware of it before he was diagnosed and put on medication.
  7. Since she was at her home in Michigan and NOT at the debate, not possible.
  8. There are hundreds of online CS degrees being offered. The key is to look at places that have offered the degree before the emergency pandemic online learning hit. UF (linked above) has been offering theirs for many years and is a fabulous institution. (It's my alma mater, so I may be a bit biased) A few others that my son looked at (online IT degree, but most have CS, too) are Georgia Southern, Oregon State, and FSU. He looked at most of the places in this article https://www.computersciencezone.org/the-best-online-bachelors-in-computer-science-degrees/ - (staying away from the for profit schools).
  9. The below is copied from Johns Hopkins (bolding mine) - they are definitely not doing the calculation you describe. They only use negative tests in their calculation. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/individual-states/florida Positivity Rates: Our calculation, which is applied consistently across the site and predates most states’ test positivity tracking efforts, looks at number of cases divided by number of negative tests plus number of cases. ... Because states do not all publish number of positive and number of negative tests per day, we have no choice but to calculate positivity via our approach.
  10. The Selsun Blue 3 in 1 shampoo/bodywash is what my son uses after wrestling, although Defense soaps are popular, too. They use tea tree oil, but the smell is really strong. I agree that having to keep them covered with bandaids is prolonging the healing.
  11. Wrestling mom here, which means skin checks constantly. We use straight bleach dabbed on the spots with a cotton ball. Works quickly and has never let us down.
  12. Not necessarily. Best 106 on my son's team last year (and in the state) was a Senior. 113 and 118 were both Juniors. Heavyweight this year is a Freshman.
  13. Wrestling isn't all about strength, there is a lot of technique and skill involved. My son's wrestling club has some high school girls in it and they can hold their own quite nicely.
  14. Anything with solutions cds is version 1, which is not complete. We used v2 & 3 all the way through Pre-calc and both my sons have tested decently on the SAT/ACT and done fine in Calc 1 in dual enrollment their Sr. year. My rule was a solution worked out on paper before they could pick a multiple choice answer and full solutions must be viewed anytime a problem is missed.
  15. My son is a wrestler, and his club has been up and running, first at coach's houses and now in a rented gym space, since they closed schools here in March. It was limited at first to just the team members, but has grown at this point to have 60+ wrestlers, youth and high school. We are one of the top teams in the state in our division, and there is and always has been a single week break between the season and "off season". In this sport, it's keep going or get left behind, and my son doesn't want to give it up and I won't ask it of him.
  16. Mine got his scores today, too. He is so happy that he never has to take it again.
  17. University of Florida has an online BS in computer science.
  18. CLEPs definitely have scores, it's not a pass/fail test. There are a set number of questions and a time limit, even essay questions on a couple of them.
  19. My son is currently taking his test at the only site within 50 miles that didn't cancel. He was so happy that he could finally take it and stop the prepping.
  20. Totally agree. Both of my sons did 5-6 tests using the free vouchers from modernstates. That's 15-18 credit hours for only the test center fee (we could have had that reimbursed, but didn't).
  21. Gravity Falls is the one with Dipper and Mabel spending the summer with their uncle in a town where lots of weird things happen. Haven is kind of sci-fi where a FBI agent goes to a small town in Maine where people have "troubles" that she helps control. I discovered it on Netflix and binge watched the series.
  22. Person of Interest Haven Big Bang Theory The Office Gravity Falls (kids)
  23. This is a protest in Orlando - hundreds of people, not socially distanced at all. Same thing happened in Jax, Tallahassee, Tampa, Miami, etc. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-ne-george-floyd-protests-saturday-20200606-e2hmreb46zafzpk34mo62ndxw4-story.html
  24. Why not just get the TT Book to go along with the video lessons?
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