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  1. Okay, who knows anything about epiphysiodesis? Basically, my 14 year old onson’s scoliosis has gotten much better. I think he has a 10 degree curve or maybe if was 12... whatever it’s been getting better. But he’s an inch shorter on one leg and I think the curve goes towards that leg and the doc is concerned and wants to do this epiphysiodesis on him and remove the growth plate from his knee and I’m not gonna lie, that makes my knees weak. I get it’s not a big procedure and he should be fine. But is it necessary? I’m an inch shorter on one leg and never even knew until my chiropractor told me.
  2. I wanted to love it. I enjoy the soundtrack, but thought the story was just eh.
  3. We put both of our older kids on ours when they started driving. As a bonus, they inherited our great credit score. I also liked that I could have them pick up groceries, take out, etc. without having to get them cash or whatever. We will put our youngest on it when he turns 16. Obviously, you have to have trustworthy kids for this to work.
  4. I use Progessence Plus oil blend from young living. I’m not an oil expert or really use any other oils. I tried this because I was desperate and it works. I got mine on eBay because it was cheaper with free shipping than ordering from a rep. I put 4 drops on my neck each morning and no more hot flashes and other not so fun stuff.
  5. The Discover deal might be a better return. I think I looked at it once and decided I’d spend that money I got back on other stuff, but the hotel nights would get used for travel. So I stuck with that. There might be other hotel cards that are good too. I just fell into this one while planning a trip years ago and stuck with it. We really like the comfort suites because they sleep 6. We are currently a family of 4, but my teens don’t love sharing a bed because our ds is all over the place.
  6. Here is one tip that has helped us travel. I have a choice hotels visa. I got it about 12 years ago and have racked up free hotel nights. We charge everything we can on it and pay our balance off each month. With a family of 8, you would need two rooms, but it is still very doable. They do offer some blue green resorts that sleep 8. We went to Las Vegas and Utah - two years ago and didn’t spend any money on lodging. Same with staying in midtown Manhattan last year. I think I had to spend $100 on extra points to cover it, but we stayed 6 nights in one of the priciest places. A couple weeks ago,
  7. Yes, I’ve been absent for a long while. No real reason, just life. It’s nice to be remembered. Thanks.
  8. I just wanted to address only using a doctor. I spent the entirety of last year only using my doctor to straighten out my hormones. I can tell you that she mainly prescribed different HRT with the instructions to “try them, play with the dosages, get a feel for what is right for you”. Nothing she prescribed was full proof. Much of it had crazy side effects. I am not really a person that is into oils or even more natural therapies. But I can tell you my frustration of trying many different prescribed therapies only to be left with more troubles. Doctors are not perfect at everything. Sometimes
  9. I use it! I just started using it a couple months ago. I don’t sell young living. I bought mine off of eBay because I’m not interested in mlm. My background is that I’m 46, been in peri menopause for a couple years, and have tried several types of hormone replacement therapy. All of those had side effects that I just couldn’t continue. I was getting a bit desperate and decided to try this. I am not a huge oil user. I have a lavender roll on inuse for sinus headaches, but that’s it. So this whole oil idea was pretty new to me. I can tell you that this stuff has worked for me. No more hot flashe
  10. Yes, this happened to me at 45. I tried several different Hormone replacement therapies to fix all of it. They all just came with more side effects. I finally tired this progessence plus oil from young living. I had never used oils, so I’m not an “oily” person, but I was willing to try just about anything. This oils blend really helps. I rub 4 drops on my neck in the morning and no more hot flashes, night sweats and my periods are normal timing. I bought mine off of eBay because I wasn’t interested in MLM.
  11. We are just finishing up our first year using pre Algebra with Christy Edwards at http://Www.highschoolmathlive.com . We loved it! I can’t say enough good about this class. Obviously, that can vary from teacher to teacher, but we are enrolling for algebra next year. Absolutely no complaints from me or my 13 year old son. 
  12. We are just finishing up our first year using pre Algebra with Christy Edwards. We loved it! I can’t say enough good about this class. Obviously, that can vary from teacher to teacher, but we are enrolling for algebra next year. Absolutely no complaints from me or my 13 year old son.
  13. I usually teach middle and high school. I’ve done art using all sorts of Pinterest ideas. I’ve also done cupcake decorating and easy cooking, again using Pinterest. My friend and I did a games class and mini weapons of mass destruction using the book and office supplies. All of these classes have gone over pretty well. Obviously, I’m more on an enrichment/fun sort of teacher. I just don’t do well with harder subjects.
  14. Hello. I have just recently come across Acellus tutoring website where it is $10 a month for up to 6 classes. I have been watching lots of the videos, but am still on the fence. I guess I wonder about the lack of a text or real books. I am looking for a college bound, 9th grader. Specifically, thinking about biology, English I, and US History. Any input? Thanks! ETA - For Engish I, I would add in IEW for writing.
  15. Yes, she is his current teacher and that makes the decision difficult because she is a great teacher.
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