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  1. My son is going to start grade 10 science soon (He takes online highschool). Before officially starting he likes to read easy, fun or interesting books about the subjects. For example before learning about geometry he would reread the Sir Curmference books (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_Cumference). Before revisiting English Grammar terms he might reread Grammar Land (https://www.amazon.ca/Grammar-Land-M-L-Nesbitt/dp/1230411534) . So I'm not looking for something targeted for his age or level. Just something to add to his light reading. Any books or similiar related to the following
  2. I have watched a number of documentaries with my kids; Great Courses, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bob Brier, ... I remember, or at least I think I remember watching one that talked about absorption spectrum and redshift. It talked about the scientist who discovered it and figured out what it meant. It was, if I remember correctly, very well done with the graphics. Either high quality cartoon or live action or both of those combined. It was not one of those videos that comes up when you search youtube for the words, "Redshift".
  3. Perhaps he misssed something. But he felt that the corpse didn’t come back to life, cause that is impossible. Instead the person cremating him hallucinated that his corpse came back to life. Therefore that whole “creepiness” part wasnt Sam Magee but his worn out exhausted friend having a hallucination. Sam ended with his final breath. https://sammcgeesalaska.com/whos-sam-mcgee/
  4. My son is taking his highschool classes at a public online highschool. At this school most courses are divided into 4 units. You read the provided material, answer the questions, submit the unit and get a mark back. You don't have an assigned teacher, and each unit might end up being graded by a different teacher. Also please note that in my province there is massive grade inflation. At this point 80% is considered average. I'm not kidding. He has had several other units graded, and I have been okay with all them. But the last one has me annoyed. The below is an example of one of the problems
  5. Thanks. Does anyone have any videos that will prove/ show how you can make the assumption that, "EFGH is a parallelogram, due to points E, F, G, H being midpoints of their respective lines"
  6. This question has me stumped. I can easily figure out angle HEF is 70 degrees. But I don't know where to go after that.
  7. My youngest son just finished listening to the 5th book in the Hitchhiker's guide series and wants the 6th book, "And Another Thing". He wants it as an Eaudio, the same format he listed to the 5 previous books. - The library didn't have it, except as part of a program for visual impaired people. So no luck. - I went to buy the E-audio from amazon.ca. Not available. - I created a new account on https://www.audiobooks.com/ . Turns out the version they have is the BBC dramatization. So no luck. - I created a new account on https://www.kobo.com . After I created the account
  8. My son is into Dungeon and Dragons, and birthday is coming up. He likes audio books. Any chance there are some audiobooks for D&D?
  9. Today I was at a small out of town gas station and saw a DVD for sale. I think the title had the word, “children” in it. I read the back of the DVD and I thought it sounded interesting. But now I forget the name of the movie. In the movie aliens have invaded earth and have seemingly solved all our problems. No more war of famine. But then something happens and the aliens either reveal themselves, or reveal their real purpose. Does it ring any bells for anyone?
  10. I’m not sure how to explain this. During the summer we try, as a family, or at least my boys get really into a series that can last a summer. One summer it was all Percy Jackson books. Another was rangers apprentice. Last summer was Harry Potter. This summer we are revisiting the past with Winnie the Pooh, and Auther Dent. (They are related, eeyore lead to the robot in the hitchhikers guide) what series do you feel require a whole summer to appreciate them? (I’m on my iPad. Sorry)
  11. Once my husband was going to walk to the nearby store. I gave him a small bag and asked him to get me 3 bananas and 2 tomatoes to eat tonight before we would leave the next day on a trip. He got home and complained it was all hard to carry because he got 3 large bunches of bananas and 3 baskets of tomatoes.
  12. But the question is "What is the inverse of the square root of 25" The question isn't what is the inverse operation to finding the square root. Would the inverse of the square root of 25 be 5 to the power of 2? I just don't understand how "the square root of 25" is considered an operation, so I can't see how it can have an inverse operation.
  13. My son is taking a online grade 9 math course. It's through the government (Ontario) and basically you have 7 units that you submit and get a grade on. So no teacher per say. My problem is his next assignment has some questions about inverse operations. Here is the question: 3. State the inverse operation for each of the underlined operations. A verbal description of each of the given operations is also provided. (5 marks total) a. 18 – 12 (subtract 12) (1 mark) b. 4 ÷ –2 (divide by –2) (1 mark) c. (Picture didn't copy right) (the squa
  14. I don't know if anyone mentioned this yet. But John Oliver did a very nice piece on MLM's.
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