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Stocking Stuffer ideas for 90+ yo grandpa?


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Long story short, DH's grandparents are going to be alone in a new-to-them place this Christmas.  We're planning to send them stockings for a bit of holiday cheer, but I'm coming up totally short on ideas for Grandpa.


The best I can do is that he's a St. Louis Cardinals fan, but other than that, I got nothing.  Help!

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A pocket book?  (Maybe on old-fashioned mystery?  Or poetry?  An Interesting biography?)  My father is soon 89, and he still enjoys clever, adult items.  A puzzle book?  Nuts?  Wool socks?  A National Geographic magazine?  (I don't mean a whole subscription, just one magazine.)  A calendar?  Christmas cookies?

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Awww...I'm sorry they're going to be alone in a new place at Christmas! I hope they're not too awfully lonely.   :sad:   So sweet of you to send them stockings!  


Lots of good ideas above!


Here's a link to Cardinals-themed activity books and a couple of games (I'm not sure what sizes these things are or what size stockings you have in mind).


www.mlbshop.com has an activity book, too, along w/things like these that might work:



Baseball cap or beanie








I'm sure whatever you send will be very much appreciated!





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