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  1. Hello GS,

    I was checking in on old friends. I see you have had a beautiful little girl. She is cute.

  2. Hi Jane! We're doing fine, she's the best baby. I was thinking about reviving my blog soon, just to keep in touch with some people (like you). Hope all is well.

  3. She's beautiful, Nora. How are you guys all doing, BTW?

  4. Ok, I'll put her pictures up on my blog.

  5. I wish, Nora! I do not have FB nor do I intend to get it. Between here and the other place, I'm plenty busy when I'm online. ;) I can't take on another leech of my time. I bet she's a darling. Snuggle her close for me, k? I soooo want to have another baby. :( Awwww. I just love a newborn!! Congrats again. I'm so happy for you and your family!

  6. Jane, I have pictures of the baby up on my Facebook. If you have a FB, go friend me, okay? Nora Hayden.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm thrilled for you! Can't wait until you update your blog and we can see the little beauty! Better yet, stop by and post a picture ;) Hugs, to you. We miss you. :(

  8. Sooo.... any exciting news yet?? I'm soo thrilled for you!!

  9. Yes, I am expecting in December! Long way to go...unlike you!! :)

  10. Lee, did I read a post somewhere that you're expecting?

  11. Hope your baby & your garden are growing well this summer!

  12. Wow! Congratulations! Yes, I can believe it! Hope all is going well with your pregnancy!

  13. Congrats on the baby! Jane told us!

  14. Hey Angie! Yes, a baby, can you believe it? Hope you guys are doing well!

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