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  1. Btdt multiple times now. I really enjoy adult relationships with my kids. In many ways adult relationships are a lot fun. We are sitting outside in our backyard with 5 kids, 4 grandkids watching fireworks, listening to music, drinking, dancing, playing. So much fun. Different seasons bring different joys!! Celebrate the new season. 🙂
  2. You might look at Patterns in College Writing. I have used it with 9th to 11th graders. Eta: it is a college textbook, so obviously fine for 12th. I just havent used ot with a sr.
  3. I never use a history curriculum all the way through graduation. Science, only for core physics, chemistry, bio high school courses. It really isn't hard at all. I have already started school for the yr with my 5th grader. We are doing American history this yr (she has never studied American history before unless Liberty Kids counts. 😉 ) When I was creating the course, I made a list of topics that I wanted to highlight. We tend to read biographies or nonfiction books focused on specific topics bc by doing that their reading encompasses much broader topics bc as whole books do, they cover more than a textbook synopsis. The order of her reading themes for the first five weeks of history reading goes as follows: Eric and Leif Erikson, Columbus, Cartier, pilgrims, Squanto, native North Americans, and Rogers Rangers and the French Indian War. When we start back after our week off, we will start with the Revolution. I have a general framework of the yr laid out with more books listed for time periods than we can realistically read. I will simply make selections based on our pace. You can do something similar for any time period/culture/geography you want. For science, if your ds is going to study ecology, why not take a similar approach with the 5th graders. Choose an ecosystem and study it. You can study the wild life, botany, impact on other ecosystmes, threats, etc. Make a list of the systems you want to study: forests, mountains, caves, ocean, ponds, deserts, streams/rivers, jungles, African plains, sea shore, islands, etc. There are all kinds of books and documentaries that are easily accessible to 5th graders. You could even incorporate biographies like Scientists in the Field, etc. ETA: I was typing when you deleted your OP. Not sure why you did? I'm leaving my response bc the questions were good ones and I spent my time responding.
  4. I agree 100% with both of these. I realize now that I misread ths OP when I initially skimmed it bc I thought the OP's ds was K age and the child being watched was 3, not both 3. Preschool is a modern era construct and it really is unnecessary in a home where children are nurtured with daily normal interactions--stories, conversations, and play. The idea that preschool letters and numbers mean long-term gain is false if the child is in a language-rich environment where language/sounds/counting are parts of their daily life. Learning nursery rhymes and playing sequencing games, etc are far more in important in developing the skills required for reading than learning their letters. Reading progression requires understanding initial and final sounds, letter sequencing, etc. If a child struggles with identifying /t/ in the word sat, they are not ready to read. Brains mature at different rates (just like babies crawl, walk, talk at different ages that vary widely within normal childhood development. A child walking at 9 months is not more "advanced" than one walking at 12 mos.) With reading, just playing and immersing in language vs learning how to identify and write letters at 3 does not impede their development or progression. Nursery rhymes, poetry, songs, those develop phonemic awareness and are actually more important at 3. Fwiw, I intentionally do not do any preschool academics with my kids bc I believe developmentally other things are far more valuable for their development. I focus on imaginative play, self-entertainment (an incredibly undervalued long-term life skill), building/constructing, large and small muscle development through playing, and lots of stories and singing. When they are school age, they are absolutely not behind. By the time they graduate from high school, they are strong honors/advanced (some of them very advanced) students. And all of them started K learning their letters. (Well, not exactly. I didnt even do K with one of my kids bc he was too busy and didnt want to sit still.. He learned his letters in first and ended that year reading Charlotte's Web. By 2nd grade he was reading The Hobbit.) All that to say, this is unnecessary angst. 3 yr olds are busy. Read lots of stories, let them play, do arts and crafts and they will both be getting developmentally appropriate attention.
  5. I would do school with your ds while the 3 yr old eats. A few minutes with him while she eats breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc is all K takes. Put her in a booster seat or high chair strapped in while eating. Give her a popsicle or playdough while she is in the seat after she eats. Let her shape letters out of string licorice or glue beans on paper in the shape of letters. Paint with water. Write with dry erase board marker. There are plenty of ways to entertain a 3 yr old while you do K. (I have an autistic ADHD ds who is my 2nd oldest. You can make it work; you may just need to be creative.)
  6. I'd do Five in a Row or Before Five in a Row with both of them and then just spend about 45-60 mins additional mins with your ds on math and phonics/simple reading/handwriting. You could break it up into 3 different times where you work with him for just a few mins per day and maybe have her doing typical preschool activities (gluing, cutting, stringing, playdough, etc. ) I am not much help in the preschool dept bc I don't do preschool "academics" with my kids.
