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  1. Mine get good student discounts. The really big jump is totally normal.
  2. FLVS is not affiliated with Connections Academy anymore, only a few county virtual schools are. FLVS FT and Flex uses its own proprietary curriculum from K-12 now.
  3. My son took geometry before taking the SAT, but I am not sure how heavy those topics are on the test. Have her take a practice SAT and ACT to see which one she does better on, then use Khan for practice on shaky topics.
  4. Since you mentioned Bright Futures, I assume you're in Florida. Homeschoolers only have two requirements for the scholarship, SAT scores (which are increasing next year) and volunteer hours. Only public and private school students have course requirements.
  5. Here in Florida, if the community is gated the roads are considered private. That means the HOA is responsible for any repaving work and the sewer lines under the road. In the last year, my community has spent over $60,000 fixing sewer line problems. In about 5 years, we will have to repave the roads to the tune of $250,000. As a member of my board, we are constantly explaining costs like this to people who want to reduce the yearly assessment. We are trying to put enough into reserve to not have to do a special assessment when the road work happens. We are only 100 houses, so that would really hurt. I can guarantee that the developer didn't talk about those kind of expenses to people buying houses here. An easy way to find out where the money is going is to ask for a copy of the financial report, it should be public.
  6. You should definitely ask the kids first. I have two boys, 15 &17, who share by choice, and I do have 5 bedrooms. We assumed they would want to separate as they got older. At least it gives me lots of space for a library/schoolroom, a computer room, and a guest room.
  7. We have the Uverse wireless receivers. We have to reboot them 2-3 times every day for the last year and a half. Can't wait until the contract is up so we can switch.
  8. Keep the master for yourself, put two younger kids in the other bedroom, and the two oldest girls in the fireplace room.
  9. Make sure to do the application during his senior year, anyway (super simple application, took maybe five minutes). If he changes his mind and decides to come back to a FL school, it can be reinstated in later years.
  10. That SAT score and 100 volunteer hours would get him the top level of the Bright Futures scholarship, which can be used at any college in Florida. It wouldn't cover the full cost of Eckerd, but it would certainly help.
  11. I bumped the big thread to the top of the Education board for you.
  12. I've had great success with the supplement DIM to help with the hot all over, all the time feeling.
  13. This. Your water isn't hot enough.
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