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  1. In every single lecture I attended, there were numerous distractions from fussy babies and babbling toddlers. It was very distracting. Maybe for each lecture, 2-3 people can volunteer to be shoulder-tappers. That way Susan doesn't have to stop to do it, and there are enough to get the job done. Together, if need be, or simultaneously. Someone start a thread for signing up!
  2. Two years? It doesn't seem like two years have passed since then. Are you girls up to any good? :D Never mind, I know the answer.
  3. Sorry! I must be a little slow today. Or maybe I should actually get caught up on the boards before posting. :)
  4. I'm pretty sure the Laura you're referring to lives in Scotland.
  5. Don't try to make sense of MCS. Is it any wonder the homeschooling is so popular here?
  6. I have friends who have children enrolled in this particular school, and from what I understand, it's more of a complete program. The work is sent home to be completed through the week, and it's a rather heavy workload. Not a bad thing, but know that this is more like private school condensed into one day a week. It sounds like what you're looking for is more along the lines of a tutorial for enrichment classes, or a la carte classes, of which there are scads to choose from this year!
  7. The 2nd edition of 3rd grade is not actually all that old. I bought it for my (then) youngest a few years ago. It's not like the ancient 2nd editions of the upper grades (4-6). BJU must have gotten out of whack in their updating, somehow. Oh, and I have it, if you want it! :) Super cheap, just for you! And I just checked, and it's the version they are still using for distance learning. I wonder if they just mainly rearranged it for the newest version, after the other elementary levels were out - that's awfully close between editions, and it was towards the beginning of the revisions,
  8. ((((((Kari)))))) I am so, so sorry. I remember you posting about him, and how proud you both were of him. My prayers are with you all.
  9. Is this Kari in SC who used to be in FL? Her oldest son? I am so sorry. Please let me know what's decided.
  10. Hello GS,

    I was checking in on old friends. I see you have had a beautiful little girl. She is cute.

  11. Hi Jane! We're doing fine, she's the best baby. I was thinking about reviving my blog soon, just to keep in touch with some people (like you). Hope all is well.

  12. She's beautiful, Nora. How are you guys all doing, BTW?

  13. Congratulations, Lee! I'm so happy for you, and glad to hear all went well in the hospital. Pictures, please!
  14. This happened to me when I was a child. I had newly pierced ears, and one day, I noticed it hurt to turn them as you're supposed to. So I simply stopped turning them. Pretty soon, the skin grew over them. I waited as long as I possibly could before telling my mother, and hid it from her for quite awhile. They had to do a lot of cutting to get the earrings out - the skin had grown over the entire earrings, front and back. It was a horrifying experience!
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