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  1. I was thinking about that for my dd, but I was afraid she might end up applying to some college that required it. I don't have a good sense of how many colleges actually require it, so I had her do it. I thought I'd heard that some colleges are using graded essays that the student has done instead of requiring the SAT essay. That makes much more sense to me. It would be a much more accurate sample of the best writing the student is capable of doing. Haven't heard much about it the past year, but I haven't been paying as much attention to this stuff as I did when my oldest were in 11th & 12th grade.
  2. It's crazy, isn't it?? Makes me wonder how useful terms like "honors" or "accelerated" or even "college level" (coming from a high school) can possibly be. I guess if there are 20 students applying from the same school, it might help to distinguish between them. Or, if the admissions folks have had experience with a school, they'd have a sense of what those terms mean _for that school_.
  3. I can see why. For me, it's the idea that CB is using the kids as guinea pigs. That's fine, if it's the last test of the day and will have no impact on the kids. But, when it's just.another.thing in an already stressful morning and then they have to do something that _does_ affect them..... AND I have to pay for all these tests, so obviously I want them to do as well as they can... Just seems stupid that they don't have the kids who are only doing the SAT R&W, not the essay, do the guinea pig sections. I'm just grumpy. 🙂 My boys only hit guinea pig sections when they were done testing & that was totally fine.
  4. I did what Corraleno did for my two oldest and included both unweighted and weighted gpas on their transcripts. Also used +0.5 for "honors" classes, using the same metrics as she did, and +1.0 for AP/DE. It seemed to work out well. I figured if it mattered to anyone what the weighted GPA was, it was right there. They could look at it, ignore it, or recalculate it, if they wanted. I'm terrible about second guessing/worrying myself to death, so including both gpas on the transcript took care of that!
  5. My dd hit the same thing.... unexpected section on the SAT before doing the essay. I knew about the extra, supposedly ungraded guinea pig section, but I was pretty angry that they would have students who were also doing the essay do it. My dd said she was pretty wiped out after that section bec. the questions were harder, she thought. Her essay score came back pretty low considering she had a 5 on her AP Eng exam and her SAT Eng score was nearly perfect. 😞
  6. For sure. There really can't be much difference between the editions. If your local schools use the same texts, you might be able to find them used on craigslist or from local hs groups. I bought my dd a used text.
  7. My go to for questions like this was the textbook list for a local, highly selective, $50K/year college-prep school. I figure if it works for them... 🙂 I think you've got it right. I looked up AP Bio, bec. my dd will be doing it this year. Here's the Campbell text they use: Campbell Biology AP Edition (sunflower) Turns out the local hybrid uses the same text for AP Bio, so she'll take it at the hybrid. Here's the Campbell text they use for regular/Honors biology: Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology, which happens to be what my dd used for bio at the community college the summer of 10th grade. ETA: Just checked the other, local, $50k+ college-prep high school... They use the same text for AP Bio and this text for regular (not listed as honors) bio.
  8. I hadn't heard of that. Did they score the tests and give the scores to the students? Or did they just say, "Too bad. Take it over."?
  9. I know. I was more nervous after talking to the CB rep because he said it might be delayed because duplicate answer sheets were submitted, or bec they hadn't received the answer sheet yet, ... Is your dd a senior?
  10. Replied to your other post, but my dd is in the same spot w/ the SAT subject exams she took on Aug 24. 😞 I called CB and they've escalated the issue & said we should hear back in 5-7 business days. Ugh. Looks like we're past the regular reg window for the Oct date, but that may be my back up plan if the scores are lost.
  11. @BookwormTo2 No, she still does not have the score for either of the two subject exams she took on Aug 24. 😞 It does say "Complete," but nothing else. I called the CB first thing yesterday morning and the rep did escalate the issue. He told me 5-7 business days. I'm nervous because my dd took it at a site an hour and a half away that we've never used before. All the local sites were filled. When we got to the new site, it was pretty clear they weren't organized. They said the usual test administrator was on medical leave and the person in charge was new to it. ACK! The rooms weren't even set up. They didn't even start checking kids in until a little after 8. Everywhere else my kids have tested had everyone checked in and sitting in rooms by 8am. If you hear back, post an update & I'll do the same!
