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  1. I love these stories that remind us just how much God loves us and is concerned with every detail of our lives-even details that might seem small to others.
  2. Can't wait to let my kids try that one-thanks for sharing the link!
  3. I've been sick this week so we did not have our usual week. I did post about it though, such as it was. :)
  4. We're done early today because we're heading out for an appointment. Just click the link under my signature. I hope everyone had a great week.
  5. Ours is up. Just click on the link under my signature. Happy WW!
  6. We had a good week. I look forward to reading all of yours.
  7. We had a great, fun week. I look forward to reading through all of yours today and tomorrow. :)
  8. Lisa: You're in my prayers. May God give you grace for your comfort.
  9. I used this book to teach anatomy in our co-op for Pre K-3rd grade and it was very fun, very informative and the end result was each child had a life sized model of their bodies. I used two poster boards taped together with poster tape for each child then we outlined their bodies and cut them out. Each week we learned about a different organ, colored them and glued them on or used brads to fasten them on. This was a great multisensory project and the kids (and parents) loved them!
  10. I've included pictures of our field trips this week also. My link was not working. Please just use the link under my signature.
  11. We have a WW photo up today. :) The link is under my signature.
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