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  1. Blurb ( is my favorite! It’s easy to use and the quality is great. I create a family book for each calendar year (and any big trips we take) and am currently working on 2015. It’s a bit tedious but the books are so fun to have. Good luck!
  2. Our boys have really enjoyed these.
  3. Away luggage? any opinions? Positive? Negative? I’ve been researching carry-on suitcases and this brand keeps coming up. I need six suitcases, one for each of us in our family, so am trying to make a good choice! Would love any feedback if anyone has any.
  4. I haven't heard of this one! I'm hearing some (unfamiliar to me) games mentioned again and again... I am not sure where I've been not to have heard of these! I'd thought I was pretty in the know when it came to games ? So grateful for all these suggestions!!
  5. Exactly! We have Ticket to Ride on my iPad... I am familiar with Pandemic but not the others you mentioned--I will add those! Screens (for schooling...and for games...) will be a huge asset to us while we're away...
  6. Great additional suggestions...thank you! Being put on the list to explore!
  7. Qwirkle is a hit here, too! The major concern is space... but weight would also be a concern. We're hoping to take everything we need in just a carry-on for each of us. I haven't heard of Munchkin! I will add that to my list to look up. I agree that we'll want some plain old fun games...and even games that don't appear to be educational still can provide a lot of lessons... Like learning to lose happily! ? (Our older 3 are great losers but our six year old is still coming to terms with not winning every game... ? ) We have and enjoy Dominion and 7 Wonders (Splendor is another one we enjoy!) but I think those would take up more space than we could allow. I'm thinking we'll also each take a game but when we have friends or family come visit along the way we could swap them out...especially if one winds up feeling more like excess weight (games not being used or enjoyed as much).
  8. We have gifted this before! Not my favorite either ? (although I probably shouldn't say that since I haven't actually played it!). I can imagine more creative thinkers really enjoying this one!
  9. I'm not familiar with The Builders--I will look that up. Thanks!! Cards are a big hit and we could do so much with just a couple decks!
  10. Thank you! I hadn't heard of Dos or Hanabi. Those look fun; I'm going to put them on our list to get (whether to take or to enjoy before/after ? ) I'll need to organize a few game nights where we play all the games back to back and vote on what we want to bring with us ?
  11. And thank you to Kareni for making this post!!!!
  12. I’m so grateful for all these responses!!! I can’t wait to comb through them later and take notes/look them up. We have many of these games but some are new to me—we’re always on the lookout for new games!
  13. Oh my goodness, you’re so kind!! Thanks for doing that and for the great suggestions!!
  14. One we will most likely take is Qwixx… We all really enjoy that one and it doesn't take up much space! During the summer, we also enjoyed both King and Queen Domino... but I don't think we will want to carry those. I'm sure we will also take a few decks of cards! Do you have any other suggestions for games that are not space-consuming?
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