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Excited and Scared and Pregnant

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Actually I think terrified is more accurate, but...


I don't know if anyone remembers but I had a miscarriage at 16 weeks (a little person we had nicknamed Sprog in May 2006) and then another miscarriage at 19 weeks (a little person we called Mouse in January 2007). They were devastating losses. We took some time to regroup and recover and actively didn't get pregnant.


My OB ran every test he could think of. All of them came back normal. There was no explanation. No reason. He talked to the high risk OB about me. He did everything he could.


With the knowledge that the OB said there was no reason for the miscarriages and his assurances that there was no reason he could find not to try again, we decided to try one last time. And it worked. I am pregnant. But I am really really really scared. Losing Sprog and Mouse was awful. I don't want to go through that again. But I want to have a new little person enough that I am willing to try again.


I have my first OB appointment on February 18. He is going to do an early ultrasound and confirm that everything looks good and then send me to a high risk OB for a consultation and care for the rest of the pregnancy if I want. My OB is willing to care for me too, it just depends on what the high risk OB says.


So anyway, my due date is September 29. And I could use every positive thought and good vibes you might send this way.


Jenne in AZ

(mom to dd9, ds7, ds3)

(Sprog and Mouse)

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And, I know those were terrible experiences and days to follow for you. I can sure understand your fears now. But, I am thrilled for for you, and will keep you in my thoughts. I'm sending peace hoping that you don't have to be fearful through this pregnancy and that you can just enjoy all of it with all of you.



My very best to you! ((((Jenne))))


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Having been through pregnancy with my dw before I realize just how scary and how many little things can go wrong. It gives a full appreciation and a miscarriage would have been so devastating, let alone two.


I can understand how intimidating it must be, but we're all rooting for you. I gie you my best regards.

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I had 3 miscarriages in a row before getting pregnant w/ this baby (#7). It was devastating to put it mildly. The first was an early (5 wk) miss, the 2nd much further along and much more difficult and the 3rd (another early one) nearly put me over the edge w/ grief. I'd had others before, but never 3 in a row. My dr. and specialist said the same yours did...no reason, just a fluke. Try again. We did, I was terrified but after seeing the heart beat on the u/s I felt better. Congratulations to you! Prayers for a healthy baby are with you!

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