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Your Favorite Parenting Books? (Ages 7 to12-ish)


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What are your favorite parenting books for ages 7-12?


I think I've read enough parenting books in the last several years to satisfy a whole second college degree!  But they have all focused on birth, babyhood, toddlers, the first 5-7 years.  


It seems like, as our eldest turned 7 this past year, we're embarking on a new period of parenting here and I'm a bit adrift.  It helps me to read many perspectives, gleaning a bit from each and the developing my own course.  Any recommendations?  





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"How to Talk So Kids Will Listen"....definitely. :)


I really liked Bruce Feiler's "Secret of Happy Families".  He used to have a bunch of free stuff on his website.  Not sure if it's still there.


"Love and Logic"


"Setting Limits with Your Strong-Willed Child"

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There are a lot of interesting ones out there. A few off the top of my head:


Raising Resilient Children


Hold Onto Your Kids


Laying Down the Rails


ETA:  I forgot to mention probably my favorite, Sacred Parenting.  In case the title didn't tip you off, it is a Christian book.

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This one was highly recommended to me at the time (but I'll confess I never got around to reading it).  It would be for the higher end of the range you mentioned.


The Rollercoaster Years by Charlene C. Giannetti  and Margaret Sagarese


"For the 20 million parents of 10- to 15-year-olds, The Roller-Coaster Years is a lively guide to mastering the ups and downs of early adolescence. Every parent knows about the terrible twos and the brooding teens, but few have anticipated the wild ride of these magical yet maddening years that can provide all the thrills and chills of a carnival ride.

Now, drawing together the latest information from experts, supported and advised by the National Middle School Association, and with surprising insights from the authors' own surveys of parents, teachers, and the children themselves, The Roller-Coaster Years covers every facet of the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of early adolescents, including:

• Appearance Anxiety
• Distractibility
• Fears and Other Emotions
• The Battle for Independence
• Success in School
• Friendship and Peer Pressure
• Sexual Awakening
• The Lure of Tobacco, Drugs, and Alcohol
• The Promise and Peril of Electronic Media
• Sticky Questions About Your Own Past"




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I read a lot of books but I wish I was better about putting all those ideas into practice.


I really liked Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn.


I had been mostly convinced on the idea of Unconditional Parenting before reading the book just from my own experience and observing other teenagers whose parents where very conditional.   But, after I'd read it halfway, it talked about the danger of "I love you because ..."   It made a lot of sense.   I wanted to reassure DD that my love was unconditional.   She was probably a year old.  She was at that age where she'd stand on the diaper table after changing and we'd communicate.   I said, "Do you know why I love you?"   She shook her head no, and I could tell she was extremely worried and distressed.   DH was walking by in the hallway, and I felt him tense up extremely.  I hadn't mentioned the book to him, yet.  I hadn't meant to phrase it in such a way as to distress my family.   Then I told DD I loved her because she was herself, she was (DD's name) and I gave her a hug. It was all smiles and joy then.   


But, that distress of both DD and DH was extremely convincing.  

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