  7. TT is not going to force her to make corrections. (One issue that many parents have is that their kids learn to game TT's system.) Have you considered Thinkwell? Dr. Burger is a great teacher. They have a placement test so you would be able to assess where to place her.
  8. Plenty of science majors will be taking online labs. My freshman is registered for 2 lab sciences in the fall. Both labs were switched by the U to online vs in-person.
  9. I would recommend having 4 yrs of science for most Us, but they do not all need to be traditional sequence high school science courses. If he is doing the environmental club, you could easily create an environmental science course. 2 of my kids have had an ecological biodiversity course as a high school science. They read about difference ecosystems and the biodiversity within the various systems. They read about ecological threats, protective measures, etc. They watched documentaries. (By far, it was one of my dd's favorite science classes in high school.)
  10. I think Farrar's kids took the regular chem class. I would ask her or even just ask Connie. She is very forthright about honors being a bigger time commitment than honors. FWIW, there is a lot of maturing during high school. My 9th graders are nothing like my srs. Going from middle school to high school shouldn't be a drastic shift. It really should be a simple forward progression. So, it really depends on the student as to what is a good fit. But if you think about how much he changed between 4th grade and 8th, the shift you'll see between 9th and 12ths will be equal compared to his 8th grade self. That growth doesnt all have to happen between 8th grade summer and 9th grade. 🙂
  11. It is really going to depend on the 9th grader. Some of my 9th graders could have handled that load. Some couldn't. Connie's honors chemistry class is a big time commitment. I am assuming the AP history class will be, too. Do you have any estimate for the time commitment for the linguistics course? It is an aggressive schedule for a 9th grader, so it is definitely rigorous and college prep. I would ask yourself how many hrs you want him to spend on school daily and then work backward from your schedule to see if your time expectations and course expectations match.
  12. One suggestion might be instead of lumping Sir Gawain, The Tempest, and Till We Have Faces separate from Frankenstein and Jekyll and Hyde, you could put them all together under conflict themes (man vs. self/man/nature/society (machines/supernatural). Those are all excellent examples of conflict themes and using those themes is a great way to introduce lit anaysis into essays for 9th graders. I love this talk by Kreeft on Till We Have Faces.
  13. Me, too. But I am wondering if they are saving in person lab space for upper level courses and need more lab space to spread out for extra lab times. Logically, freshman labs are the easiest ones to eliminate.
  14. Ruth, did you look at the MA website? I just googled and it doesn't look that hard for him to prove residency for a standard (non-REAL ID) DL. He is a a US citizen, so that makes it easier. Spend some time reading through the website and a lot of your questions are probably answered there. (Though terminology is probably an issue. He has a DL, not a permit, correct? As in he can drive independently without another licensed driver, but it is a graduated license meaning he may not be able to have unlimited passengers or drive all hrs?? Permit and license are very different things here.'s%20permit,documents%20you%20can%20use%20below. School-issued documents Official school transcript for current year Official letter from school (proof of enrollment) dated within 60 days Tuition bill for current year Certified school record for current year
  15. Labs and honors seminar are online. 😞 She doesn't know yet about her other classes, but not much motivation now to take any hybrid classes vs all online.
  16. The backlog is probably outrageous. I dont know what is like in MA, but here school kids couldn't do their testing through schools bc they were shut down. My dd had an appt for the in car test the day offices here closed. Her appt is now scheduled for 5 months post her original test date. The only date we could get in with her driving instructor for a refresher test drive through before her test in Aug is July 4th. I would make calls before you even worry about anything else.
  17. I select topics as we go. I make decisions based on what they are currently studying and what I feel at that time is a topic I want them to explore more.
  18. REUs are considered grants/scholarships. Read IRS pub 970.
  19. I have 5 children over the age of 21 and over the yrs we have helped them figure out car rentals. Lots of 21-22 yr olds are flying across the country for interviews for jobs or grad school. Under 25 and over 21 can rent cars in most places with a surcharge.
  20. I googled MA law (it can vary by state.) You can't rent a car under 21.
  21. Google MA Drivers License requirements and you'll find their website that should tell you the documentation he needs plus the legal requirements for getting a driver's license based on his age and how long he has been driving, It is doubtful he will be able to rent a car by himself at his age. That is a completely different conversation. minimum age to rent,under the age of 25.
  22. i have a small section on their transcript that states Official High School Transcript. Below that line it states Operated under State Code XXXXX. On their final transcript, I simply add Final Transcript under that.
  23. I never have. Just the transcript. Make sure to include the words Final Transcript on it.
  24. She is pretty complaisant about the whole thing. We sort of figured this was the direction things were going to go. She is hoping her labs will be on campus. We'll see.
  25. Dd's U announced yesterday that classes are all switching to hybrids or fully online. Students can opt to take all online. She won't her actual course options for a while.
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