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  1. Last little chickie has been accepted to her schools: University of Memphis and Union University in Jackson, TN. She wants to stay local and major in either physics or electrical engineering. I wanted her to add either Mississppi State or Tennessee Tech, but she thinks those would be too far from home. I am almost "retired". Not sure what I will do with myself. I have homeschooled since 2001. Blessings to all of you, Brenda Scott
  2. Forgot one more: Ultimate Guide to the MATH ACT, Second Edition
  3. Well, here's the thing. I am looking for an ACT math prep that will pull up my DD's score about 2 to 4 points. This is my 4th child and she is fairly confident with math. She is presently doing D. O. PreCalc. Here are things that I have on my shelf to use: Barron's ACT Math and Science Workbook PWN the SAT Math Guide And The Real ACT prep guide(The Big Red Book) I am asking because I am having some health issues(nothing serious) and I need something that she can do mostly on her own. If you weren't feeling quite yourself, what would you use? Th
  4. Thank you everyone for the helpful information. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back. I was under the weather for a few days. This looks like it might be doable for our last "little chickie" at home. Thanks! Brenda
  5. Last "little chickie" has an opportunity to participate in a high school Science Olympiad team. Has anyone ever done this on a high school level? How much time will this take? She has an interest in going into a STEM field. Any information you can give us would be helpful. Blessings, Brenda
  6. Well, for my last little chickie at home, Clover Creek Physics with Jetta Seboly was her absolute FAVORITE! "Little Chickie" is even SAD that the class is over. This is not an easy class, but Jetta has done an excellent job of putting this information together. Jetta is a personal friend of mine. I am SOOO proud of her and the job she has done with these classes. She puts her heart and soul into it. She LOVES her students and wants them to do their VERY best. We HIGHLY recommend this class, especially for those going into a STEM field. Little Chickie also liked Derek Owens
  7. Thank you SO much for mentioning the Erica Metzler books. I had seen them, but was not sure if they would work. You have been very helpful, RootAnn! Blessings, Brenda
  8. Now that I have some FABULOUS ideas on how to prep for the math portion of the PSAT(see previous post), what kind of ideas do you have for prepping for the Reading/Writing portion of the PSAT/SAT? This would be for the summer. Thanks! Brenda
  9. Oooo! "PWN the SAT" looks fantastic! 😀 Thanks! Brenda
  10. Yes, Prairiewindmamma, DD is about to finish Algebra 2. She will start PreCalc in August with DO. So we are good with that. 🙂 And gstharr, I have the Barrons SAT book on my shelf! Thanks for that reminder. Completely forgot about it. I think she just needs some weekly practice with math review. Khan should be good for that. And then Barrons closer to time. Thanks for all the information! You guys are GREAT! Blessings, Brenda
  11. No, she hasn't! I will put that on the list of things we can possibly do this summer. Thanks!
  12. Just wondering if any of you have ideas that we could use this summer to do some review that would help with PSAT next fall. I am not as concerned about the Reading/Writing portion(though I'll take those ideas too) of the test as I am the math portion. She is about to complete Algebra II with DO and has strong math skills, but could use some review, to help with her confidence. Any ideas? She will be a junior next year. I am about to head to band, so I will check back later in the day. Blessings, Brenda
  13. I second the Biblioplan. We used to use Tapestry, but needed something much simpler. That's when we found Biblioplan. Year 4 would cover the time period that you want to study.
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