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  1. I leave my 9 and almost 12 year olds home alone regularly, and sometimes in charge of their 2 year old brother. I let them wander stores unattended. (not the 2 year old). I was shopping for a sewing machine the other day, for example, and my 9 year old (only her) was bored. I told her she could wander around the store but not go outside. She did fine. I did not have concerns about her destroying or breaking anything, and I trusted that if anything bad happened, someone would scream. To avoid alarming her, I told her that the rule was that she could not go outside the store.
  2. Absolutely. I've been leaving mine alone (in small restaurants in small town) since they were about 5 or 6. A ten year old, anywhere. I leave them with the instructions to not go outside. If anyone tries to make them go outside, scream. ETA I don't worry about abductions because that's extremely rare. But just in case, I give contingency plans.
  3. Yes, this. And I have also said it about people with drug addiction, or homelessness, or other disaster: But for the grace of God go I. I don't know why I wasn't born into poverty or to a drug addicted mom, or into terrible circumstances. I don't deserve God's grace. For some reason I was born into a healthy family. But for the grace of God go I into drug addiction or crime or poverty and homelessness. It's really saying you identify with those folks and recognize that if not for the grace of God you might be in the same space. It's recognizing the fact that you aren't in your present s
  4. Maybe you could call your police friend and have them on standby (but not visible) when it he finds out they are gone and becomes "irate." Maybe he will commit a crime in the process and go to jail.
  5. In the dark ages before any internet, call waiting, or caller Id, I had friends whose parents wouldn't drive them places. Wouldn't and/ or couldn't. Rural area, one car, mom didn't drive. Kids rode the school bus. They were limited. As a teen I drove them.
  6. A friend is a police detective and he was sharing with me, in a five minute conversation, so just skimming the surface, some of the apps and things criminals use (not special criminal ones, just ones people use to hide from someone.). He works in some sort of tech where he gets info from criminals phones. He says his daughter is getting a jitterbug phone when she gets old enough. Says they still make them! So it's not just paranoid parents making this decision. He also worked in crimes against children before his current job.
  7. I'm pretty sure it's similar in the US. Mandatory reporting applies to the vulnerable, like the elderly and children. I worked as a social worker and do not ever recall requirements to report on able bodied adults. Taking away the free choice of adults who are making decisions, even if they are ill advised, is a slippery slope to taking away many freedoms. Can you imagine going to the doctor for help and the doctor deciding that he or she has to report what happened as a crime? That's a good way to keep people away from medical care.
  8. Hugs to you. I have had pregnancy, toddlers, homeschooling, and DH with a back problem, but not all at once. I vote to hire or trade help of any sort. I know you aren't looking to send kids to school, but could you send the little ones to preschool? I homeschool but I have and do send the under 4 crowd to preschool. ETA assuming your signature is correct, you don't have any preschool candidates. But something has to give in your life. Don't know how functional your Dh is, if he's just off work and in the bed for the interim, or if he's going to work and trying, but you need help some
  9. There are a large number of elderly people and non elderly people with chronic pain who can't take any NSAIDS because of being on Coumadin or other blood thinners. So if Tylenol doesn't do it, they are out of options besides opioids.
  10. I agree with the previous posters, sorry! The good news is that broccoli plants are in the stores now and you can start over!
  11. I am starting over due to moving. I'm on a larger scale than you are, but here's what I'm doing: nothing invasive or poorly behaved. Weed management strategies, in that I'm going to let the chickens till the ground and be vigilant about stale seed beds before I plant. Perfect soil preparation. Planting fewer things. There is more I'm sure.
  12. Where do you live, as PP asked too? That's makes a huge difference. I think in some places you can throw in some apple trees and they will be fine. I live in the southeastern US, and all fruit trees besides maybe mulberries are very difficult. However, blackberries do well with very little maintenance, as do blueberries. Strawberries require frequent planting, but they are happy. Watermelons and cantaloupes grow with no trouble at all, as do muscadine, but not grapes.
  13. Great! They have learned that mama isn't going to do all for them, so they need to figure it out.
  14. I may have pulled the plug on the wifi because my dh told me "in a minute" too many times in the middle of me wrangling all the kids to bed on my own. You know when the toddler is just an absolute crying mess and needs to go to bed NOW! And it won't take but a couple of minutes to do it so put down the $$::& phone. That took me way less aggravation than what the OP is going through. I might have removed the router and all gaming devices by now if I were her. But I'm mean like that!
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