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  1. For me this looks like "I feel stupid videotaping myself and I have overly expressive eyebrows but I kinda want to document my journey anyway."
  2. I don't understand the uproar. But I also don't assume the worst about people or things in general. I am going to assume she asked for the peloton, and that she had goals for herself and that she was genuinely pleased with her own efforts and the support of her spouse. Is the girl in the gin commercial supposed to be the same girl from the peloton commercial? Is that why we are supposed to assume the husband is a jerk?
  3. True. But there are a lot of illnesses we don't vaccinate for too so people just need to be careful around babies in general. The problem with the pertussis vaccine is it gives people a false sense of security. You could potentially have an active pertussis infection and not know it because you don't have any symptoms, thanks to the vaccine.
  4. I hate nerf guns. Hate hate hate. Finding bullets everywhere is bad enough. But every so often (too often, really) someone shoots someone else point blank in the face, looks shocked and surprised when their sibling stars screaming in pain, and then I throw all the guns in the garbage. The nerf guns always come back somehow. You'd think the kids would learn not to spend their money on them with the way they "disappear."
  5. To each their own, but research show that the pertussis vaccine does not stop the spread of pertussis. I think you're better off staying away from people who are actually sick than demanding that people get a booster.
  6. We have a big Christmas Eve dinner, potluck style, with my side of the family. I don't know how the tradition got started, but it's all finger foods.
  7. This, and I think the rest of them just don't care. I am certain everyone saw the brown streaks (please be chocolate, please be chocolate) from someone's hand on the inside of the hall bath but no one actually cares enough to clean it except me.
  8. My kids can destroy a bathroom in less than one day. And they do it daily.
  9. I made a GR account just to be able to read Quill's review. Totally worth it!
  10. Ooh, thank you! I just bought this. I've been thinking I needed a bigger one for a long time.
  11. One year for Christmas my kids got a "We are going to Sea World" puzzle and once they had it put together we packed up our bags and drove to CA. I am seriously considering doing it again because not only do we have so much stuff, I am frustrated at how quickly they break things when they don't use them as intended. (Looking at you ping pong table and tetherball pole and countless other stuff)
  12. I've done a few toy purges through the years of things the kids had lost interest in. Now I wish I had kept them so I could slap a bow on them and regift them to younger siblings for their birthdays. That's allowed, right? If they don't remember or weren't around yet for the toy the first time around?
  13. Why would a vaccine injury have to happen immediately following vaccination? The anti-vaccine movement did not start with "idiots like Andrew Wakefield." Controversy surrounding vaccines go back much, much further than that. I don't have the time to keep up with this thread today. I need to make some Thanksgiving desserts. But I just want to say that we really need to listen to the mothers. Mothers need to be believed. If the CDC's bloated, untested vaccine schedule is making our children sick, who do you think is going to be raising the alarm? I have no reason to believe that pharmaceutical companies or the CDC care as much about our children as mothers do. Listen to the mothers.
  14. It's nice in theory but doesn't work out that way in reality. Some vaccines just aren't that effective and immunity wears off. Whenever there are are measles outbreaks in the US, at least some cases are in fully immunized people. The mumps portion of the MMR is notoriously ineffective. The pertussis vaccine doesn't stop the spread of pertussis. And years ago they began giving day old babies the Hep B vaccine with the idea they could eliminate the disease completely, and not only has that not happened, the risks do not outweigh the benefits.
  15. The existence of vaccine injury lawyers is not proof that the "anti-vaccine movement" is being led by them. Parents don't need lawyers to tell them what happened to their babies.
  16. Do you even know his name? Have you read the retracted study? Do you know that the study never claimed vaccines cause autism? Do you know that it's actually about gastrointestinal issues in children with autism?
  17. Oh I hear people say it's "one in a million" and so rare that obviously the benefits outweigh the risks. But the reason there is an "anti-vaccine" movement is because countless mothers have watched their children get sicker and sicker after each round of vaccines, only to be told by medical professionals that it's coincidence or that their injuries are "normal." Mothers who know what have happened to their children are tired of being gas lighted by others who think that vaccines couldn't possibly be the reason behind their children's health problems, even when they are listed as possible adverse reactions in the vaccine inserts.
  18. Anti-vaxxers don't believe that measles is harmless. Anti-vaxxers understand that measles typcially is mild, but when you throw in other factors like poverty, poor nutrition, poor sanitation, lack of access to medical care, etc that it can be deadly and the complication rate is much higher. It's absolutely awful that people in Samoa are dying of measles. But it's not just because they aren't vaccinated. From what I have read, they are asking people to turn in neighbors who are not vaccinated or who are encouraging others not to vaccinate. I find that really disturbing. I understand that the 2 babies that died from the MMR died because of human error and malpractice, but there absolutely needs to be true informed consent when it comes to medical procedures, including vaccines. People ought to have the right to refuse, regardless of whether you think their reasons are stupid.
  19. I have no problem getting rid of stuff we don't use. But with 9 people, it's a lot of stuff no matter what. We actually have a lot of storage space so I would rather store things (preferably out of sight) than buy new again for each child. That feels a lot more wasteful to me, not to mention expensive. I do feel better with less stuff out and visible though. It feels cleaner and I hate dusting around knick knacks. My MIL is a hoarder but she is immaculate and neat. But her house still feels overwhelming to me. Over the years I have purged a lot of toys. I kind of regret some of it now though. I wish I had packed it up so I could re-gift it to my littler kids. Doh.
  20. I make this a lot. Very kid friendly because they can pile on their own toppings.
  21. These are made with cream cheese and are pretty amazing!
  22. I do all of my best work when I am running out of time. I wish I could change that. But even if I try to do things early, my brain doesn't work until I'm panicking about the deadline. 😄
  23. I am on my 15th year of really wanting to do Christmas cards, but finding it too stressful/expensive/time consuming to actually do them. I love getting cards from people. No, I don't save them. But I do love the updates. I wish I was better about reciprocating. If you are going to send out cards, do it for you because you like it. If it's causing you stress, don't do it.
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