  12. There's no mention of them on her Dashboard page. There's a blurb that if you don't see your scores and you have your test reg. number, go to the Matching Tool. Even inputting her reg number, it just says, "Get Your Scores | Matching Tool The information you entered is already associated with your account. If you can't see your score, it may not be online yet or delayed." I hope they're just late. We've never had this issue before.
  13. My daughter took two SAT Subject Exams in Aug., but her scores aren't showing up! Anyone else have scores not showing? I tried going through the Matching Tool thing, but it still comes up as not available yet. Please tell me they aren't lost!
  14. Hi, No, I haven't signed my dd up, yet. I'm hoping that the local hybrid comes through because she did well last year with a live, face-to-face teacher with office hours. Another option that I looked at was Wilson Hill Academy. They have live, online classes that meet twice a week. We've had the PreCalc teacher, Leslie Smith, for Alg. 1 and Geometry and been happy with her. That would normally be my Plan B, if the face-to-face hybrid falls through, but I can't make the schedule fit. That's why I'm looking at TPS as Plan B. We've been very happy with their English classes, but haven't tried any math classes with them. I haven't found much/any feedback on the TPS course which I usually take as a red flag. 😞 Good luck finding a good fit for your student. Please PM me if you hear anything about TPS or other options & I'll do the same!
  15. Freesia, Did you have to get your school's ok to host you first, before signing up on line? Is your school using Total Registration? Caroline, any word on when schools will have details? Thanks
  16. I am having a major brain blip and I never have much luck searching the boards. Is it possible to register for AP exams online? If it is, can you give me a link? I _think_ I've only ever registered my kids for the SAT and for the SAT Subject exams online, but a friend said you can sign up for AP exams online. Thanks so much!
  17. NM - made a decision!
  18. NM - made a decision!
  19. I'm afraid I can't help with the question of how well TPS French prepares for the AP exam..... My sons ended up not taking the AP French exam. I'm not sure why. The exam date might have conflicted with the national debate tournament that year? They did a lot of reading of French lit with a tutor we like. I think we might have opted to do more lit reading than to spend the time prepping for the AP exam with its various, specific strands. Had enough hoop-jumping in other subjects. 🙂 I do know that the content of the TPS AP French class has been significantly modified since my boys took it, so I'd love to hear from anyone who has taken it within the last 3-4 years!
  20. Have you already registered for the AP exam? If not, it may be too late to do so for this year, so check asap! I don't think there's a downside to taking the exam if you've already paid for it. Don't ask that it be sent to colleges on the answer sheet. When the scores come out, if you and your dd aren't happy with the score, you can have it completely deleted from your dd's record. Or, if there are certain colleges you don't want to send it to, you can withhold it from that college. "After you take an AP Exam, we send your score report to the college or university that you designated on your answer sheet. Your score report is cumulative and includes scores for all the AP Exams you have ever taken, unless you requested that one or more scores be withheld from a college or canceled." Check the AP Score Reporting page on the CB site for details about how to withhold (keep the score but don't report it to the college) or cancel (delete it permanently from the student's record.) When my sons applied to college last year, they self-reported their AP scores. We didn't send an actual report until after they were accepted, so we'd have had an opportunity to withhold or cancel scores if we had wanted to.
  21. Wilson Hill plans to add French 1 & 2 this coming year. Instructor is TBD, but I am hoping, hoping, hoping it will be a native speaker that I know! 🙂
  22. Hi, all, Looking for an alternative for PreCalc for my dd for the fall if she can't do math at the local hybrid in the fall. (They don't put out their schedule until August, so I never know till a couple of weeks before the year begins if the class we want will be available at a time we can use. ERGH!) If anyone has had a student take PreCalc with TPS or take any other class with L.Crosby, please, please let me know what you thought! We've never used TPS for math, but I've been happy with their English courses, for the most part. Please PM if that's easier! Thank you!
  23. I'm looking for a solid, lit-based English course with a strong writing component for my rising 12th grade dd. We've been happy with CLRC's Great Books course this year, so I was wondering about their American Lit course & instructor, Cara Valle. Has anyone had a student in the class or in another English class w/ Ms. Valle? I would so appreciate any feedback you might have. PM, if that's easier! Thank you! yvonne
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